Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Principal Figgins: (in Principal Figgins' office) Sexy teen imbeciles, the SAT scores are in and you have managed to receive the highest and lowest scores ever recorded at McKinley.
      Sam Evans: Yes! I knew it, secret genius.
      Principal Figgins: Brittany S. Pierce has received a near perfect 2340 on her exam.
      Sam Evans: What, how?
      Principal Figgins: Clearly she cheated.
      Brittany Pierce: No, I did not cheat, I swear. All I did was I filled an A for a while, and then C for a little bit, and then D and then I did A again, and then I used the dots to draw a clown and then a penis.
      Sam Evans: What are my scores?
      Principal Figgins: You got a 340, which in clinical trials is a score routinely bested by monkeys.