Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2012 on FOX

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  • AMAZING!!!!!

    absoutely amazing! i don't know why people are saying that it's a bad episode its based around the late Michael Jackson... like Mercades said one word "Michael"... Smooth Criminal was by far the best performance and i also loved Human Nature but Smooth Criminal was AMAZING.... i loved it it was just absoutely great night of Glee. the whole Blaine/Sabastian thing was out of line not expected i knew something was gunna happen when they started singing "Bad"... that was predictible but i never thought it was going to be Blaine. anyways it was just a great episode
  • Purely amazing

    I'm kind of speechless right now, but still I have to write this, if not for any other reason just for a reminder later in the future. I was left speechless after the last episode "Yes/No" and I really couldn't believe that I would see an episode like that on any other day again. But here it is, the very next episode was the same beautiful, same powerful, same gleeful. I don't know what to say, but I'm truly amazed. I've been watching Glee since its beginning and it doesn't stop to shock me in a positive way (and yes, sometimes in a negative way too) in every single season. I love this show, I loved this episode and I loved the previous episode. The whole experience is a true inspiration for all of us. For the first time in a review I can honestly say "Keep up the excellent work".

    Oh and also, I think that 2cellos deserve some praise and mention - they were absolutely amazing and Glee was honoured to have them as guest stars.
  • Great!

    LIke the review on the front page said, some numbers in this episode didn't make the grade, but others - wow!. Scream with Artie and Mike were fantastic, I knew that Kevin was a dancer, but I didnt realise how good he was. I would love to see Brittney dance with both Mike and Artie - that is Artie with legs, because I think with the 3 of them together, they are clearly the best dancers on Glee. Quinn looked great in her number, the dress and song suited her. Blaine with his "wanna be starting something" was great. For me, Santana and Sebastian's rendition of Smooth Criminal with the 2cellos - rocked! The ending with "Black & White" was good and rounded out the Michael tribute. The cutest song was "Human Nature" with Sam and Mercedies. I think Glee is now starting to hit its stride again and go back to what made it great.
  • Who Needs Actors When All You Do Is Sing?

    What happened? There was maybe ten minutes of acting and the rest was singing. Michael was an icon, but the music overpowered the show.
  • I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

    Artist-themed episodes have been plaguing episodes of Glee since it's second season, which in my humble opinion began to kill the show. So here we have a Michael Jackson episode where they make up a story to go along with the songs. Not the other way around...

    The story was crap and the renditions of Michael Jackson's art-form were bubblegum-pop. No attitude. No anger. No heart. This would have pleased Michael that younger people will experience his music after viewing this but critically I'm sure he would be disappointed greatly.
  • This episode was amazing

    loved the michael jackson songs, klaine scenes it was all absolutely amazing.
  • The Quality is dropping again.

    Slushie storyline was pointless and boring; the duel between Santana and Sebastian was cringe worthy, as was anything to do with Blaine and Kurt in that episode.

    Only good scene was when Kurt received the letter with his father.

    Want to see what happens later on with Rachel and Finn
  • Mediocre to say the least

    Admittedly I'm not a huge Michael Jackson fan. I know his songs and like quite a lot of them but I don't own a single CD of his. And I will not be buying the Glee CD that is bound to come out after this episode. I have every single other Glee CD but I didn't like enough of these tracks to want to purchase this one.

    The stand out moments for me in this episode were Sam and Mercedes performing Human Nature and Artie's dance moves. I have always thought it was a shame that someone who moves so well never gets to show it off!

    Also I know I am in the minority but I really wanted Rachel to say yes, but for the right reasons not just because she thought she wasn't getting what she wanted out of life. I'm liking Season 3's Finn a lot more than Season 1 or 2's Finn whose character was all over the place.

    Have heard that the actor who plays Sebastian is becoming a series regular - seriously!?!?! He's a pathetic Santana wannabe and brings nothing to the story. He can sing ok but his acting is definitely not great! If Chord Overstreet gets overlooked as a series regular AGAIN I will be really unimpressed. He is one very talented young man!!

    Overall this episode was just ok for me. I certainly didn't have a stupid grin on my face like I did the whole way through episode 10 (which was my 2nd favourite episode after the one where Finn's mum and Kurt's dad got married). In fact, this episode was a huge let down after the brilliance of episode 10.

    Oh well, that seems to be the way with Glee, huge ups and downs both with characters personalities and quality of episodes. Gotta take the highs with the lows and this was one of the lows (though nowhere near the low of the Christmas episode which was probably the worst ever apart from Rory at the end!).


    I loved this episode, it reminded me why I fell in love with Glee!

    It had everything, comedy, drama, and wonderful acting.

    The musical numbers were amazing, they weren't overdone which I appreciated.

    The acting was truly heartbreaking, especially with Kurt and Rachel, they made me tear up.

    I felt so bad 4 Kurt in this episode, and Blaine as well.

    Rachel's moments were a bit melodramatic but I forgave them.

    Kurt's scenes were as usual brilliantly acted! I adored that we saw his dad again!

    I really loved how New Directions really came together, I felt early on in this season that they weren't really united but after this episode I truly felt that they were a team and family once again!

    Santana was fabulous I love how she is so protective over her friends!

    The ending number was a cherry on top of a truly stand out episode of Glee Season 3!!