Season 4 Episode 14

I Do

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • There was only cliche left glee hadn;t tried... and they found it.

    (Spoilers ahead).

    Last week, it would appear the writers of glee were starting to run out of ideas when they had finn plant one on emma. the truly scary thing was they were just getting started.

    this year especially, glee has barely been hanging on. each episode seems to remind us that the people who pay the least amount of attention to the plot of glee are the people writing the plot of glee. This episode skipped tearing out a page and then instead threw the whole damn book in the fire.

    First off is the Jarley love triangle. I did find it surprising how okay Ryder was with Jake and Marley becoming a couple, and this episode Ryder immediately offers to help Jake make the week special. And because Glee is as subtle as a gun, they managed to zoom in on Ryder;s forlorn face about ten or twenty times. When Marley tells Ryder she knows it was him, he responds by kissing her. While I could see it coming from a mile away, I am surprised they managed that much subtley.

    Then of course at the wedding Sue shows up wearing Emma;s dress because she;s Sue and Jane Lynch still has a contract and Emma gets in a conveninent cab and splits. And in glee fashion, they decide to have the party anyway. cause that;s totally how it works when someone is left at the altar...

    And for the next entry in the glee-really-has-no-good-ideas-left column, quinn and santana are strangely enjoying each other;s company at the wedding and having fun and in the montage of everybody going upstairs and screwing each other, guess what they do! The "Quinntana" hookup isn;t as out of the blue and insane as Finn and Emma, but it did seem superfluous.

    The one plot I enjoyed was Kurt and Blaine hooking up outside, then later doing so inside. And of course Tina comes up and yells at Kurt for not being there for Blaine and ends up revealing her creepy vapor rub last week which led to my favorite line of the night ("did you vapor-rape my exboyfriend?!") luckily at school the three talked and tina admitted she was just lonely (despite the fact she;s already had a two year relationship with soembody, a fact she and the writers have forgotten) and blaine pledges to help her find someone. one ridiculous storyline off the list. which is good, because they;ll need to knock a few more off to make room for the biggie at the end of this episode:

    finn and rachel talk at the wedding and finn basically says they;re not an if but a when and like everybody else they end up having sex. and like in new york when he tiptoed out without a word, rachel leaves finn lie in the hotel bed. then she goes back to new york to her "modern" relationship with brody (which of course happened off screen) and he asks if she was with finn and she says no and she asks if he was with anyone and he says no and we see him leaving somebody;s apartment, my guess is either cassandra;s or a hooker and then the episode ends with her taking a pregnancy test.

    so. many. things about this bother me, but the biggest is that the writers have forgotten rachel is just out of high school. in one calendar year, she;s gotten engaged to a guy, broke it off, asked another guy she;s known for two months to move in, and gotten pregnant from the first guy. glee used to be the show where the teenagers actually acted and were treated like teenagers, and now they;re worse than gossip girl.

    besides the fact that glee is not the show to handle having a kid, no one on this show can remotely handle having a kid. especially in the glee universe
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