Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • finally a good episode

    I liked this episode and was happy to see Glee back again after the last episodes that I didn't like. I liked the message of people in need of a makeover, finding a new aim in life. I liked the cameo of SJP and the enthusiasm of Kurt. I like Brody's passion and Finn's appearance at the end was funny :-) However Sam's striptease and Brittany dumbness very weird, thank God Brittany dind't win, otherwise it would have screwed up with the message of the episode.
  • Exists in that magical dimension where anything is possible

    (Spoilers ahead).

    Glee is proof that if nothing else when you start off the year really strong, it gives you a hell of a long way to fall. Which Glee continues to do.

    I'm sorry, not all of it was bad. I liked the Rachel stuff, but a very wise woman once said the very beginning is a very good place to start, so that;s what I'm gonna do.

    Blaine is filling his time with extracurriculars to avoid the fact Kurt isn;t around. He gets the idea to run for student council president against Brittany, which brings me to my first problem with this episode. I don't know if it;s just that in the third year the joke has worn thin or if it;s the writing these days, but the Brittany is dumb isn;t funny anymore, it;s just kind of pathetic. It's like when people pull an elaborate prank on a friend of theirs and everyone thinks it;ll be really funny until someone notices the person is actually crying, and everyone just mumbles "It was supposed to be funny..." That's what watching Brittany was like this episode; sad and uncomfortable to watch. It seems to be the writers; way of pretending that season 2 doesn;t exist, except for it gave us Blaine and Sam, but Brittany still thinking Artie is a robot and not remembering her and Artie actually had a relationship is just awful, and don;t even mention her introducing Blaine to Sam. Sam and Blaine were really the only things worth watching this episode for, along with Rachel. The most unwatchable thing was Kurt.

    First this brings me back to when I actually could not stand Kurt;s character. This first came about in season 2 when he would attack his dad for something or other and it;s like, Kurt? Your dad loves you. He has already accepted you. Martyring yourself at school you have a leg to stand on but to your father? Not okay. And in this episode I couldn't stop thinking Kurt is the worst boyfriend ever! This episode when he and Blaine are talking he can;t stop talking about himself and the minute the conversation switched to Blaine he loses interest. When Kurt ignores his call after he wins the election, Blaine realizes he madeover his life for Kurt and Kurt in return flirted with somebody else and then abandoned Blaine for his glitzy new face right after he promised Blaine that wouldn't happen.

    The other thing although this has less to do with Kurt and more to do with how the show is set up is that much like he and Rachel's place, he immediately gets the first job he tries for and his boss loves him and makes a music video with him and Rachel in the middle of the night after she catches them breaking into her office. This worries me because although they really really shouldn't, young kids watch Glee, and it is not sending the right message with this. Much like how Glee is the high school experience Ryan Murphy had, the glee version of the big apple is only found in that "magical dimension where anything is possible" (Artie's description of Brittany;s world). In glee NYC, jobs are incredibly easy to come by, as giant lofts which you can get when you just graduated high school never having worked a day in your life because money grows on trees and it;s just so dandy! the reason the song says "if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere" is because making it in New York is supposed to be hard. People in that city have a reputation for being tougher and meaner and things do not just fall into your lap! For one, how are Rachel and Kurt affording that loft, exactly? $1800 a month is not cheap, unless you;re splitting it with three other roommates but if you;re splitting it with one, that;s $900 each. Rachel I could maybe justify because although they never said it, you got the feelings her dads had some money. But Kurt? Never worked a day in his life, had enough money for a week in a motel, thank the stars he got a job at a fashion magazine after being in the city five minutes! This sends the message that when you get out of high school with no work experience, you can go to New York and everything you;ve ever desired literally is thrown at you! Oh and New York is the only place in the entire country where different people are accepted, that is the other message everyone at Glee brings up every ten minutes. This may be news to Ryan Murphy, but there are other places in the country, some even in the midwest (*cough cough MADISON *cough cough*) where different people are accepted.

    And in this week;s edition of why do the glee writers think no one notices their plot holes from week to week, if Jake is dating Kitty now, why was he at the debate with an arm around two different girls? Either make him a player or make him date the bitchy cheerleader. PICK ONE.

    Also, Unique was not in this episode. And I did not miss him/her.

    Finally, the Rachel stuff. After her makeover, her and Brody are hanging out and she tells him she wants to cook him dinner, which she fails miserably at and they end up eating pizza, followed by some serious making out and Finn showing up out of the blue after not writing or calling or sending up a smoke signal or talking to Rachel in any way shape or form for the last two months. I used to be a fan of Finchel, but honestly I can;t remember why. In this episode Rachel just looks like she has so much fun with Brody, and I can;t think of a single episode where Finchel had that effortless fun. And as Rachel admitted to Brody, she wasn;t used to making a guy dinner, she was used to chasing him for a year before he deigned to go out with her. And thinking back on it, even when they were together, Finn was always trying to change Rachel and make her into what he wanted whereas Brody looks at her like she;s an angel whenever she walks in the room. Rachel is seeing that Quinn (who no one seems to remember, along with Mercedes) was right, if Rachel really wants to start over, she needs to move on from Finn,

    Next week everyone;s breaking up, for which I have too many opinions about to discuss in a review not actually about that episode, so we will have to wait and see.
  • Getting better!

    What I liked about this episode:

    - Blaine's intro scene was... well the term that kept popping in my mind while watching it was "eye candy"!

    - Kurt did not sing much, and there was no falsetto. Yay!

    - Unique wasn't around! \/ Hurray!

    - Kurt and Blaine's relationship (which was getting a bit boring) is finally evolving (or is it collapsing?)

    - Blaine is finally realizing that McKinley sucks and the only reason he got transferred is in New York right now (that's what I kept thinking since the beginning of this season, and honestly, I wouldn't mind hearing some warblers performances...)

    - Rachel's finally realizing that Finn's probably not worth it (especially since the hottest (straight) guy of the show is totally into her!), and then... knock knock...

    So "makeover" was a fun episode (as any "makeover episode" should be!), and although nothing much happened, it opened a few promising doors! Next week should be interesting!

  • Something is coming...

    If last weak episode was terrible and haven't any sense, this episode will be something unexpected for you. Really, It hasn't an excellent plot but It was correct. Yes, correct is the best word that I should use to define this new episode. Each story of "Makeover" are introduced and organised in an attractive way. I think it was one of the most consistent episodes of the last two season. Something is changing and I believe that something good is coming for Glee
  • A change has definitely happened and it's done glee good... except for the ratings

    I had my doubts on this episode because the trailer made it just look a little boring, and the only amazing thing about the episode was that SJP was on it. Well I'm not bothered about her at all (but she played her role really well). However, the episode was actually really good, they're making a relationship storyline with Sam and Brittany (Probably going to get in the way of Brittana) which is really good and Blaine's "Everybody wants to rule the world" was ace. Kurt annoyed me alot of how he doesn't care about Blaine's achievements but his own.. which will obviously continue in the Break Up episode. I think the best storline was the one between Rachel and Brody, their relationship has gotten stronger! The exciting ending had me going and I can't wait for next weeks Half Half season finale (Well thats what I call it since theres going to be a 5 week hiatus).

    Lastly, I am honestly abit sad for glee, becase although season 3 was good, it wasn't the best season and Season 4 has turned out to be really good. But now isn't the time to be really good as season 3 has made the ratings drop a LOAD! And I'm really sad for them because season 4 is fantastic and deserves a boost.
  • Finally A Great Episode of Glee

    Wow I so loved this episode, it was so much better than last weeks!

    Not since "Big Brother" have we gotten a semi-Blaine centered story 2 have this episode open with a voice over by him was AMAZING!! He is mainly the ONLY reason I am watching Season 4, spoiler, He won Student President but it was bitter sweet because Kurt wasn't answering his calls.

    I so do not want Klaine 2 break up but next week's promo didn't seem so promising, if they do I will be devastated as I'm sure most Gleeks will be!

    The presentational race was very cute and funny.

    I loved Sam and Brittany's duet it was really cool.

    Kurt's internship was nice, Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't amazing, but she was fine in her role.

    All in all this was a definite improvement from last week's Britney 2.0!