Season 4 Episode 14

I Do

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Glee gone crazy

    This was a really crazy episode. I give it a high 8 because I liked Mr Shue being back, Finn being such a good friend, the music was amazing, Sue was hilarious ("soon-to-be-dead flowers") and seeing all of the cast, old and new ones, sometimes felt like old times Glee. What I didn't like was all the messing and f***ing around, especially weird combinations like Santana and Quinn or Blaine and Kurt, come on, Blaine still loves Kurt, but he hooks up with Kurt, knowing that he might not feel the same and that's a fun thing? Weird to me, but perhaps I am too conservative. And Rachel and FInn, wtf, Finn still being in love with Rachel, Rachel and Finn hooking up like there is no tomorrow, Rachel in an open relationship, Brody going to whores, Rachel being pregnant, big WTF. Anyway Puck again had no singing, I wonder what the old cast does anyway in the show. We need new stories for them (or a new Glee NY show) or an end of the mix up.