Season 3 Episode 7

I Kissed a Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on FOX

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  • Horrid

    When did Glee stop being a parody and a farce? When did it get so sexist? I was excited to see the story of a teenage girl coming out. What I got to see was a teenage girl being forced out and the person who did the forcing was celebrated. I keep waiting for Glee to change, either to get back to the days of old or to become equal and responsible with their story lines.
  • LoudMouthGleek's Opinion

    The only reason I rated this episode a 1 is because I can't rate it any lower than that. This episode is horribly written, top to bottom. The school SUDDENLY has a zero tolerance policy against violence, just in time to suit the plot, as though nearly ever member of Glee Club hasn't been involved in a physical altercation at least once. Them white washing Finn's involvement in Santana's outing and then having him blackmail her into sitting through a coming out party that she says repeatedly that she doesn't want, just because Finn has decided that it was time for to deal with her feelings. Like he has any place to decide when she should deal with anything. They aren't friends and despite what this episode tries to claim he's never given a crap about her in the slightest.

    The under use of Brittany in this episode is criminal, because lest we forget she just got outed too, not to mention that she's Santana's best friend and her girlfriend AND she was Santana's guide on her way to dealing with all of this last season, but this is Glee and a woman can't deal with her problems without a man's help. And not only is she saddled with a man's help, but the man who outed her, a man who has meant less than nothing to her for the entire run of the show.

    "I Kissed a Girl" is a song about meaningless drunken experimentation and is completely inappropriate to this situation, as is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

    Thankfully the student election storyline ended after going on for far too long, but of course, even in that they manage to do it in the stupidest way possible, by having Rachel ridiculously overstuff the ballot boxes. Rachel's smarter and far more crafty than that.

    The last two scenes are the only thing in this entire episode with any redeeming value. Santana's scene with her Abuela is heartbreaking and beautifully acted, and "Constant Craving" was well done.

    But five minutes of good doesn't make up for 55 minutes of absolute crap. Epic Fail, Glee.
  • Amazing. I was completely shocked at how good it was. *spoilers


    Storyline by Storyline:

    Beiste, Cooter, and Sue: I really felt bad for Beiste. I love her character, and for being a bear of a woman, she's quite a softy. "Jolene" was pretty good, though her voice could be mistaken for a man's if youdidn't know who was singing. I don't like that Sue decided to use Cooter for her image, but that's just Sue. I don't like how Cooter cheated on Beiste, and even though she loves him, he doesn't deserve her.

    The Campaign Pt. I: A well-deserved toast for Burt Hummel, Ohio's new Congressman. I'm glad that he won, though I seriously doubted Sue or the guy who used Santana in his ad would win.

    The Campaign Pt. II: I don't think Brittany should have won the Presidential campaign. As much as I love her and Pixy Stix, Kurt had a better plan and reason to win.

    Kurt & Rachel: I was surprised that Kurt even thought about cheating. I was even more surprised that Rachel stuffed the ballots. She's usually selfish and this was one of those rare times where she should have accessed that attribute. I really don't know why she did it unless she wasn't thinking at all. I'm glad that she wanted to prove her loyalty to Kurt, but did she not consider that A. She put in wayyy too many ballots, and outnumbered the senior population, B. She would make Kurt look guilty because he's the candidate, or C. She's applying to a prestigious college that will not accept her for dishonesty. Congrats to Kurt for his maybe future NYADA acceptance, because Rachel is out of the race. (Then again, this is Glee...) And if not, you're still the most unicorn.

    Puck & Shelby: I thought this storyline would get a lot worse, and in a way it did, but at least they didn't show anything. As immature as Puck can be, in his own way he showed that he really does care about Beth. I still hate the teacher-student relationship storyline, and they both made some bad decisions.

    Puck & Quinn: YESSSSS!!! In my mind the best part of the episode was when Puck called Quinn nuts and selfish. I was wondering since Season 2 if the writers know that they are writing her character to be a crazy b*tch who doesn'tdo much anymore except complicate other people's lives.I'm glad that he didn't let the teenage boy in him out when Quinn had him in her bed, and he didn't let her have sex with him. It's kind of sad that he brought forward the realization that she needs help and has for 3 years. The scene was ruined when he said "I have to tell you a secret" because of all people, she's the second person not to tell a secret to (the first being Rachel). I still hope the writers keep going on what he said and do something for Quinn's character before they graduate.

    Finn & Santana: Finn was one of my favorite characters this week. I was happy that he took the time to try to bring everybody together and help Santana. And even when she continued to insult him and be mean to everyone, he didn't stop because, as he bluntly stated, doesn't want her to die. I loved "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." It was sincere andmeaningful.

    Santana: I was kind of upset at how she reacted after Kurt & Blaine's number. She really looked genuine there. So I was a little wary after Finn's performance, but glad that she genuinely thanked him. I liked "I Kissed a Girl" coming after that pervet rugby guy offered to straighten out Santana, and the ladies come to her rescue.

    Luckily her parents accepted her with no problem, but my prediction after last episode about her grandmother were sadly correct. We got a repeat of the situation in Ballad. I wasn't really that surprised that Santana's grandmother told her to leave and never come back, but I can't believe that she would tell Santana that she was being selfish for making her uncomfortable. At least Santana still has a home.

  • a bit of drama


    i like tonight's episode. We see Finn standing up as a leader once again. I miss that in his character. For the past episodes he was just like in the background. The scene that I like most is when Santana got cornered by a guy about her sexual orientation and then the Glee girls came to her rescue and assured her that she has friends who do not judge her. I think this is very important - we all need social support. We all have secrets and it's sad when we start judging each other just because we don't agree with some of the decisions people make.

    It's fun to see coach sing too. Though mean, Santana's retorts were funny. I also like Rachel standing for what is right. What she did was very heroic. Good episode.

  • Lacked most of the campy-ness that drags glee down. One of the best episodes to date.


    Jolene was inspired, perfectly fitted to the situation and a natural progression from last episode that tied in well with the smear campagin launched against Sue. Nothing seemed contrived here, but well thought out.

    Burt andBrittany winning were natural, belivable choices. Teenagers can be easily bought with freebies and empty promises, but adult voters would have the foresight to recognize Burt as as responsible leader. The next natural progression seems to be fo Kurt to fail at getting into the school he's applying for, I'm intereted to see how they deal with the situation.

    Rachel stuffing the ballot box wasn't totally belivable to me, I feel like she would have done a bette job if she were to cheat. Now it puts her college acceptance into question, which is an interesting twist, and barrs her from sectionals. Upping the tension again, bravo glee. I'm interested in seeing if New Directions can beat the Troubletones and if they two groups eventually merge (seemsinevitable really).

    Puck and Shelby, again this didn't feel too forced. They'd established Puck as a cougar hunter seasons ago, and Shelby was in a very vunerable single mom position, with the father of her baby right there. I can see how she'd slip. Shocking, since she is a teacher, but not too much as a streach and damn belivable by Glee standards. And now with Quinn in on the situation there's a huge bomb that can drop at any minute. It could be career ruining, and Quinn has little reason not to drop it. I'm actually loving how the Quinn character is being managed, the teen pregnancy thing was downright comical at times during the first season (remember when Terri wanted to switch in the baby?), but now we're seeing a very real impact that it's having on Quinn's life. The girl is messed up from the experience, and she needs help. There's also a lot of depth being added to Puck, which is interesting, he has never been so mature as he is at this time.

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun was delightful, it was so unexpectedly fitting that I can't praise it enough. The while Finn-Santana dynamic was interesting too, I like that he aknowledges she was his first and that means something to him and he cares about her. Bravo writers, completly in character. Finn is never more on his game than when he's being heartfelt.

    I Kissed a Girl highlighted a lot of great dancing for me. The song was fine but the dancing stole the show. I absolutly love how Quinn just exudes so much attitude when she dances with the girls, Brittany might be a better dancer technically but I can't take my eyes off Quinn

    Santana's part generally dragged for me, I couldn't really connect, maybe because the person who wasn't okay with her coming out was a person I didn't know at all as a viewer. Sure she was important to Santana, but not to me. Although I will give Santana props for the first scene when she describes a dual persona responsible for her sharpe tongue. That was brilliantly delivered.

  • Interesting episode, to say the least.


    (Spoilers ahead).

    I didn't love this episode as much as everybody else, but I liked different parts of it. To start off, the whole Santana plot. I have never liked Santana, because yes, she has the best one-liners, but she does nothing but screw with everybody else's lives, she broke up Rachel and Finn and Sam and Quinn in season 2, she broke up Quinn and Puck in season 1, and when she's been knocked down and is still going around insulting people who are trying to help her, I find it very hard to feel bad for her. I think it was really sweet of Finn to tell her while he may not mean anything to her, she means something to him and she does't want her to kill herself. I was glad her tune started to change after he sang to her. I did feel bad for her when she told her grandmother and she disowned her, that I'll admit was heartbreaking and makes me wonder if Santana's parents were really okay with it or if we'll find out Santana has been living in the street in a few episodes.

    The Troubletones and New Directions comes together to help Santana which begs the question, why can't they stay that way?! I mean, the only reason Troubletones formed was so Sugar could have her own glee club and now that she's been bullied into the background (by Santana!) her "horrible" voice isn't that bad and all the girls looked like they were getting along during "I kissed a girl" so why they can't be one glee club again?!

    A mixture of YAY PUCK!!! AND WHY PUCK?!? I sound like a broken record, but my favorite character this season is Puck. He's the star in my opinion. In this eppy, Quinn wants to have sex with him and Puck bluntly tells her she's a crazy, selfish bitch. I loved this part because Puck is one of the few people Quinn might listen to. Puck goes to the hospital when Beth has an accident and supports Shelby and they end up hooking up. After, she tells him it was a mistake and he calls her a coward and says lots of other horrible things. This part worried me because now Shelby might not allow Puck to see Beth. Then Puck goes to Quinn's and finds out she only wanted to have sex so they could make another baby (crazy yes, but Quinn finally admitted trying to get Beth back was a bad idea). Puck tells her she doesn't need a baby or a guy to be special and tells her he pictures her somewhere warm in the future. She accepts this and asks him to simply hold her. Then he tells her he has to tell her a secret. This I couldn't believe because Quinn can't keep a secret, especially this and as soon as she reveals it, Shelby and Beth will be gone (Puck is eighteen so it's not illegal technically, its just taboo).

    The election plots. Burt wins congressmen which worries me because doesn't that mean Finn and Kurt have to leave? Kurt is worried he's going to lose his election and considers cheating and tells Rachel this and she cheats for him but stuffs the ballot box with two many votes. As a result, she can't compete in Sectionals.

    This episode was okay, but it's not my favorite of this year so far. Next week they're at sectionals and my prediction is that whichever team loses will rejoin the winning team.