Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

After his dermatologist finds a suspicious mole (which turns out to be a harmless freckle) on his scalp, Puck is forced to shave his signature Mohawk. He gets lots of attention around school.

Without his Mohawk's mojo, Puck finds that even the nerds hold power over him when they toss him in the dumpster. Down in the dumps, literally, Puck sees Mercedes across the parking lot with her newfound Cheerios popularity. He decides to boost his status back up by setting his sights on dating Mercedes. Yet when Puck tries to convince Mercedes to join forces to improve his image, she replies that he's not her type.

Rachel lets Will know that she's physically exhausted from doing all the work in glee club. She had the AV club bug the rehearsal room to prove that no one else is pulling their weight in song. Will confronts the squad about their laziness, but they all give excuses. He assigns them to each perform a number that best represents how they see themselves.

When Rachel sings "The Climb" to symbolize her struggle carrying the team, she doesn't hit the notes. She's lost her voice.

Kurt is surprised when Burt shows up at school, but he's disappointed that Burt is there to take Finn to a game. Kurt attempts to confide in his Cheerio coach Sue about his fear of losing his dad over his sexuality. According to Sue, since Kurt hasn't kissed a boy or a girl, he can't possibly know what he really likes.

Rachel admits to Finn that she's worried that she won't be herself without her voice. The doctor diagnoses an infection and prescribes antibiotics. He also recommends she have her tonsils removed. Rachel turns to Finn, who says she should be asking her boyfriend Jessie for advice instead. Yet Jessie is on spring break with his friends from Vocal Adrenaline. Finn is sure that Jessie isn't into her like he is, but Rachel knows that Finn is jealous. She still cares about Jessie.

During glee rehearsal, Puck announces that he has been attending a black church and listening to Sammy Davis, Jr. He sings "The Lady is a Tramp" and pulls Mercedes up to join him. Santana becomes furious when Mercedes and Puck have chemistry together.

Mercedes notices everyone in the hallway staring at her. She approaches Quinn, who tells her to go for it with Puck. Since she's been living at Puck's house, Quinn would actually appreciate the time away from him. Yet Quinn warns Mercedes that Puck is using her popularity to help himself. She also advises Mercedes to watch out for Santana.

Kurt sings "Pink Houses" for glee, dressed in macho attire. Everyone listens uncomfortably. Will thinks Kurt didn't understand the assignment. He was supposed to express himself, not give up who he is because it might be easier to pretend to be someone else. Yet one fan of the performance is Brittany, who tells Kurt the song was hot. She wants to make out with him. Later, Kurt makes sure his father "catches" him and Brittany kissing. Burt encourages his son to be true to himself. He will always support him.

Puck and Mercedes become an item, and the rest of the school notices. The nerds once again fear Puck because he is dating Mercedes, one of the most popular girls in school. Mercedes spots Puck flirt with Santana, and the two girls have a heated sing-off in rehearsal that almost ends in a fight. Will has to break them apart. Then Mercedes sees Puck return to his old ways and toss the nerds into the school dumpster. She doesn't like it one bit.

Rachel's antibiotics aren't working and she's afraid she might be forced to undergo the tonsil surgery. Finn is sick of her feeling sorry for herself, and he takes her to see his friend, Sean, who was once a football star. Sean is now paralyzed from the chest down. Sean explains to Rachel how he was angry when he couldn't play sports because that's how he identified himself. Sean realized that he's good at other things, including singing.

Mercedes is no longer wearing her Cheerios uniform. She tells Puck that she quit because glee taught her to be true to herself. She doesn't like the Puck who throws nerds in the dumpster, and she doesn't think Puck does either.

Kurt and Brittany hold hands walking down the hall. Burt shows up at school once again, telling Kurt that he's taking Finn out for hoagies and motorcross because Finn is having a hard time. Kurt can't come along. Frustrated that he's still not good enough for his father, Kurt sings "Rose's Turn" in his usual clothes. Burt comes in, explaining that he blew off the evening with Finn. Burt says that Kurt's only job is to be who he is. Burt will love him, regardless.

Rachel visits Sean again. Her voice has returned and she offers to give Sean singing lessons as a thank you.