Season 3 Episode 7

I Kissed a Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on FOX

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  • Interesting episode, to say the least.


    (Spoilers ahead).

    I didn't love this episode as much as everybody else, but I liked different parts of it. To start off, the whole Santana plot. I have never liked Santana, because yes, she has the best one-liners, but she does nothing but screw with everybody else's lives, she broke up Rachel and Finn and Sam and Quinn in season 2, she broke up Quinn and Puck in season 1, and when she's been knocked down and is still going around insulting people who are trying to help her, I find it very hard to feel bad for her. I think it was really sweet of Finn to tell her while he may not mean anything to her, she means something to him and she does't want her to kill herself. I was glad her tune started to change after he sang to her. I did feel bad for her when she told her grandmother and she disowned her, that I'll admit was heartbreaking and makes me wonder if Santana's parents were really okay with it or if we'll find out Santana has been living in the street in a few episodes.

    The Troubletones and New Directions comes together to help Santana which begs the question, why can't they stay that way?! I mean, the only reason Troubletones formed was so Sugar could have her own glee club and now that she's been bullied into the background (by Santana!) her "horrible" voice isn't that bad and all the girls looked like they were getting along during "I kissed a girl" so why they can't be one glee club again?!

    A mixture of YAY PUCK!!! AND WHY PUCK?!? I sound like a broken record, but my favorite character this season is Puck. He's the star in my opinion. In this eppy, Quinn wants to have sex with him and Puck bluntly tells her she's a crazy, selfish bitch. I loved this part because Puck is one of the few people Quinn might listen to. Puck goes to the hospital when Beth has an accident and supports Shelby and they end up hooking up. After, she tells him it was a mistake and he calls her a coward and says lots of other horrible things. This part worried me because now Shelby might not allow Puck to see Beth. Then Puck goes to Quinn's and finds out she only wanted to have sex so they could make another baby (crazy yes, but Quinn finally admitted trying to get Beth back was a bad idea). Puck tells her she doesn't need a baby or a guy to be special and tells her he pictures her somewhere warm in the future. She accepts this and asks him to simply hold her. Then he tells her he has to tell her a secret. This I couldn't believe because Quinn can't keep a secret, especially this and as soon as she reveals it, Shelby and Beth will be gone (Puck is eighteen so it's not illegal technically, its just taboo).

    The election plots. Burt wins congressmen which worries me because doesn't that mean Finn and Kurt have to leave? Kurt is worried he's going to lose his election and considers cheating and tells Rachel this and she cheats for him but stuffs the ballot box with two many votes. As a result, she can't compete in Sectionals.

    This episode was okay, but it's not my favorite of this year so far. Next week they're at sectionals and my prediction is that whichever team loses will rejoin the winning team.