Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • What happened to Glee?!? (Spoiler alert)

    That was without a doubt one of the most vomit inducing episodes of Glee I've seen in the last three years! Is a bit a realism too much to ask for? In the past, even when Glee had its signature cheesy "underdogs winning" moments, they always had something else to balance it out. Last year's finale, for example, Rachel and Finn got back together, but they cost New Directions Nationals. This year, everyone basically got everything they wanted in the end. I hope they add some contrast next week in the finale.
  • Expecting the expected

    Not a lot of surprises. You knew they had to win (since several of the principals are graduating). Personally, and I may be hated for this, I thought VA was better. While ND was more ensemble driven (with the exception of Rachel's solo for Carmen Tibideau's benefit) Unique and VA were just better. I do find myself "suspending reality" more and more often: in the choir room the Glee gang numbers 10? Then they get on stage and there are 20 people singing and dancing away. Where'd those other people come from?

    Oh, one other point of note - when the announcer announces the winners, watch closely. ND starts cheering when he says "From....", before he even gets to Lima, Ohio. Not a big deal, but kinda funny. Well, they have their trophy now and all the accolades of the school. Season 4 is certain to start off with a huge list of people wanting to audition. Maybe then they can get rid of Sugar. And Unique's comment "maybe I need to switch schools next year" was less than subtle.

    I agree with others that Mr. Shu winning TOY was a little too much. But hey, it's Glee. Suspend reality!
  • Where does Glee go from here?

    How are the show's writers supposed to follow this episode into the next season? Not that I'm complaining about the results, but now that the New Directions are no longer "losers" but winners, what purpose does "Glee" as a show really have? As a writer, I think it would have made more sense to have them come closer to their dream, maybe placing second, so that the group can try again next year. However, I do understand that since this is the original cast, it's more delicious for this group of kids be the group to win at Nationals.

    That being said, where does the show go from here? The focus on Unique in this episode was surely to wet viewers' appetite for the next season. Is America ready to watch a transvestite sing the hell out of a song week after week? Perhaps, but I think the writer's should give us a little more of Unique's back story. What about her parents? I don't really see her as replacing Curt; I see her as replacing Curt and Mercedes. Perhaps she can be a star; we'll see.

    Again, Rachel's solo with "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" successfully showed her ability to perform a song with varying moods, but the song had no significance for her as a character, so the performance for me wasn't so dramatic.

    Musical highlights of the show for me included "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" -- I bet that left all the tweeners wondering where that song came from. Meatloaf who? "Starships" was nice. And ending the episode with "We Are the Champions" was highly appropriate. Which brings me to another point. Now that Will Schuster is happy and accepted as a great teacher, where does the show go from here?

    The writers have some serious planning to do.
  • a great episode, but their competition songs...

    I really like glee, and even after a low inbetween I think this show is still great and going greater. There is one thing that always bugs me, though.. their competition songs.. and again this episode I couldn't really enjoy their win, cause I felt like they really didn't deserve it. OR they deserve this, if you look at their songs throughout the season or at the amazing song at the end of this episode, but not with the songs that were shown for the national competition!!

    It's not that they are bad, but to me it feels like they have nothing special. I think the main thing is the Rachel-Finn thing.. great couple and let her have her solo, especially with the woman from NYADA, but why make the others appear so insignificant. We all have seen them sing great songs, we know they can do it. What made the last song so special, beside it being a great song by itself, is that you see the whole group singing together, meaning it and everyone has their part! That's also what made New Direction special in comparison to the Wablers.. not one main character, but a whole group of amazing people, same goes for Unique's group.. one main star... New Directions could show so much more..

    I'm still enjoying the show.. love the characters, the songs, the topics, but I stop looking forward to the competition episodes..

    I just loved this episode!!! The finallysong was amazing. Thank you glee for everything
  • A Lovely Bridge Episode For The Finale!!

    New Directions finally did it I knew they could!!

    It was such a satisfying moment to see our favorite Gleeks getting that big trophy such a validation for them as a group and as individuals

    However I don't think that Schuester necessarily deserved his Teacher Of The Year award, it was a nice moment to see all of the Glee club kids give him support and love in front of the school.

    While this two hour juggernaut did have it's moments of silliness namely in the Tina Dream Sequence

    I think that the acting defiantly made up for it, especially in the Puck and Beiste departments.

    I am super sad and excited to see the end of Season 3, no doubt it's gonna be bitter sweet but I have no doubt that Glee will give our beloved Seniors a proper send off.

  • fjfhd

  • To The Director Of This Show

    okay let me just say having Lindsay Lohan as a judge when shes in no posisition to judge herself right now is not a good move.. im very happy that the show did sooo good last night with all but one negitive review i read but anyway yea bad move on ur part to hire her what were you thinking... honestly.... i even said to myself shes gunna be late to casting, shes gunna be on her phone which she was in the ENTIRE episode... rude much... your on GLEE! ENOUGH SAID... if i had an opportunity to be on glee my phone wouldnt even be on at all... i would be taking notes and thats it... anyways but GREAT second half on the episode it was awesome the music was great loved it
  • An anteroom to the "Goodbye"

    Beautiful, haunting, epic and fun. A summary of the three seasons of Glee! Much better than the episode of "New York" and the height of "Journey" with amazing songs and performances!
  • Just perfect

    Just perfect!!
  • What Happened to the Haters?

    This show is by FAR the most inspiring, enlightening and bold show to ever air on TV. COme to think of it, teenager character's tackling some of the most sensitive issues in the society nowadays? ANd by that they delivered well! I kinda disagree with the people who are fussing about how this episode "Nationals" kind of sums it all (that the kids got all what they "wanted") in the end. WELL, for me, it was kind of a hope-rekindling episode, that all the hard works pay off in the end if you put your heart and mind into it. Imagine working for this great "victory" for them in 3 years? That is a success well deserved. I particularly like Rachel's "It's All Coming Back" by Celine Dion - it was superb! AND the "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" reminds me of the magic that Finn's voice brings to Rachel's and honestly I missed that a since season 1. And for the viewers who say that the episode give the kids all they "wanted"; remember THIS IS EPISODE 21...meaning an EPISODE 22 is yet to come and by then, maybe we'll see what to look forward to Season 4! I know we all love a good o' cliffhanger season-ender. RIGHT?