Season 3 Episode 7

I Kissed a Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on FOX

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  • Lacked most of the campy-ness that drags glee down. One of the best episodes to date.


    Jolene was inspired, perfectly fitted to the situation and a natural progression from last episode that tied in well with the smear campagin launched against Sue. Nothing seemed contrived here, but well thought out.

    Burt andBrittany winning were natural, belivable choices. Teenagers can be easily bought with freebies and empty promises, but adult voters would have the foresight to recognize Burt as as responsible leader. The next natural progression seems to be fo Kurt to fail at getting into the school he's applying for, I'm intereted to see how they deal with the situation.

    Rachel stuffing the ballot box wasn't totally belivable to me, I feel like she would have done a bette job if she were to cheat. Now it puts her college acceptance into question, which is an interesting twist, and barrs her from sectionals. Upping the tension again, bravo glee. I'm interested in seeing if New Directions can beat the Troubletones and if they two groups eventually merge (seemsinevitable really).

    Puck and Shelby, again this didn't feel too forced. They'd established Puck as a cougar hunter seasons ago, and Shelby was in a very vunerable single mom position, with the father of her baby right there. I can see how she'd slip. Shocking, since she is a teacher, but not too much as a streach and damn belivable by Glee standards. And now with Quinn in on the situation there's a huge bomb that can drop at any minute. It could be career ruining, and Quinn has little reason not to drop it. I'm actually loving how the Quinn character is being managed, the teen pregnancy thing was downright comical at times during the first season (remember when Terri wanted to switch in the baby?), but now we're seeing a very real impact that it's having on Quinn's life. The girl is messed up from the experience, and she needs help. There's also a lot of depth being added to Puck, which is interesting, he has never been so mature as he is at this time.

    Girls Just Want to Have Fun was delightful, it was so unexpectedly fitting that I can't praise it enough. The while Finn-Santana dynamic was interesting too, I like that he aknowledges she was his first and that means something to him and he cares about her. Bravo writers, completly in character. Finn is never more on his game than when he's being heartfelt.

    I Kissed a Girl highlighted a lot of great dancing for me. The song was fine but the dancing stole the show. I absolutly love how Quinn just exudes so much attitude when she dances with the girls, Brittany might be a better dancer technically but I can't take my eyes off Quinn

    Santana's part generally dragged for me, I couldn't really connect, maybe because the person who wasn't okay with her coming out was a person I didn't know at all as a viewer. Sure she was important to Santana, but not to me. Although I will give Santana props for the first scene when she describes a dual persona responsible for her sharpe tongue. That was brilliantly delivered.

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