Season 4 Episode 14

I Do

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Glee Madness


    "I Do" was a slap on the face waiting to happen. I will review this in pieces

    since the whole episode was filled with madness.

    First i'll talk about the weirdness. The Quinn and Santana hook up? It just felt

    like those characters have nothing to do on the show, so why not slap them together.

    Where the heck is Beaste?? time constraints is the only sense i can think of. (she

    should have been Best man no.2! with a female twist) There is no way that Rachel's

    baby is Finn's! no pregnancy test is that good. So that baby is a prostitute Brody

    child. These are pretty much the only bits that didn't quite sink in the glee tasty

    and delicious punch.

    First awesome and hilarious madness was Kurt and Blaine's hook up. Kurt's catiness

    is coming out perfusely in the last couple of episodes and it is GOLD. It was great

    to have him straighten Tina up, seriously she was turning into a freaky

    stalker/vapo-raper (haha! Chris Colfer the scene stealer!) And it is so obvious Kurt

    is trying hard to play it cool, and Blaine can see right through it. Glad to have

    blaine's honesty around. This young man is fearless!

    The second Madness was Finn and Rachel's hook up. Well madness as in he actually

    made a move for once in his life, and it was SEXY AS HELL YALL. Rachel was right not

    to resist.

    Last Madness was Brody! The undercover funny parts pleaser. Nice work glee. I would

    totally believe he's a man of the night. Why not exploit his goods, of which there

    is an abundance. An what better time than Valentine's, when the world is full of sad


    The expected awesome. Sue being the fallback bride was hilarious. Classic sue. The

    chessy lending a hand to the bride was expected, but she just sat on the sidelines

    watching the wedding turn into a deadly plane crash. It was characteristically

    accurate. Only time she should help is during competitions.

    Another expected was Emma fleeing. It has nothing to do with the kiss of course, but

    more to do with how inept Will is at dealing with Emma's OCD. Where was the wedding

    planner, and he's only in charge of music? That's like an effortless phone call and

    glee practice away! Thus all the pressure sat on poor Emma`s fragile shoulders. Can't

    blame him for everything though, but his help would have gone a long way. His

    ex-wife was right, school kids first then family. He didn't treat Emma any

    different. Hopefully this is a wake up call.

    The Jake, Marley and Ryder Bonanza was generally expected. Ryder is definitely on the hot seat now and did the jump-on-Marley's lap move. Well... more a jump on her lips. But hey! Who wouldn't root for Ryder? Also i find it hard to believe he has no girlfriend. Glee writers should at least have him and that creepily mute cheerleader mack out against the lockers between classes. He's lonely, she's a weirdo; Great combo AND definitely good for us gleeks.

    Best song: Emma's impossibly wordy song "We're getting married", or whatever its called.

    Best quote: Kurt exclaims: "Did you vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?"

    Best moves: Artie's sizzling dance moves. Hands down.

    This episode came and went like a fast train, but it sure stopped at some fun

    destinations, and some dodgy-never-go-there-again stations!

    Gleek Out!
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