Season 3 Episode 2

I Am Unicorn

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2011 on FOX

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  • Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!


    Spoilers ahead

    I realize that not everyone was as nuts about the latest eppy of Glee as I am, saying it;s more of the same but I thought it was sensational, like close to season 1 sensational. Starting at the top:

    Puck. He showed more depth and character development in this episode than in all of season 2. How he goes over to see his daughter and brings her a picture and puts it on the fridge. How he hesitates to hold her. How he is straight with Quinn ("I don't care about you. I care about her.") and tells her he doesn't want Beth growing up maladjusted because she doesn't know her parents. His storyline alone had me seriously impressed.

    Quinn. I generally cannot stand the girl and this episode was almost no exception. First she's off being a skank and when Shelby tells her she can't see Beth until she stops her current behavior she screams that she's Beth's mom! In the biological sense but Shelby has been raising the baby you chose to give up. And she didn't have to let Quinn and Puck be a part of their child's life, she's doing that for the child and out of kindness (a foreign idea to Quinn). Then Sue convinces her to let her be her poster child for the arts ruining her life and she storms in and yells at Mr. Shue but he's not the same wussy he was last season. He yells back that she has done nothing but sabotage the club that did nothing but stand by her when she got pregnant, kicked out, Mercedes let her move in with her, for gods' sake! He tells her sooner or later she'll have to stop playing the victim and grow up. Knowing everything he said is true (which is totally is) Quinn silently walks out. The one moment I felt bad for her was when Shelby showed her a picture of Beth in Puck's lap (yay Puck!) she breaks down in tears. But that feeling for Quinn was gone when she walked into glee looking normal, but told Puck only because she wanted full custody of Beth. What court is awarding custody to yes, the birth mother who's still in high school and has a Ryan Seacrest tattoo? And again I say where is this girl's parents???

    Kurt. Call me naive, but I think this was an interesting storyline and brings up a good point. Unless you're Neil Patrick Harris, it's hard to see a known gay man in a straight role. I am really curious to see where they take this storyline.

    Brittana. Brittany is mananging Kurt's campaign and when he doesn't like the direction he took it, Santana tells her that she is the true unicorn. These two have the sweetest bond, whether they're together romantically or not.

    Finn/Rachel. Their moments, while small in this episode were exactly what they should be: they talked about real stuff and off-the-charts-adorable. Finn's working on a car in Burt's shop as Rachel hands him tools and she talks about her audition and hopefully mentions he could audition for the show too. He tells her that he's thinking he might just stay and work at Burt's shop because he can't even nail the dance moves and Rachel insists he can do better. She knows he can. He smiles and calls her the "best girlfriend ever." They had a serious talk and managed to be completely adorable at the same time without dominating the episode. aka, what should;ve happened in season 2.

    Burt. Undoubtedly the best TV dad since Tim Taylor or Alan Matthews, he reminds Kurt he is the way he is for a reason and that a unicorn without a horn is just a horse.

    Blaine. Darren Criss is truly something magical (yes I know he played Harry Potter) and his performance is breathtaking. While he would make the perfect Tony, would he take that from Kurt?

    I loved this episode of Glee, and I think it's twice as good as the premiere. Can't wait for next week!