Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

To get things started on Michael Jackson, Blaine leads the group in a hallway run with "You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'."

Finn presses Rachel for an answer on his proposal, and she says she loves him but she needs more time. Then the kids rumble with the Warblers during "Bad." At the end, Sebastian slushies Blaine, who ends up in the ER with a deeply scratched cornea. Infuriated, Arnie wants revenge and doesn't want to hear any "It Gets Better" dogma. He goes into a dream sequence for "Stop Pressurin' Me."

Rachel corners Quinn in the girl's bathroom and asks her to give her a straight answer on Finn's proposal. Quinn tells Rachel that she just got accepted to Yale and she knows she won't be thinking about any of the guys she dated a McKinley come winter. If Rachel wants to make all her big dreams come true, she can't take Finn with her after graduation. Then Quinn sings the old-school Michael Jackson tune, "Never Can Say Goodbye" to Finn, Puck, and Sam.

Kurt and Santana agree to take the higher road and not join Artie on his revenge. They both want to get into college after all. But they vow to beat them somehow, at nationals, presumably. Mercedes gets a text from Sam to meet him the auditorium. He has her name up on a marquee in lights and wants her to sing a duet with him. She appreciates the gesture, but turns him down. Still, they end up singing "Human Nature," which ends with a kiss!

Kurt's dad shows up at school with a letter from NIYATA. They go into the rehearsal to open the envelope, and Kurt finds out that he's a finalist. Beaming with pride, his father embraces him and tells him he's unstoppable. Kurt races off to tell Rachel the news, and she bursts into tears because she didn't get a bid from the performing arts college. Kurt comforts her as she sobs that she has no plans for the future.

Later, Kurt visits Blaine, who is donning an eye-patch, in the hospital. Finn and Rachel show up with a stack of DVDs that have characters wearing eye-patches. After toasting Kurt, the group appropriately sings Blaine MJ's song for the anti-bullying film, "Ben."

Santana shows up at Warbler practice to confront Sebastian, demanding he admit he put something in the slushie. Sebastian will only admit that it was meant for Kurt, not Blaine. When Santana insists he's lying, Sebastian challenges her to a dual. Accompanied only by two cellists, they duet on "Smooth Criminal." At the end, she insists she was better. Sebastian admits he put rock salt in the slushie, but it's okay. She wonders how it's okay. Because the one he's going to throw at her doesn't have it in there.

Santana runs to Kurt and the other Gleeks victorious because she has the whole admission on video. But Kurt doesn't want to punish them, he wants to beat them, so he commands everyone to gather in the auditorium.

On the way, Rachel tells Finn she's sorry she hasn't answered. Before she says anything more, Finn tells her to just listen and sings her, "I Just Can't Stop Loving You." Rachel joins in and at the end of the song, she tells him he's the love of her life and she wants to marry him. He pulls the ring from his pocket and they embrace.

At the auditorium, Kurt has gathered the Warblers. New Directions tells them they clearly don't understand what Michael Jackson is all about and perform "Black or White" for the rival show choir. Before the song is over, the Warblers join in and dance with New Directions. Well, everyone except Sebastian. Then Santana reveals she has him caught on tape, but they give him the tape, saying they would rather he be at finals when they win the competition, so they can see the look of defeat on his face.

Later, in the hallways of McKinley, Rachel walks up to Kurt and announces she got a letter from NIYATA, and she is a finalist as well. Pleased, Kurt congratulates her and asks if she's told Finn yet. A look of regret washes across Rachel's face as the episode ends.