Season 4 Episode 14

I Do

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on FOX

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  • Will Who?-ster


    Every once and while (now more rarely than before) Glee rewards us minority group of both dedicated and perceptive fans with a situation so outrageous and risque. I can't believe it was allowed on television. Glee is cartoon, but in real-life, which is kind of awesome. If you think about it the show has really cultivated the only acceptable (albeit absurd) world where a group of kids singing all the time could legitimately exist. It's quite clever in that respect and it never takes itself too seriously as a result. That's why we get scenes like the entire glee club throwing up on stage or information like Sue's mother being a Nazi Hunter or Emma's pamphlets (So You're Dating a Two-Timing Ho). And even though, minus a few especially inspired standalone performances (I'm looking at you Paradise By the Dashboard Light), the singing is the show's least attractive feature, sometimes it is accompanied by the most ridiculous of scenes. This week we got to see couples, friends, and handicapped associated disappear behind closed doors for some sexy time. Where else on TV do we get to see so many high school students doing it? And nearly statutory (Emma and Finn) and actually statutory (Kitty and Puck) indulgences?

    But he real award for Glee-iest part of Glee this week goes to Emma and Will for their ability have a disastrous wedding where they are nowhere near the focus. Did the students even care? Emma and Will have never been less important than this season. The chase is over. They're together (sorta). And unless we want to condemn them to the absolute ennui of Pam-and-Jimness (a fate worse than breaking up), they need to stay shaken up or altogether invisible. But now Glee has dangled two weddings in front of us and pulled them out from under us. I guess they think it's okay because we got two simultaneous weddings suddenly that we didn't even ask for (a la Furt). But you can't expect us to care. We haven't even seen the groom-to-almost-be since Bulemo-Girl took a stage dive. And Gingersnaps only reared her redhead last week to lock lips with Finn (who really has lost weight). Continuity has never really been a strong feature of the show and I get it. It's high school. You're hopelessly in love with X this week, but next week it'll be Y (and those letters aren't even always people). And in their absurd caricatures, the writers of Glee sometimes stumble upon more realistic characteristics than most shows. But if you want us to want to keep you on television, New Directions, you have to make me care about you. Glee's cast may be the sluttiest cast on TV. Finally taking the trophy from Six Feet Under. That coach from Mean Girls was right. Don't have sex. Because you will get pregnant. And die (or become paralyzed). And the show has been shoving it down our throats lately that college is a time of real sexual awakening despite all the sexual awakening and baby makin'/fakin' that went on in high school. Now that you've gotten through a semester of college, you'll have no absolutely emotional hang-ups about trying lesbian sex with your best frenemy. You're mature now. I take it back. There is a feature of the show less enticing than the singing: the sophomores. I've realized that every episode of this season that I haven't hated has completely ignored them. I'm glad their stories are completely separate from the real cast's. There's no conflicted feelings. I just don't like them. I'm even willing to throw them Puck, if their keep their dyslexic hands off of everyone else. They remind me of that episode of Community where we discover that despite their antics the Greendale Six are pretty insignificant and unknown as students. So Ryder, Kitty, Marley, and Jake, get as incestuous as you want, because no one cares. I probably will never give up on Glee as a show. It's too unique. But I fear for a season where we'll be expected to care wholly about them. The (Other) Facts Were These...

    Kudos to Finn for passing out after sex. Why did no one else? Why wasn't Unique invited to the wedding? Maybe Britney is right. She is Mercedes. Hagatha Christie. Awesome. It's okay that Rachel lied to Brody. Why? Because he's a prostitute. I think wheelchair jokes are funny. So sue (Sylvester) me. But how does Glee get away with so many of them? New Wheelchair Girl:"Surprised to me? Artie: No, I saw you two minutes ago. You took forever wheeling up Yes, I referenced Community and Six Feet Under in a review of Glee Emma and Will's "Getting Married Today" kinda knocked my socks off.