Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • a great episode, but their competition songs...

    I really like glee, and even after a low inbetween I think this show is still great and going greater. There is one thing that always bugs me, though.. their competition songs.. and again this episode I couldn't really enjoy their win, cause I felt like they really didn't deserve it. OR they deserve this, if you look at their songs throughout the season or at the amazing song at the end of this episode, but not with the songs that were shown for the national competition!!

    It's not that they are bad, but to me it feels like they have nothing special. I think the main thing is the Rachel-Finn thing.. great couple and let her have her solo, especially with the woman from NYADA, but why make the others appear so insignificant. We all have seen them sing great songs, we know they can do it. What made the last song so special, beside it being a great song by itself, is that you see the whole group singing together, meaning it and everyone has their part! That's also what made New Direction special in comparison to the Wablers.. not one main character, but a whole group of amazing people, same goes for Unique's group.. one main star... New Directions could show so much more..

    I'm still enjoying the show.. love the characters, the songs, the topics, but I stop looking forward to the competition episodes..