Season 2 Episode 6

Never Been Kissed

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2010 on FOX

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  • Just like the old episodes! Love it!

    I recommend this Glee episode! I was missing the show from last season! The girls vs. boys performances were great! I really like the relationship between Kurk and the new guy from the other school,Blaine. I am very curious about what's gonna happen between them. The topic of the episode was real and updated, many people in their live have a hard time dealing with bullies just because their different. The message is clear and allow kids and not so kids to relate to their situation. Looking foward to see episodes like this one. Great music,real situations,cool perfomances, new faces=awesome episode.
  • So revealing, shocking, real and everything else.

    I loved it. This was really a great episode.
    There were scenes that were so touchy, at least to me. I missed coach Beiste in previous episodes so I was glad to see her back and she played fantastic. Also I've never seen Kurt so hurt before. I mean he was bullied and all in previous episodes but he was never so fragile and weak... And that Karofsky really pissed me off! But it was worth it when I saw his reaction after Kurt confronted him...
    Sue was hilarious once again. :D She and her reactions on her face were the best when she said how she's imaging Beiste and Sam and how now she'll have to stare at some wounds. :DDD
    I also liked the songs. Since Puck and Artie have the best voices to me I was really glad seeing their duet. :)
  • 208

    I am a little bit upset by Glee at this point. Why? because every episode is not as good as it should be on the musical part or on the story part. What I mean it is that one episode is good on the music but the story is not that great (like the previous one, the Rocky horror glee show) and one episode is good on the story parts but the songs are not that great like in this episode. I understand that the balance between the musical parts and the story parts is not easy but I expect that they try to have a certain balance between the both of them.
    In this episode I found the story really great and it help to the development of the different characters. The Kurt storyline was really well done and bring a lot of thinking for us, viewers, and it was on a subject that today is really important. Then the Coach Beist storyline was nice too because we saw that she is a really sweet person (I've told you saw!) and the nice Will is back! They were some funny part with the boys (and Tina!).
    The singing was not so great but not bad. I really enjoy the duet between Puck and Artie singing One Love.
  • Looks like the original writers have come back from vacations.

    This episode was intense and painful, the choice of music simply GREAT! Good to see Mark Salling (Puck) back. For me, his character personifies a misfit who is starting to find his way in life, by joining the Glee Club. I missed him.

    So much for high school memories. That's real life for many of us out here. Being bullied, feeling lonely and yet finding the strength deep inside to carry on living. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome to all of this. And by the way: LOVED Teenage Dream sung by the other school's Glee Club!

    The moment between Mr. Schuester and coach Beiste was a little corny though.
  • Awesome!

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. There were so many touching moments, and I really felt like I could identify with the characters. While the kiss between Will and Coach Beast was really weird, the scene itself was quite touching and the idea behind it very poignant. The way Kurt decided to stand up and fight was fantastic, and the fact that he's found someone who can really understand him makes me really happy. :) The main confrontation scene brought to light the "real" relationship often found between bully and victim. I hope the rest of the episodes this season can bring as many absolutely incredible moments as this episode did.
  • This is the Glee I know and love!

    The first thing this episode did right was the music. There were only four songs, down from other recent episodes which have at least five, and they were well performed too. Not only was the music in this episode good, the entire episode wasn't written around the music.

    There were three different plots this episode:
    1) The boys (with the exception of Kurt) need to control their urges and using Coach Beiste to do that.
    2) Puck is now out of Juvie and needs to complete community service.
    3) Kurt's bullying at the hands of Karofsky is getting much worse.

    The boys find that picturing Beiste in different scenarios helps to control their urges when they're with their girlfriends. This leads to Beiste eventually finding out through Will and she takes it very personally. She reveals to Will that she's never been kissed before and Will eventually kisses her. I thought it was a sweet moment between the two and I like the friendship that the two of them have. It's also nice to see the return of the nice Will from season one rather than the jerk Will that has been around lately. Puck got out of Juvie on the promise to do community service. He starts hanging out with Artie and 'helping' him. Really though, Puck's teaching Artie his wreckless behaviour such as hustling money from school kids and dine-and-dash. Puck is eventually called and told he'll go back to Juvie if he doesn't find some real community service. Puck storms out of the office and later is confronted by Artie. During their conversation it is revealed that Puck's experience in Juvie wasn't as easy as he let on. Puck says he was terrified while he was there and he doesn't want to go back at all. Artie offers to help Puck in his classes if he does real community service picking up garbage by the highway. I thought it was really nice to see some character development for Puck and see that he isn't as 'badass' as he want people to believe.

    The last story line led to one of the biggest surprises of the series so far. Kurt keeps getting shoved into lockers by Karofsky and he's getting close to his breaking point. Kurt, on a mission for glee club, goes to Dalton Academy to spy on their Glee club. There he meets Blaine who we find out is also gay Kurt's a horrible spy and Blaine calls Kurt out on the fact that spying wasn't the real reason he went to the school. Kurt confides in Blaine about the bullying he recieves and Blaine tells him to defend himself and refuse to be the victim. The next time Karfosky shoves Kurt into a locker, Kurt angrily follows him and confronts him about it. During an intense screaming match, Karofsky warns Kurt not to push him, but Kurt continues anyway. Karofsky grabs Kurt and kisses him leaving Kurt stunned, terrified, and confused. He pushes away Karofsky who then storms out of the locker room leaving Kurt there trembling. Later, Kurt brings Blaine to McKinley to help talk to Karofsky who visibly panics when Kurt talks about what happened. After the confrontation, Blaine asks Kurt why he's so upset and Kurt explains that it was his first kiss with a boy. Karofsky continues his bullying of Kurt who is even closer to reaching his breaking point. This was easily the most surprising of the three story lines as it revealed that Karofsky, who has tormented Kurt since day one, is also gay and is terrified of that fact. Overall, this episode was fantastic. I loved the fact that the story lines propelled themselves and the songs were fit in, but didn't take over the show. Max Adler (Karofsky) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) did an absolutely amazing job with their scenes and it really blew me away. Mark Salling's acting wasn't the strongest, but his character showed some actual growth this episode. And Will is getting back into my good books again.
  • It's the second annual boys vs. girls faceoff, but things are different this time around...

    After the last episode, which I thought was one of the worst in Glee history, the show rebounded big time with an episode that had a lot of the same qualities that good "Glee" episodes have come to have.. well, maybe not a lot, but there were some great moments here and, as usual, Kurt continues to prove himself to be the best character on the show.

    Just like the episode last season, it's boys vs. girls again, but it's much different than it was last season. This time, Kurt spends most of the competition at a boys school, which just so happens to have a talented Glee club that they'll be facing in Regionals. Here, Kurt meets a boy named Blaine who just happens to be gay handsome and sing very well. Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Puck is released from juvie and Artie realizes he wants to go on a date again with Brittany, who he can't stop thinking about. And Quinn and Sam use a method to cool themselves down when things get too hot and heavy that involves imagining Coach Biest in lingerie. This method travels around the Glee club and ends up hurting Biest, who decides to quit.

    The show has always been about melodramatic moments with comedy sprinkled throughout, and today felt pretty heavy on the melodrama. There was a sideplot with Kurt being bullied by a big tough football player, and as it turns out, his homophobia stems from the fact that he's gay and repressing it. It could've been interesting, but the show is monotonous with its use and never shows Kurt really getting angry. Sure, he yells at the guy, but I want to see him throw a punch. I will admit I was surprised by the kiss, and I really enjoy watching Kurt's growth this season.

    Mr. Shue kissing Biest was a whole different story.. it felt way too melodramatic and I really want the writers to give Mr. Shue something to do this season besides yelling at the Glee club singers and defending students who did something wrong. Even Sue wasn't that funny today, mostly because I'm starting to grow a little confused at what makes her want to do such awful things. She's proven herself to be a good person, and it seems as if she does these things sometimes just because the writers decide it's about time for her to do something ridiculous.

    For the most part though, I enjoyed this episode. There was some focus on other characters that we haven't seen much of lately (Puck, Mike Chang, Tina, Quinn) and less of the Rachel/Finn drama. And I liked the musical numbers today. Pretty good episode overall.
  • Back to old school Glee!

    This week Glee returned to its roots after a few weeks of performances which might have been considered over-the-top by some. Humour, quick quips, great songs and emotions served in a rapid pace.

    Many have doubted how long Glee can keep up the joyous style which appeals to so many. It is understandable that the pace introduced in the first season will be hard to maintain. And unfortunately during this season some episodes have seemed gimmicky. Humour and action has been squeezed out of acts which has made it feel forced. Songs - while being terrific performances in themselves - have felt out of place and disconnected from the overall plot. Relationships have sometimes crossed over the border to sob town. We remember the episodes of the first season, e.g. Vitamin-D, which radiated with natural (ignoring the Glee club being on drugs) energy, without trying too hard. So far this season that has been lacking to some extent.

    But this episode really brought back that Glee energy we have fallen in love with. Glee is about so many things at the same time. While some may say it is distracting, it is the reason why people from so different backgrounds like the show. It has something for almost everyone. "Never Been Kissed" was just that. It involved several characters and introduced new relationships. There was the drama, reconciliation and even some surprises. The humour came naturally and involved those goofy remarks so typical of Glee. At the same time it touched serious topics and taught us a few lessons. All this pact in one episode. And lets not forget the songs. They were great performances and fit seamlessly into the plot. They didn't feel added to the plot just to have them there.

    Because of this I award the episode a full 10. One can always ask for something more. Where was Emma? Did this episode really move the story forward enough? But you can't have everything in one episode. And this one was overall a very well balanced episode with great songs, screen time for many characters and also that serious tone fitted in the mix. And this made it feel like it in some way returned to its roots, which pushed the score to a 10.

    Now I need to watch the girls' performance again. Because that was hot.
  • This was a REALLY good episode! And it was simply gaylicios!!! LOL

    I absolutely loved this epsiode! I'm starting tp realize that my favorite episodes are usually the ones centering around Kurt. I guess that makes him my favorite character:) When I first saw the epsiode title I really didn't know where they were going to go with it, but after watching it I thought that Ryan Murphy did a superb job. The thing that I love about Glee is that the writers have touched on some serious issues within highschools. In last weeks they touched on Finn being insecure about his body and in episodes in the past they did the same thing with Mersedes in her body. They've dealt with the hardships of teen pregnancy. They've dealt with religion. They've dealt with a lot of things. The best one I think was them dealing with homosexuality. Being the only open gay kid in highshcool must be difficult and unfortunately a lot of people view being gay as something to be almost afraid of and therefor the gay kid gets bullied. I applaud Kurt for being so brave with it all and I really think that the new guy, Blaine, will be a tremendous asset to the show and he will really help Kurt. Another thing that they did in this episode was deal with the fact that a lot of gay teenagers don't come out and stay hidden in the closet. The football player was a perfect example. Honestly, I think I was the only one who actually saw that coming! Lol. I think that that is a really interesting storyline to add into the mix. First kisses was the theme in this episode. Kurt got his from the bully football player (which was AWESOME! FANTSTIC new story line) and Coach Beiste got hers from Will:) That was so sweet of Will to do that for her. He's so amazing:) This is the Will Shuester that we all fell in love with. The kind, caring, and compassionate one. Not the wierd jealous one:)

    FANTASIC EPSIODE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I did NOT see that one coming...Ryan Murphy you sneaky bastard you

    This episode was simply AMAZING!! I mean, despite the fact that it was kind of all over the place (to me, anyway), it was really good. Both Kurt and Beiste got their first kiss, and from the least likely people. Karofsky, the football jock who was seen in previous episodes(and this one too)slamming Kurt into lockers and throwing anti-gay slurs at him, kissed Kurt. Yes, HE KISSED KURT. And Will, after being the shoulder to lean on for Beiste, gave the football coach her first kiss after 40 years. As for the boys/girls mash-up performances, i thought they were mediocre. But Blaine and his glee club's rendition of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' made up for that. All in all, a great episode, especially with the bullying and anti-gay headlines that have been in the media lately.