Season 4 Episode 20

Lights Out

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2013 on FOX

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  • Missed Brittany!!

    @hdjaeger Heather Morris is pregnant, so i suppose that it could be the reason she is not in the episode, I missed her too. The episode was very good, and I cant wait to see what is going to happen... its been moving very slowly though, no regionals or nationals... how many episodes are left?? there are just ten of thme now, arent they supposed to be at least 12 to compete??
  • Good job!

    i however loved it, it was a new experience as is every episode. Glee would have to be the top of the charts in my book! Cant wait for season final!!!
  • Missing

    Does anyone now why Heather Morris wasn't in this episode? Nobody of the gleeclub mentioned Brittney, or did I miss it?
  • Glee Dialog so Bag, Makes Me Want to UNPLUG the TV

    This episode was written by Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who usually writes some of the better Glee episodes. However, this episode was poorly written. Plot threads were cobbled together kind of at random, and the dialogue came across like a cheesy after school special. Santana hugging her "inner child", Ryder and Kitty spilling their sappy beans all over the place, and the whole ballet thing was just a weird excuse to sing that one song about the ballet. Ugh, pretty disappointing. Although, there was a lot of focus on Ryder in this episode, and I have to say he's a talented performer. Yet, there are so many characters in Glee now, that it's sad when one of my favourites, Blaine didn't even get a line, did he? Rachel, Kurt and others got very few lines. I feel like the creators should simplify the show over the next couple seasons.
  • Lights Out & Not Much Else

    I continued to be disappointed by Glee.

    The fact that a high school would be still open in the wake of complete power outage just didn't make sense to me.

    However I gotta admit that I liked the whole acoustic theme of this episode it was nice to see all the Glee kids sing with just their voices.

    The New York section was okay I liked Santana still not sure what she wanted to do with her life.

    Not knowing who is catfishing Ryder is still getting to me and I don't know why, I really want to know who it is!

    So in light pun intended of last week's horrendous episode this one was a bit better but I wasn't wowed.

  • Watching Vampire Diaries on the CW instead.

    As promised last week, I will be watching a timeshifted new episode of the Vampire Diaries this week rather than the pointless tripe and talentless drivel that has become GLEE.

    For those 3 or 4 seven year olds who think the craptastic Glee episodes of this season are GREAT - likely because they've never seen an actually GREAT show like Golden Girls, or Seinfeld, or West Wing - owing to the vast amounts of painfully scripted reality crap like Big Brother, Survivor and Married to Jonas that has been put on the air during their TV watching lifetimes instead of the REALLY GREAT stuff that existed prior to the selling out of network standards, - I wish you a better childhood than you are saddling yourself with. There's stuff on TV that's truely inspired, totally incredible and that will make you think, feel and imagine.... but sad to report - GLEE aint it!!!!!! Not anymore.

    So off I go to the CW network to watch something that's much better scripted, infinitely much better cast with real actors that have been professionally trained, written by people who have talent and who know how to type, and acted by people who know how to act rather than people who don't really sing, can't really dance, don't play any instruments, and who couldn't act hungry even if they haven't eaten for 3 or 4 days.... which is evidenced by the HUGE amount of Emmy nominations, People's Choice awards, Teen choice awards etc... that Vampire Diaries actually wins each and every year versus the stuff GLEE is never even nominated for.

    Buh - Bye!