Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on FOX

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  • some flesh!

    This episode fits a specific category of Glee episodes, the "light comedy that wants to teach something". And, some sloppiness aside, it manages to convey the message. This is helped by the facts that for once it has a clear storyline: prologue (Warblers out, New Directions in), problem (need of money), solution (shirtless boy calendar), happy ending after some minor problems.

    Of course behind there's the message: do not undervalue yourself because you're not just a sculpted body, but there's substance and heart around it. Or something like that.

    The good thing is that the episode contained some very nice scenes. I like how the friendship between Jake and Ryder is developing, Ryder providing a sane down-to-earth point of view to things, and the "love you" scene between Marley and Jake was cute. Also Artie's doubts and Finn's response were well played.

    I still have the feeling that the younger Glee would have treated the complementary storyline - Rachel facing the nude acting dilemma- with more grace and more shade. Since when a topless scene in an underground student movie is the same as porn, Kurt? The writers could have introduced the arguments against the nude scene in a more nuanced way, like this it becomes ridicolous. They could have squeezed a much more effective story out of this plot.

    For once Lima wins over New York. I was happy though to see Dianna and Naya back!

    Musical review: quite good; Torn and the New Year song stand out, but also the trio between Rachel, Quinn and Santana was well played.
  • Great ep but double standard heaven, like usual.

    The episode was well done and almost everyone seemed to be in character. I had problems with the view the episode said about nudity. It seemed to embrace male nudity, but not female nudity. The second Rachel considered the film, Kurt (ie. the one who seemed too out of character) said she was slutty, had no self-respect, or assumed it was a porno. His criticisms of her were very distasteful, as A, he had no problem wanting to perform his NYADA audition in nude, and B, he was the one who encouraged her to change her style. The criticism extends to Season 1!Rachel, who said similar things of varying truth about Rachel's new appearance.

    I was very happy to see Dianna and Naya again, and was pleased with how they handled Rachel's situation. Santana's sex tape example and Quinn's 2-2-2 rule were better ways to persuade her than telling her she'd be whoring herself out if she did the film. The scene with Rachel filming the move was admittedly awkward but I'm glad she left it open ended, saying that she may be ready sometime in the future, but she isn't today.

    The calendar storyline at WMHS was kind of a fluffy fill, but I was happy Artie stood up for himself. Finn never proves my dislike of him wrong. Artie had to tell him no multiple times before he said that 'it's cool, dude', but I was upset he asked more than once. Jake and Marley are a cute couple and while far from as interesting as the original characters, I'm interested to see where they take them.

    I was a little disappointed with Sam's part. The show has been dumbing him down so much this year because they want him to be the male Brittany 2.0. (And since he's a guy, people offered to help him out and support him. Brittany and her intelligence is still used as a joke by the writers and it's I thought the show would never address his body issues, and I'm glad they did even though it was kind of ridiculous.
  • Super

    This episode was great. Everything was consistent with heart felt moments. Definitely the best from the season. Marley and Jake finally declared they love each other. Only thing that was weird was when Rachel had a duet with herself. Old glee is back?

    I was thinking when will Naya be back in the show and to my surprise there she was. She was awesome like always. So was Diana.
  • the best ep in this messed up season

    This was finally good old Glee. No weird story, great acting, heart-warming moments, cool performances, a sparkling episode. Nice. Glee back on its path? We'll see. For now I am satisfied by this episode.
  • Much Better than Last week's

    This episode was defiantly a step up from the last episode.

    I loved the glee kids doing a calendar shoot it was very sexy and cute!

    Sam's storyline was interesting I adorned all of the Blaine and Sam bonding and support utterly adorable!

    Marley and Jake's progression in their relationship was really great they make a FANSTIC couple!

    I didn't care much for Rachel's storyline it was boring

    All in all a very sweet yet somewhat uneven episode yet it was still better last last week's.