Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • Very good episode that makes you laugh and cry from a series that seems to finally find its voice, let's hope they don't lose it next week!

    I really loved this episode! Good storylines, especially the one with Kurt and his dad, and some very funny moments. It's starting to look like the show finally found a comprehensive way to deal with the songs, starting them in real time and following up in the overproduced section in somewhat of a dream really felt like a solution that finally works!

    Jessie's Girl was a long time coming for the Finn character and although I don't particularly like the actors voice it didn't sound as bad as some of his other recent tries to sing more rocky music (still trying to get over the whole the Doors cover!)

    The duets between Puck and Mercedes and Mercedes and Santana were pretty good and had me laughing throughout...good to finally hear Santana sing! But the best song of the evening was definitely Kurt's rendition of Rose's that is a show stopper! Amazing singing and shot quite beautifully with the black background I completely felt Kurt's doubts resounding in that song.

    Being a huge U2 fan I hated how they completely butchered the always beautiful One at the end. After hearing that they were going to cover this song I really hoped that Lea Michele would get to sing it by herself without the auto-tune (a girl can dream right?) but with the rest of the Glee club on backing vocals, Finn's solo pieces, the ever present auto-tuner and the rather peculiar arrangements really messed up this song...on the other hand, the last shot with Rachel and that paralysed kid in combination with the way they sung did make me cry.

    Al in al one of the best episodes of the season yet, the only thing that I really missed was the always hilarious Jane Lynch who had very little screen time...O, and when are Tina and Quinn finally getting more storylines?
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