Season 3 Episode 6

Mash Off

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2011 on FOX

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  • Impressed. Not bad at all. Happy300th!*Spoilers


    I hate the Puck and Shelby relationshipstoryline. It's inappropriate and even more important, completely unnecessary when it comes to the larger storyline of Quinn going nuts and trying to take Beth. I did not like Hot for Teacher and am hoping that part of the storyline ends soon. However, Puck is very good with Beth and he knows that he was wrong trying to take the baby and help Quinn. I'm very happy that he told Shelby the truth and admitted that he was selfish to want the same thing. Finally someone explained to Quinn (even though she probably doesn't care) that shemay beBeth's birth mother but not her mom.

    Sue's campaign ads were really corny and dumb, and I was mad that she insulted Carole in them. Also that almost all of Ohio believed that baboon crap.

    I'm glad that Rachel decided to withdraw from the race to give Kurt her support. Though I'm mad that they're magically friends because they are no longer against each other. I'm weighing my dislike of banning dodgeball (it's classic!) and the fact that Brittany plans to go to school without clothes if she wins. Just because Rachel dropped out doesn't mean that the school doesn't need to save from book covers or whatever she was proposing, right? And I'd rather any one of the three as president overa rediculous nasty looking hockey dude and a cabinet of horny fellow players.

    I'm glad that both the Troubletones and the New Directions did mash-ups (at the advisement of Shelby and Will). And even though I hate Will's voice, I loved the You and I2 mash up. The New Directions'performance was good and I'm glad that Tina and Quinn got to sing, but it was nothing compared to the Troubletones'. (The only thing I could think aboutduring the ND performance mash up was the'morning after'scene from (500) Days of Summer.) I loved Rumour Has It/Someone Like You. At first I was a little iffy about how they put the "Don't forget me..." parts in, but I've gotten more used to it and I love it.

    Santana's insults to Finn were unreasonably witty and cruel this episode. I liked the dodgeball game but kept asking myself, "Why must they aim for everybody's heads" and I was shocked when Rory was bleeding at the end after being pelted by the Troubletone's dodgeballs (until: *insert oh brave and honorable Kurt).

    And then Finn told Santana to come out of the closet, stopping her in her tracks. Said conversation was unfortunately overheard by another student with a parent intheCongresscampaign. And then Santana becomes the new face of an anti-Lesbian sting ad against Sue.

    Karma's a b*tch, right?

    But then worse was the fact that Santana's family doesn't know. As she made it clear, it's one thing if the school knows, but another if word gets back home. No matter what she has done (and that's alot) I still feel sorry for her. (Isn't it illegal to put a minor in an ad like that without permission?) Apparently Lima Heights Adjacent isnot only on the wrong side of the tracks- it's a land where guardians try to sell their children and call them "garbage face" for much of their young lives. Nice. Like we need a rerun of the events in Ballad.