Season 2 Episode 22

New York

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2011 on FOX
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The Glee Club enjoys the city when they go to New York to compete with other show choirs including Vocal Adrenaline for the Nationals.

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  • Crammed!

    My first review for glee despite this being probably the only show which I started watching from the first airing of the pilot itself. Normally I wait it out till I found out a little bit of what happened before I get interested in the show.

    In my opinion, this was a good episode but I am not understanding the writers here. Two seasons of glee are up and those who have seen this episode will immediately realize that one more year till graduation, means one more season of glee. The show could jump the shark if it attempts something after graduation or it could be brilliant. Erratic writing so far indicates towards a possible jump the shark moment means we have another year for glee.

    If that is the case, why not extend the storylines? This episode was tailor made for a two parter. Part one, new york inspirations (new york was a good touch by the writers) and storyline tie ups. Part two was the actual competition. The entire episode otherwise in one part feels very rushed. Here are some advantages of a two-parter: SPOILERS AHEAD!

    1) Finn and Rachel dating could have brought out their characters more. These characters keep changing their mind (I like rachel, I like quinn, I like rachel, no I like quinn!). Its been dragged out, then give it a smooth ending. It ended well but would have liked there to be a little more substance to it being such a major plot point.

    2) Quinn's revenge was the cliffhanger for the earlier episode. Are you seriously telling me her plan was to tattletale? I know she ain't the smartest person around but come on! Quinn could have played spoiler a bit more in the first part and we wont get something ridiculous like "Haircuts solve all problems" in the episode.

    3) Mr. Shue's storyline about broadway. April Rhodes need not have guest starred (it would have helped though) but this was a ridiculous ending. Its a choice between living two dreams, give it more thought already. A little too abrupt for my taste.

    4) Other performances: This is a musical show, I would have liked to see at least half the top 10 perform because with New Directions doing original songs, those of us who are watching for our fill of music will get to enjoy different styles. Second part could have been dedicated to this.

    5) I liked that the final performance had bit parts for multiple singers but this episode could have had everyone sing at least something. Puck, Sam and Tina were nearly ignored on the solo front.

    6) Everyone was excited about NYC earlier. Maybe each one could have had their own adventures like Rachel/Finn/Kurt, a good time to infuse some much needed comedy. Good time to foreshadow Sam-Mercedes relationship. Excellent time for character building. 7) Emma and Will: Am I to assume they are together now? Wasn't Emma the one who told Will to pursue broadway, or is that conveniently forgotten?

    Like I said, there are a lot of small plot points the show brings up that could have been solved. The earlier season finale may not have had the correct time to solve these situations but this one sure did. Two parter was the way to go: "New York" today "Nationals" next week.moreless
  • 12th expected

    I really enjoyed this episode though I am really getting sick of Finn being a tether ball between Rachel and Quinn. We got aglimpseof Rachel and Kurt's dreams of being broadway stars. Many people want to blame Finn and Rachel for losing. Actually, I disagree. We need to take into account that New Directions was ill prepared for nationals. All the other glee groups had beenpracticingmonths in advance while the Glee kids show up, right a song practically and spot and pull some dance moves together. They got 12th place as expected no matter how could their performance was.........but I do not ship Finchel. Finn needs to disappear and leave Quinn and Rachel so they can get what they want. He's holding them back.moreless
  • It is a well-written episode, even if it is considered a one-part since the New Directions ended up in 12th place due to Rachel's messed-up kissing with Finn during the performance.moreless

    This is a one-part season final episode of this show. Several wrong things occurred: 1) Rachel looks 100% attractive in her turquoise dress, but it was limited to only 15 minutes, and 2) Rachel denied the kiss during her date with Finn, but when they kissed during the performance, she was the one who messed up and causing the New Directions to end up in 12th place. Although the TV critics appraised this episode because it is well-planned and well-written, even if the elimination was harsh and convincing. If this were a 2-part episode, then 1) the next Nationals would take place either in Washington DC or San Francisco, 2) Rachel can wear that same turquoise dress, which she wore in New York, and longer, and 3) no mess-ups during the performance and this time, the New Directions will end up in the top 10.moreless
  • season 2 final

    well this is it the last episode of season 2 of Glee and are you wondering was it worth it spending a whole year watching Glee season 2 worth? I would say yes! well The Gleek it to New York and must come up with a way to win Natations cuz you know what happen last time and Finn tries to win Rachel back and meanwhile looking to see what they place I can't freakin believe that they lose again! I was like what the Fuk Bullsh#t I gonna go hit the punching bag! and to think that Sam and Mearches are in a serect dating way who knows what could happen in season 3!moreless
  • An absolute anticlimax to a really good season :( very disapointed :(

    After a really good start to the season and building throughout the year this was a massive let down. (No im not upset they didnt win..) It seems like the writers wanted to stay with familier territory.. falling at the last post.. no one moving on or fufilling there dreams.. Que next season winning nationals! YaY (oh wait this is almost exactly what happened last season), I mean really? I Guess this series has only one season left in it If the writers cant come up with a better finale than this. This was a good oppertunity to develop a major character and move beyond the high school thing!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Featured Music:
      "My Cup"
      "I Love New York"/"New York, New York" by Madonna/Frank Sinatra
      "Bella Notte" from Lady and the Tramp
      "For Good" from Wicked
      "Yeah!" by Usher
      "As Long As You're There"
      "Light Up the World"

    • Goof: After singing "Light Up the World" Sam stands on the right and Mercedes stands on the left side. In the close up shot Sam walks over and hugs her. Wide shot, Sam's on the right side again.

    • The opening music is George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue.'

    • Goof: At 36:09 you can see a camera in the lower left corner. Goof: During the "I Love New York" song Santana's shoes change from a pair of boots to a pair of clogs and back again.

      During the two New Directions songs Will and Jesse change places in the audience!

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Will: Hey Finn, where the hell's Puckerman?
      Finn: Uhh...
      Puck: (At the bar) I'll have a Manhattan.
      Bartender: Do you even know what's in a Manhattan?
      Puck: Yeah me, for the first time. Which is why I want to celebrate with a cocktail.

    • Puck: OK, can we just talk about the Jewish elephant in the room? Ask her out dude!
      Finn: Who? Rachel? But she's totally into Jesse right now.
      Puck: You're in New York, the city of love.
      Sam: (With his mouth full) I thought that was Paris.
      Puck: Anything's possible here, and you're going to ask her out tonight. Take her out on one of those big dates you see on unwatchable romantic comedies that you grow a vagina if you watch all the way through.
      Sam: This is your shot dude. If I was in a love with a girl, and I wasn't homeless, I'd totally go for it.

    • Blaine: Wait a second...I don't get it. You don't seem that sad at all.
      Kurt: It was still amazing. I mean, I flew in a plane for the first time in my life, I had Breakfast at Tiffany's, I sung on a Broadway stage.
      Blaine: I love you.
      Kurt: I love you too. You know when you stop to think about it, Kurt Hummel's had a pretty good year.

    • Brittany: Well, family is a place where everybody loves you no matter what. And they accept you for who you are. I know I'm going to be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina's wedding. And I'm going to be anxiously waiting just like everybody else to see if their babies are Asian too. When they find an operation to make Artie's legs work again, I'm going to be there for his first steps. I love them, I love everyone in glee club and I get to spend another year with the people I love. So, I'm good.
      Santana: What about you and I?
      Brittany: I love you Santana. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in this world. All I know about you and I is that because of that, I think anything's possible.
      Santana: When did you get so smart?

    • Santana: You're my best friend.
      Brittany: Yeah, me too.

    • Brittany: I hated losing just as much as everyone but this year wasn't about winning for me.
      Santana: Clearly, cause we got our asses kicked. (pauses) Sorry. Was was it about?
      Brittany: Acceptance. I know that all the kids in the glee club they fight and steal each others boyfriends and girlfriends and they threaten to quit like every other week. But weird stuff like that happens in families.

    • Santana: I'm from Lima Heights Adjacent and I'm proud. Do you know what goes down in Lima Heights Adjacent? Bad things!

    • Kurt: Whereas I'm spending my summer composing Pip Pip Hooray, the Broadway musical about Pippa Middleton.
      Sam: I have no idea who that is but it sounds totally awesome.

    • Rachel: The guy did seem crazy. He charged my credit card by swiping it through his butt crack.

    • Kurt: Did you know I could get ahi tartare and a steak sandwich at 3 in the morning from their all-night dining menu? I feel like Eloise.
      Brittany: I have pills for that.

  • NOTES (2)