Season 3 Episode 7

I Kissed a Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on FOX

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  • LoudMouthGleek's Opinion

    The only reason I rated this episode a 1 is because I can't rate it any lower than that. This episode is horribly written, top to bottom. The school SUDDENLY has a zero tolerance policy against violence, just in time to suit the plot, as though nearly ever member of Glee Club hasn't been involved in a physical altercation at least once. Them white washing Finn's involvement in Santana's outing and then having him blackmail her into sitting through a coming out party that she says repeatedly that she doesn't want, just because Finn has decided that it was time for to deal with her feelings. Like he has any place to decide when she should deal with anything. They aren't friends and despite what this episode tries to claim he's never given a crap about her in the slightest.

    The under use of Brittany in this episode is criminal, because lest we forget she just got outed too, not to mention that she's Santana's best friend and her girlfriend AND she was Santana's guide on her way to dealing with all of this last season, but this is Glee and a woman can't deal with her problems without a man's help. And not only is she saddled with a man's help, but the man who outed her, a man who has meant less than nothing to her for the entire run of the show.

    "I Kissed a Girl" is a song about meaningless drunken experimentation and is completely inappropriate to this situation, as is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

    Thankfully the student election storyline ended after going on for far too long, but of course, even in that they manage to do it in the stupidest way possible, by having Rachel ridiculously overstuff the ballot boxes. Rachel's smarter and far more crafty than that.

    The last two scenes are the only thing in this entire episode with any redeeming value. Santana's scene with her Abuela is heartbreaking and beautifully acted, and "Constant Craving" was well done.

    But five minutes of good doesn't make up for 55 minutes of absolute crap. Epic Fail, Glee.