Season 4 Episode 14

I Do

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Will Who?-ster


    Every once and while (now more rarely than before) Glee rewards us minority group of both dedicated and perceptive fans with a situation so outrageous and risque. I can't believe it was allowed on television. Glee is cartoon, but in real-life, which is kind of awesome. If you think about it the show has really cultivated the only acceptable (albeit absurd) world where a group of kids singing all the time could legitimately exist. It's quite clever in that respect and it never takes itself too seriously as a result. That's why we get scenes like the entire glee club throwing up on stage or information like Sue's mother being a Nazi Hunter or Emma's pamphlets (So You're Dating a Two-Timing Ho). And even though, minus a few especially inspired standalone performances (I'm looking at you Paradise By the Dashboard Light), the singing is the show's least attractive feature, sometimes it is accompanied by the most ridiculous of scenes. This week we got to see couples, friends, and handicapped associated disappear behind closed doors for some sexy time. Where else on TV do we get to see so many high school students doing it? And nearly statutory (Emma and Finn) and actually statutory (Kitty and Puck) indulgences?

    But he real award for Glee-iest part of Glee this week goes to Emma and Will for their ability have a disastrous wedding where they are nowhere near the focus. Did the students even care? Emma and Will have never been less important than this season. The chase is over. They're together (sorta). And unless we want to condemn them to the absolute ennui of Pam-and-Jimness (a fate worse than breaking up), they need to stay shaken up or altogether invisible. But now Glee has dangled two weddings in front of us and pulled them out from under us. I guess they think it's okay because we got two simultaneous weddings suddenly that we didn't even ask for (a la Furt). But you can't expect us to care. We haven't even seen the groom-to-almost-be since Bulemo-Girl took a stage dive. And Gingersnaps only reared her redhead last week to lock lips with Finn (who really has lost weight). Continuity has never really been a strong feature of the show and I get it. It's high school. You're hopelessly in love with X this week, but next week it'll be Y (and those letters aren't even always people). And in their absurd caricatures, the writers of Glee sometimes stumble upon more realistic characteristics than most shows. But if you want us to want to keep you on television, New Directions, you have to make me care about you. Glee's cast may be the sluttiest cast on TV. Finally taking the trophy from Six Feet Under. That coach from Mean Girls was right. Don't have sex. Because you will get pregnant. And die (or become paralyzed). And the show has been shoving it down our throats lately that college is a time of real sexual awakening despite all the sexual awakening and baby makin'/fakin' that went on in high school. Now that you've gotten through a semester of college, you'll have no absolutely emotional hang-ups about trying lesbian sex with your best frenemy. You're mature now. I take it back. There is a feature of the show less enticing than the singing: the sophomores. I've realized that every episode of this season that I haven't hated has completely ignored them. I'm glad their stories are completely separate from the real cast's. There's no conflicted feelings. I just don't like them. I'm even willing to throw them Puck, if their keep their dyslexic hands off of everyone else. They remind me of that episode of Community where we discover that despite their antics the Greendale Six are pretty insignificant and unknown as students. So Ryder, Kitty, Marley, and Jake, get as incestuous as you want, because no one cares. I probably will never give up on Glee as a show. It's too unique. But I fear for a season where we'll be expected to care wholly about them. The (Other) Facts Were These...

    Kudos to Finn for passing out after sex. Why did no one else? Why wasn't Unique invited to the wedding? Maybe Britney is right. She is Mercedes. Hagatha Christie. Awesome. It's okay that Rachel lied to Brody. Why? Because he's a prostitute. I think wheelchair jokes are funny. So sue (Sylvester) me. But how does Glee get away with so many of them? New Wheelchair Girl:"Surprised to me? Artie: No, I saw you two minutes ago. You took forever wheeling up Yes, I referenced Community and Six Feet Under in a review of Glee Emma and Will's "Getting Married Today" kinda knocked my socks off.
  • Glee Madness


    "I Do" was a slap on the face waiting to happen. I will review this in pieces

    since the whole episode was filled with madness.

    First i'll talk about the weirdness. The Quinn and Santana hook up? It just felt

    like those characters have nothing to do on the show, so why not slap them together.

    Where the heck is Beaste?? time constraints is the only sense i can think of. (she

    should have been Best man no.2! with a female twist) There is no way that Rachel's

    baby is Finn's! no pregnancy test is that good. So that baby is a prostitute Brody

    child. These are pretty much the only bits that didn't quite sink in the glee tasty

    and delicious punch.

    First awesome and hilarious madness was Kurt and Blaine's hook up. Kurt's catiness

    is coming out perfusely in the last couple of episodes and it is GOLD. It was great

    to have him straighten Tina up, seriously she was turning into a freaky

    stalker/vapo-raper (haha! Chris Colfer the scene stealer!) And it is so obvious Kurt

    is trying hard to play it cool, and Blaine can see right through it. Glad to have

    blaine's honesty around. This young man is fearless!

    The second Madness was Finn and Rachel's hook up. Well madness as in he actually

    made a move for once in his life, and it was SEXY AS HELL YALL. Rachel was right not

    to resist.

    Last Madness was Brody! The undercover funny parts pleaser. Nice work glee. I would

    totally believe he's a man of the night. Why not exploit his goods, of which there

    is an abundance. An what better time than Valentine's, when the world is full of sad


    The expected awesome. Sue being the fallback bride was hilarious. Classic sue. The

    chessy lending a hand to the bride was expected, but she just sat on the sidelines

    watching the wedding turn into a deadly plane crash. It was characteristically

    accurate. Only time she should help is during competitions.

    Another expected was Emma fleeing. It has nothing to do with the kiss of course, but

    more to do with how inept Will is at dealing with Emma's OCD. Where was the wedding

    planner, and he's only in charge of music? That's like an effortless phone call and

    glee practice away! Thus all the pressure sat on poor Emma`s fragile shoulders. Can't

    blame him for everything though, but his help would have gone a long way. His

    ex-wife was right, school kids first then family. He didn't treat Emma any

    different. Hopefully this is a wake up call.

    The Jake, Marley and Ryder Bonanza was generally expected. Ryder is definitely on the hot seat now and did the jump-on-Marley's lap move. Well... more a jump on her lips. But hey! Who wouldn't root for Ryder? Also i find it hard to believe he has no girlfriend. Glee writers should at least have him and that creepily mute cheerleader mack out against the lockers between classes. He's lonely, she's a weirdo; Great combo AND definitely good for us gleeks.

    Best song: Emma's impossibly wordy song "We're getting married", or whatever its called.

    Best quote: Kurt exclaims: "Did you vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?"

    Best moves: Artie's sizzling dance moves. Hands down.

    This episode came and went like a fast train, but it sure stopped at some fun

    destinations, and some dodgy-never-go-there-again stations!

    Gleek Out!
  • Just Friends!!!!

    Bah humbug ... I loved this episode, it sizzled with the spark of 'old' glee, reunions and hookups abound, the musical numbers were great, and it all flowed together seamlessly. Tho did anyone ever believe Emma would make it down the aisle? Not happy with the insinuation that they all walk away being 'just friends' ... really???

    The secret to a good show is giving the viewers what they want right? Right ... so give me more Klaine, more Finchel, show me more of the Santana/Quinn development ... and where does Mike, Mercedes and Puck fit into all this ... in fact why not give me Glee NY and Glee Old School ... two separate shows already. There are way too many characters to fit just one show !!!!

    I like the new characters, they deserve their own show to allow them to develop, but I love the 'old' characters, I wanna see them more. I love Glee, and this episode, but honestly a fan can only stay loyal for so long, especially when there is not plot or character development of substance happening.

  • Glee gone crazy

    This was a really crazy episode. I give it a high 8 because I liked Mr Shue being back, Finn being such a good friend, the music was amazing, Sue was hilarious ("soon-to-be-dead flowers") and seeing all of the cast, old and new ones, sometimes felt like old times Glee. What I didn't like was all the messing and f***ing around, especially weird combinations like Santana and Quinn or Blaine and Kurt, come on, Blaine still loves Kurt, but he hooks up with Kurt, knowing that he might not feel the same and that's a fun thing? Weird to me, but perhaps I am too conservative. And Rachel and FInn, wtf, Finn still being in love with Rachel, Rachel and Finn hooking up like there is no tomorrow, Rachel in an open relationship, Brody going to whores, Rachel being pregnant, big WTF. Anyway Puck again had no singing, I wonder what the old cast does anyway in the show. We need new stories for them (or a new Glee NY show) or an end of the mix up.
  • adulthood

    I must confess I enjoyed very much the collective madness induced by the wedding+valentine combination that is "I do".

    This episode marks a turning point in the treatment of sex by Glee. Up to now, sex was considered as a source of slapstick . the various jokes of Brittany's promiscuity) or as something precious and holy (as in the "first times" episode). When here we see all the various couples that enter in the hotel bedrooms happily singing "we've got tonite", you understand that something's changed. Some people could consider it not appropriate for the tone of the show, but surely it exhibits a more laid-back and "adult" view of sex. It's the New York point of view here, not Lima's.

    It is still not sure what all these old and new pairings will bring to the general plot of the next episodes. It seems to me that at least the main ones (Rachel+Finn and Kurt+Blaine) were put mainly to show their final destiny; they are endgame, as Finn says. I also liked how the authors managed to convey their different interpretation of the event, especially in the Kurt and Blaine situation. Others, like the Quinntana combination, seemed to be put just to give a treat to the fans. The feeling is that all of them somehow grew a little. In any case it was fun!

    Another merit of this episode was to put an end to the awful Tina storyline.

    Also, in all this madness, the "normality" of the Jake-Ryder-Marley relationship is a breath of fresh air and it was well played in its clich.

    However not everything is fitting well. The episode comes also with its dose of weirdness. First of all, the fact that nobody seemed really upset about the cancellation of the wedding and Emma's escape. Come on New Directions, I know you want just to hook up in the hotel's bedrooms, but show at least some sympathy!

    I'm also conflicted about the two big "revelations" concerning the Rachel and Brody couple at the end. surely they will push their New York plot forward, but I wonder if it was really necessary.

    I'm also not that crazy about the Artie development.
  • Lost bride.

    Really good one episode. so romantic, beautiful and just nice one. i really love this show and their some songs make me to cry. Emma will be come back in the next episode or not? I'm just interested.

    Really nice one.

    My rating is 9/10.
  • Kurt and Blaine

    Yes, definitely want to see them together again. In the meantime, loved how after Merceds got them out of the vehicle, they had to use their coats to hide their arousal lol.
  • There was only cliche left glee hadn;t tried... and they found it.

    (Spoilers ahead).

    Last week, it would appear the writers of glee were starting to run out of ideas when they had finn plant one on emma. the truly scary thing was they were just getting started.

    this year especially, glee has barely been hanging on. each episode seems to remind us that the people who pay the least amount of attention to the plot of glee are the people writing the plot of glee. This episode skipped tearing out a page and then instead threw the whole damn book in the fire.

    First off is the Jarley love triangle. I did find it surprising how okay Ryder was with Jake and Marley becoming a couple, and this episode Ryder immediately offers to help Jake make the week special. And because Glee is as subtle as a gun, they managed to zoom in on Ryder;s forlorn face about ten or twenty times. When Marley tells Ryder she knows it was him, he responds by kissing her. While I could see it coming from a mile away, I am surprised they managed that much subtley.

    Then of course at the wedding Sue shows up wearing Emma;s dress because she;s Sue and Jane Lynch still has a contract and Emma gets in a conveninent cab and splits. And in glee fashion, they decide to have the party anyway. cause that;s totally how it works when someone is left at the altar...

    And for the next entry in the glee-really-has-no-good-ideas-left column, quinn and santana are strangely enjoying each other;s company at the wedding and having fun and in the montage of everybody going upstairs and screwing each other, guess what they do! The "Quinntana" hookup isn;t as out of the blue and insane as Finn and Emma, but it did seem superfluous.

    The one plot I enjoyed was Kurt and Blaine hooking up outside, then later doing so inside. And of course Tina comes up and yells at Kurt for not being there for Blaine and ends up revealing her creepy vapor rub last week which led to my favorite line of the night ("did you vapor-rape my exboyfriend?!") luckily at school the three talked and tina admitted she was just lonely (despite the fact she;s already had a two year relationship with soembody, a fact she and the writers have forgotten) and blaine pledges to help her find someone. one ridiculous storyline off the list. which is good, because they;ll need to knock a few more off to make room for the biggie at the end of this episode:

    finn and rachel talk at the wedding and finn basically says they;re not an if but a when and like everybody else they end up having sex. and like in new york when he tiptoed out without a word, rachel leaves finn lie in the hotel bed. then she goes back to new york to her "modern" relationship with brody (which of course happened off screen) and he asks if she was with finn and she says no and she asks if he was with anyone and he says no and we see him leaving somebody;s apartment, my guess is either cassandra;s or a hooker and then the episode ends with her taking a pregnancy test.

    so. many. things about this bother me, but the biggest is that the writers have forgotten rachel is just out of high school. in one calendar year, she;s gotten engaged to a guy, broke it off, asked another guy she;s known for two months to move in, and gotten pregnant from the first guy. glee used to be the show where the teenagers actually acted and were treated like teenagers, and now they;re worse than gossip girl.

    besides the fact that glee is not the show to handle having a kid, no one on this show can remotely handle having a kid. especially in the glee universe
  • Weddings runaway brides, and hook-ups abound!

    Okay this episode was defiantly a step up from last weeks still that's not saying much God Glee when are you gonna get your act together?!

    Emma's decision seemed justified but still it felt really contrived and dumb but then again this whole episode was a big pot of crazy sauce anyway

    I liked the wedding reception scenes and the post wedding hook ups mainly Klaine's, however Santana and Quinn's was just dumb, way to go with the clich glee.. NOT!

    I also LOATHED the big 'twist' with Rachel! Really Glee REALLY?! How low can you sink?!

    Still I liked the rowdiness and utter chaos that was this episode I just didn't think it was intelligent.