Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on FOX

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  • A change has definitely happened and it's done glee good... except for the ratings

    I had my doubts on this episode because the trailer made it just look a little boring, and the only amazing thing about the episode was that SJP was on it. Well I'm not bothered about her at all (but she played her role really well). However, the episode was actually really good, they're making a relationship storyline with Sam and Brittany (Probably going to get in the way of Brittana) which is really good and Blaine's "Everybody wants to rule the world" was ace. Kurt annoyed me alot of how he doesn't care about Blaine's achievements but his own.. which will obviously continue in the Break Up episode. I think the best storline was the one between Rachel and Brody, their relationship has gotten stronger! The exciting ending had me going and I can't wait for next weeks Half Half season finale (Well thats what I call it since theres going to be a 5 week hiatus).

    Lastly, I am honestly abit sad for glee, becase although season 3 was good, it wasn't the best season and Season 4 has turned out to be really good. But now isn't the time to be really good as season 3 has made the ratings drop a LOAD! And I'm really sad for them because season 4 is fantastic and deserves a boost.
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