Season 2 Episode 22

New York

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2011 on FOX

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  • Crammed!

    My first review for glee despite this being probably the only show which I started watching from the first airing of the pilot itself. Normally I wait it out till I found out a little bit of what happened before I get interested in the show.

    In my opinion, this was a good episode but I am not understanding the writers here. Two seasons of glee are up and those who have seen this episode will immediately realize that one more year till graduation, means one more season of glee. The show could jump the shark if it attempts something after graduation or it could be brilliant. Erratic writing so far indicates towards a possible jump the shark moment means we have another year for glee.

    If that is the case, why not extend the storylines? This episode was tailor made for a two parter. Part one, new york inspirations (new york was a good touch by the writers) and storyline tie ups. Part two was the actual competition. The entire episode otherwise in one part feels very rushed. Here are some advantages of a two-parter: SPOILERS AHEAD!

    1) Finn and Rachel dating could have brought out their characters more. These characters keep changing their mind (I like rachel, I like quinn, I like rachel, no I like quinn!). Its been dragged out, then give it a smooth ending. It ended well but would have liked there to be a little more substance to it being such a major plot point.
    2) Quinn's revenge was the cliffhanger for the earlier episode. Are you seriously telling me her plan was to tattletale? I know she ain't the smartest person around but come on! Quinn could have played spoiler a bit more in the first part and we wont get something ridiculous like "Haircuts solve all problems" in the episode.
    3) Mr. Shue's storyline about broadway. April Rhodes need not have guest starred (it would have helped though) but this was a ridiculous ending. Its a choice between living two dreams, give it more thought already. A little too abrupt for my taste.
    4) Other performances: This is a musical show, I would have liked to see at least half the top 10 perform because with New Directions doing original songs, those of us who are watching for our fill of music will get to enjoy different styles. Second part could have been dedicated to this.
    5) I liked that the final performance had bit parts for multiple singers but this episode could have had everyone sing at least something. Puck, Sam and Tina were nearly ignored on the solo front.
    6) Everyone was excited about NYC earlier. Maybe each one could have had their own adventures like Rachel/Finn/Kurt, a good time to infuse some much needed comedy. Good time to foreshadow Sam-Mercedes relationship. Excellent time for character building. 7) Emma and Will: Am I to assume they are together now? Wasn't Emma the one who told Will to pursue broadway, or is that conveniently forgotten?

    Like I said, there are a lot of small plot points the show brings up that could have been solved. The earlier season finale may not have had the correct time to solve these situations but this one sure did. Two parter was the way to go: "New York" today "Nationals" next week.
  • 12th expected


    I really enjoyed this episode though I am really getting sick of Finn being a tether ball between Rachel and Quinn. We got aglimpseof Rachel and Kurt's dreams of being broadway stars. Many people want to blame Finn and Rachel for losing. Actually, I disagree. We need to take into account that New Directions was ill prepared for nationals. All the other glee groups had beenpracticingmonths in advance while the Glee kids show up, right a song practically and spot and pull some dance moves together. They got 12th place as expected no matter how could their performance was.........but I do not ship Finchel. Finn needs to disappear and leave Quinn and Rachel so they can get what they want. He's holding them back.

  • It is a well-written episode, even if it is considered a one-part since the New Directions ended up in 12th place due to Rachel's messed-up kissing with Finn during the performance.


    This is a one-part season final episode of this show. Several wrong things occurred: 1) Rachel looks 100% attractive in her turquoise dress, but it was limited to only 15 minutes, and 2) Rachel denied the kiss during her date with Finn, but when they kissed during the performance, she was the one who messed up and causing the New Directions to end up in 12th place. Although the TV critics appraised this episode because it is well-planned and well-written, even if the elimination was harsh and convincing. If this were a 2-part episode, then 1) the next Nationals would take place either in Washington DC or San Francisco, 2) Rachel can wear that same turquoise dress, which she wore in New York, and longer, and 3) no mess-ups during the performance and this time, the New Directions will end up in the top 10.

  • season 2 final

    well this is it the last episode of season 2 of Glee and are you wondering was it worth it spending a whole year watching Glee season 2 worth? I would say yes! well The Gleek it to New York and must come up with a way to win Natations cuz you know what happen last time and Finn tries to win Rachel back and meanwhile looking to see what they place I can't freakin believe that they lose again! I was like what the Fuk Bullsh#t I gonna go hit the punching bag! and to think that Sam and Mearches are in a serect dating way who knows what could happen in season 3!
  • An absolute anticlimax to a really good season :( very disapointed :(

    After a really good start to the season and building throughout the year this was a massive let down. (No im not upset they didnt win..) It seems like the writers wanted to stay with familier territory.. falling at the last post.. no one moving on or fufilling there dreams.. Que next season winning nationals! YaY (oh wait this is almost exactly what happened last season), I mean really? I Guess this series has only one season left in it If the writers cant come up with a better finale than this. This was a good oppertunity to develop a major character and move beyond the high school thing!
  • A great episode with many classic and original songs.

    I thought this episode was a really nice closer to this season. Although new directions didn't move on to the nationals finals i liked how rachel and finn finally got back together and the effects made it seem like i was watching a movie. The theatricality was over the top and I loved the scene when Kurt and Rachel went on the real broadway stage. I wonder if after next season the show will be over because in season 3 the teens are going to be seniors. All in all this was an amazing episode :) Can't wait for next season
  • Frank Sinatra once sang The Best Is Yet To Come.

    With another year in store it can't be labeled a surprise that the New Directions didn't place first at nationals. In fact, if they had next year would be a complete dooze. Instead the second season finale shifts the focus to dreams coming true. In that respect is the episode wonderful. For anyone who ever dreamed of New York or for anyone who ever dreamed at all. The episode is a pay off to the characters that wanted this for so long, far most Rachel. Once upon a time this show was hers and it felt that way again as the nationals played on the background. We saw her perform on a Broadway stage with Kurt, make things right with Sunshine and see her meaningless fling with Jesse come to a panicy close. But for anyone who believed in Murphy when he said Rachel and Finn wouldn't break up last year, the moment of the evening goes to a long awaited kiss. I can't say I haven't wanted this, haven't waited for this. Now it's finally here and really, it only feels like walking on glass. Sometimes getting what you want makes you lazy, sometimes, in the case of this show, it makes you weary of what's to come. Nothing on this show is lasting. Not Merecedes sudden relationship with Sam, not Britney's speech about her future with Santana and I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Schuester was tempted to leave next year again. It makes you forget to live in the now. I'm sure that next year will be a blast and with a certain win in the pocket, I am hoping for a great growth in talent among the gleekers. Until then, Rachel made it.
  • Not Journey, but not bad

    Spoilers ahead.

    The second season finale of Glee wasn't the breathtaking still renders tears to this day that was the first season finale, but it wasn't half bad. I loved it because of all the little moments:

    Rachel and Kurt. I love these two to pieces and their bestie-ship is one of the cutest aspects of the show and it totally makes sense that they're friends as Kurt is basically Rachel with a light complexion. Their duet on the Broadway stage is simply beautiful. The group hug after Will announces he's not leaving the kids for Broadway. Especially because Puck was the first one to hug Mr. Shue.

    I hate Quinn. This wasn't a moment, this was just a in general. Early in this episode she decides she's going to tell Will Rachel and Kurt have been sneaking off so they'll get booted out. I mean when Santana is the one with the moral compass pointing north you know something's off! I almost felt bad when she broke down and admitted she just wanted someone to love her, but she should realize if she wants someone to love her she should treat that person with love and respect and not be such a controlling social-climbing monster all the time.

    The coach of Vocal Adrenaline. He's just delightful in the most psychotic way. He tells Will, "I hate my kids. I would whip them if I could." That and the fact he sends shirts to the all the teams Vocal Adrenaline beats makes me think Will has a formidable opponent in him. The Finchel kiss. Yes it is the kiss that cost them Nationals but for him to plant one on her at the end of the song that's about them is just... perfect.

    Blaine telling Kurt he loves him. Kurt saying it back. And after Kurt was blathering about New York. My absolute favorite couple on Glee!

    Sam and Mercedes. I'm so glad these two are together as Mercedes needs a nice guy and Sam needs a girl who's not a controlling wench. Finally another couple we can root for!

    Brittany's speech about how she loves the glee club to Santana. And telling Santana she loves her so much it gives her hope. I really hope those two get it together soon.

    Finchel getting back together. Rachel finds Finn in the library who's all depressed he ruined their shot at Nationals and Rachel comforts him. This whole time she'd been resisting getting back together because she plans to New York and never come back, but Finn reminds her they have a year left in school. They kiss and walk off holding hands and my heart explodes from happiness.

    While this wasn't Journey, it was still an amazing finale to an interesting season of Glee. Can't wait for senior year!!!
  • Regionals in New York

    Good episode in New York. The only reason why I watch Glee is because I like the ensemble numbers and the final season episode did not disappoint me. The cast performed well with their songs and dances, their guests did exceptionally well too. I am not a fan of the show's story line but they are good moments like when the Glee Club offered to help Sue prepare for her sister's funeral last episode and when they addressed the problem of bullying in high school. I look forward to a new season of more singing and dancing from the cast and their guests.
  • Glee's trip to the Big Apple isn't as fulfilling as expected...

    The time has come. New Directions is going to Nationals in the city so nice they named it twice! The opening moments of excitement soon turned into pedestrian territory, as we were subjected to cliché after cliché in just about every one of the episode's plotlines (Finn & Rachel's "romantic comedy", Schuester's Broadway subplot & the group hug that it led up to, Quinn's make-over, Rachel's motivational pep talk with Sunshine, and the obligatory conversation between Finchel before their competition performance). Despite the expected developments, Glee's second season finale was still a watchable conclusion with one or two curveballs thrown in to satisfy even the most pessimistic of viewers (that's a self-referential dig, by the by).

    I'll start off with some positives. As mentioned above, the show did a very solid job of establishing the giddiness of being in one of the United States' most popular locales. The opening's use of silent shots of Times Square was very cool and exhilarating. I knew we'd see the Glee Club run amuck at least once throughout the city, but it was still fun to witness the kids enjoy themselves and watch Santana tease a policeman with her jailbait appeal.

    Less enthralling was Schue abandoning the group in their hotel rooms while he pursued his Broadway aspirations and simultaneously skyrocketed his tool points. I've never really believed Schue would leave the club, so his decision to stay with them about halfway through the hour didn't come soon enough. Really the only plausible reason I considered for such a departure was Matthew Morrison wanting to pursue his solo career in real life – I think he's smart enough to know that such a decision would be career suicide and most of his fans would drop off once he stopped appearing on the show.

    Those paragraphs transitioned from positive to negative - let me try the opposite this time...

    The conversation between the guys of the club in the hotel room was one of the most unrealistic discussions I've heard on television, and I've watched the first ten minutes of an episode of 'Secret Life'. Wildly unsuccessful was the utilization or should I say "neuter-alization" of Puck. Save for the hotel bar scene, Puckerman was completely out of character this episode, whether it was doling out mushy love advice to Finn, providing background music for Finchel's boring date, or starting that dreadful group hug with Schue.

    On the other side of the adjoining hotel wall, we were given a welcome interaction with the three former cheerleaders. We're rarely exposed to conversations between Quinn, Santana, & Brittany (unless it's a major catfight) so it was an interesting role reversal to see Quinn on the offensive for once and Santana defending the Glee Club. It also allowed Quinn, a character who usually isn't given the show's funniest lines, to say to the bicurious Santana trying to comfort her, "I'm flattered Santana, but I'm not really into that." Unfortunately this pow-wow led to Quinn's shortened 'do I complained about last week, but regardless of this, it was still a good scene. I'm a little surprised Kurt was absent from this make-over since they're like crack to him but he was off singing a duet with Rachel in a background changing theater.

    The "work date" between Finn and Rachel was stale right from the start – not even a thankless cameo from Patti Lapone could save it (anyone else think she should've been a judge at Nationals?). There was very little doubt that this couple wouldn't be together by the episode's end. I usually enjoy any attempts the show makes to poke fun at itself, but you can't really rag on a genre of film, no matter how tepid it may be (rom coms), when you're succumbing to every pitfall associated with it yourself. And how on Earth could Rachel manage getting so dolled up for her date without any of the other girls questioning her? If they can't address these obvious plotholes, it cancels out the continuity credit I gave them for mentioning Sam's current living situation & Brittany buying a T-shirt for Lord Tubbington (her excitement about attending the musical Cats! was a nice touch too).

    Speaking of our favorite feline-loving female, we got a chance to hear Ms. Pierce shine on not one, but two songs to make up for her exclusion from last year's competition. (Three if you include her original number "My Cup" – if Rachel gave her the rights to "My Headband" they'd have one hell of a mash-up!) I rarely complain about anything related to Brittany, but I didn't all that much care for her talk with Santana at the episode's conclusion. I get that the character is ditzy and her dialogue is supposed to come off stilted, but Heather Morris' delivery sounded eerily similar to that of one of those MTV Teen Moms reading off cue cards.

    I wasn't really sure where to incorporate the songs since there were so many so here's a compiled list.

    1) I Love New York / New York, New York – To me, this mash-up sounded too cluttered and I thought the Glee Clubbers stepped on each other's lines throughout it. Points for showcasing more than three vocalists.
    2) Still Got Tonight – This one was pretty much tarnished due to the context it was played in and Morrison's unending face scrunches. The biggest problem for me, however, was knowing there'd be a single person clapping at the end of it, thus adding another cliché to the pile.
    3) Bella Notte – I felt like Puck was mocking this serenade instead of singing it. The inclusion of Kevin McHale's vocals in any love song automatically makes it too drippy for my tastes. Might've liked it more if Finn cut them off after his first unsuccessful attempt to woo Rachel.
    4) For Good – If there was a time to have Kurt & Rachel perform a Broadway duet, this was the episode to do it in. While it didn't come close to topping "Defying Gravity", it was still one of the better covers of the night and might've pushed the Glee Club to a higher ranking at Nationals had they opted to use this instead of Finchel's underwhelming duet.
    5) Yeah! – I'm not sure how these girls made it to New York because their elocution of the song's first lines had me believing they got hammered the night before.
    6) As Long As You're There – Chest-pounding numbers are Charice's bread and butter, but this predictableness has somewhat lessened my enjoyment of her performances, even if they are expertly sung. I almost have her dramatic hand motions down to a sign language.
    7) Pretending – Finchel's original duet really didn't click for me. We've seen what they're capable of with "Faithfully" and this song felt lacking in comparison. And I agree with Jesse that the kiss at the end was unprofessional (but hey, what can you expect, they're teenagers…at least on the show).
    8) Light Up the World – This definitely fared better than the previous number, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was simply a rewrite of "Loser Like Me". Again though, I appreciated the inclusion of several singers here.

    In the end, New Directions wasn't able to secure a place in the Top Ten but walked away with a close twelfth place finish. I had a feeling something might go awry based on how cocky the team was that they had it in the bag so hopefully next year they'll come back with a little more humility. Life obviously goes on, and I enjoyed the scenes that followed the aftermath of the competition (though I rolled my eyes when the library smooch came around). The biggest development was the newly formed relationship between Mercedes and Sam. I'm all for Ms. Jones landing a boyfriend but I don't know if this particular case of jungle fever will last once the show returns from their Big Gay Summer (yes, that's a Jacob Ben Israel reference for those of you wondering). It might allow Quinn a chance to finally interact with Mercedes again and pull out someone else's weave other than Santana's, and I'm all for reestablishing disregarded character dynamics.

    Episode Highlights:

    Santana's Voodoo Doll – After verbally abusing Rachel & Finn in another language for costing the team Nationals, Santana took the next logical step with her grief and constructed a miniature version of Rachel to torture. I only wish we were given a bigger close-up of the doll to see if she had on a cardigan similar to something Rachel would wear.

    April's Billboard – Another artsy touch to this episode, April's blink-and-you'll-miss-it advertisement for her Broadway show "Crossroads" was a subtle but awesome bit. The show would be wise to continue incorporating these understated gags to help make up for the banalities in storylines.

    The Top Ten List - A couple of the show choirs that placed at Nationals managed to match the level of entendre "Nude Erections" offers. "Twelve Steps" & "Teenage Scream" were probably my favorites with a special mention going to "Jefferson City Airplane".

    Emma's Silent Presence - No, I'm not implying I like her better as a mute! I'm simply saying the scene where she and Will admired the Glee Club's Congratulatory Banner was another nice and inconspicuous moment.

    That's all she wrote (but not quite)! While Glee's second season is now over with, I told myself I'd write 10 consecutive reviews of the show and seeing as I only have 9 done, I might post a Season Review on the forums and my blog. The idea of recapping an entire season sounds like a pretty big behemoth to take on, but I wouldn't really be fulfilling my promise if I crapped out with one left to go...I'd be letting down my tens of readers after all. Stay tuned!
  • Nationals comes and goes.

    For an event as big as Nationals, you would expect there to be a greater focus on it. But nope, we get a lot of relationship type stuff, which for many will likely be fun and exciting to watch, but for me, it made me wonder why there was so much hoopla surrounding Nationals. For such a big thing, it was delegated to the final ten minutes, and the original songs that the club sings are just weak and definitely derivative of a billion other songs I've heard on the radio.

    That's not to say that the finale wasn't ambitious. Ryan Murphy tries pretty hard to cover as much as he can in the allotted time, but if the show perhaps spent less time focusing on pointless plots and dragging its feet around with Rachel/Finn/Quinn/Sam/everybody else love triangles, squares and pentagons, then there might've been some time to flesh out some of these plots.

    I really enjoyed seeing Rachel and Finn reconnect though, regardless of my complaints, and that song that Puck and the rest of the guys sing while Rachel and Finn go on their date was great, as was Rachel's eye-opening experience with Kurt on the Broadway stage. Even if it seems a bit selfish, the way Rachel proclaims her love to be the stage is a nice moment. Also, there's that epic kiss between Finn and Rachel after the first song that likely ruined their shot at winning.

    However, after all that build-up, we get a lackluster Nationals performance, the group doesn't place in the Top Ten, they go home and things go back to normal, but with a twist. You see, it appears Sam and Mercedes, for some odd reason, are together, Rachel and Finn decide to be together and oh yeah, Quinn got a haircut. I don't know, it just doesn't have that same emotional wallop that the first season finale had. I liked the episode, but not nearly as much as I should've.
  • Good episode. Just not all it could have been.

    Starting off with weird plot issues. They went to NATIONALS with no set list. No choreography. No songs written. At all. And we wonder why they lost. Though you couldn't tell it from the performance, it was pretty normal.

    Honestly, the original songs, both at Regionals and Nationals haven't really thrilled me. THe songs are good, but they aren't THAT meaningful. Two of them were Finchel cheese/angst and the other two were pop and fun but ultimately not spectacular.

    I'm glad the singing is a tiny bit more spread out, Santana singing the first verse and Artie and Brittany and Mercedes chiming in lines but I'm so sick of Finn and Rachel, I just want them to go away. I'm almost glad ND lost, just so there's an excuse not to let them sing the duet next time. It worked in first season, but its tired this season. Though I wonder if losing this yeah really means that they'll have to win next year. No way they'll all leave Glee never having won Nationals.

    Sunshine's song... did it remind anybody else of 'Get it right?'. Every aspect of it seemed Regionals/Rachel all over again. The Finchel kiss was... interesting. I knew it was coming so I mainly just wanted to get on with it, but it was nice camera work and pretty angles and lights. I guess after Finn saying there was no fireworks kissing Rachel, they had something to make up for.

    Other other school, that sang "Yeah" was fun, its interesting seeing the different ways the school perform and at Nationals, obviously its a higher standard.

    Okay, the New York aspects of the show. It certainly was a ringing endorsement for the city. Having never been there or wanted to be a Broadway show, it doesn't hold the same excitement for me, but the episode did capture the feeling.

    I don't get the Will thing though. Wasn't he planning on coming back in time for school anyway? Like, a summer thing, then go from there maybe? So... he gave all that up because he got to sing on a Broadway stage and that was good enough? The Finchel date was sweet, if your a Finchel fan. The boys singing behind them was lovely though I'm not sure if it was real. I know Ryan Murphy has his 'either its real or in the imagination but no musical numbers for no reason' thing but neither Finn or Rachel gave any indication that they saw them or cared, even as they almost kissed and then Rachel walked away.

    Now, other people who AREN'T Finn and Rachel. THere were lots of special moments.
    -Puck hugging Mr Shue. That was adorable from our resident badass with a deadbeat dad.
    -Samcades, we all knew it was coming after Prom Queen, lets see if its still together in ....oh God, four months.
    -Santana screaming at Rachel in spanish about Lima heights Adjacent.
    -The unholy trinity (Quinn, Santana and Brittany) bonding. As a Quinn moment, i'd consider it a step forward. We haven't seen much friendship between these guys in a real long time, though most assume they were a trio for pretty much forever before everything happened, just as most assume Santana and Brittany have been best friends for life. I loved that Quinn though Santana (or maybe Santana and Brittany) were propositioning her and her response 'I'm flattered but I don't really think I go for that," that came so naturally. I did think she went from screaming to crying in like a millisecond
    -When Rachel went into the bathroom looking for Sunshine, she heard throwing up and called 'Santana?'
    -Santana and Brit's resolution that has taken them back to their status quo. Pinkies firmly re-linked, I'd love to see them back to constant two-shots the way first season was. Yes, I'm disappointed they aren't together, incredibly so, that they didn't kiss or resolve "with a bang" like was promised. They must have had the most 'I love you' declarations out of everyone.
    -Kurt and Blaine exchanging 'i love you's' for the first time. Blaine is a sweetie, and I liked that Kurt said it back.
    -Kurt and Rachel's friendship. It's nice.
    -The girl's pillow fight (cliche but funny) and the juxtaposition between the bromance bonding in the guys room and the girls.
    -The Vocal Adrenaline coach. He's awesome. Evil, but in the Sue Sylvester way. That's all the bits I can think of.
    Overall, yeah it was good. Like promised, no huge cliffhangers. Now we just have a LONG wait until next season but I'm looking forward to it and seeing what happens!
  • Glee hits NYC! It was definately not a bad episode- and was even a very good one. Here's 10 things that I did not like and 10 that I did:

    10 things that irritated me: 1. Bella Notte- they clearly weren't needed there, and this was not a necessary number. I'd rather just have the Rachel & Finn scene without the music. 2. The pillow fight- are the girls really that immature to ruin hotel pillows like that? 3. Quinn's haircut- no- the haircut itself is okay, but for making a scene of it, nobody noticed in the end. They made it seem important, but it turned out as being a forgotten point. 4. Will's 'big broadway solo'- meh. He sang it well, but, um... 5. Lack of groups in Nationals. You only saw one random team other than VA and ND perform. 6. The kiss- awkward silence and spinny camera motions do not suit you, Rachel Berry! WAAAAY too long! 7. The New Directions' performance seemed to be a flashback to the song styles from 'Original Song' (Get it Right & Loser Like Me). 8. Wemma- I am not a Wemma fan, but she was only there with Will for a second. I feel bad for those who felt a little cheated by this. 9. Samcedes- No. They are both nice people, but I am not a fan. 10. Winner of Nationals- You never found out- (or did we?) Well 12th place is not bad. >:( *Bonus* 11. That STUPID Chevy commercial with the cast. 10 Things that I liked: 1. Santana- she was great in this episode. Right on her (present) character. IDK but she was great to me. 2. Brittany- yes, she's definately getting smarter each episode. Loved her solos... 3. The 'cup' song- FUNNY! Clearly a Brittany production 4. Rachel & Kurt's Wicked set- now if only you could get them to sing 'Defying Gravity' there! 5. Quinn's inability to stay visibly angry for a long period of time. 6. The black dresses- better than the blue ones from 'Original Song' 7. Their New York song (the mash up which I forget the name of)- Excluding the corny intro from Finn and the random shot back to Santana in Central Park next to the officer, I really liked it. 8. No Dying, death, or lovely, but slightly disturbing Willy Wonka performances. Also, no words written on a whiteboard (lesson of the week). 9. Finchel reunion- I did NOT like the kiss, but I'm happy they're back together. 10. Setting- NYC, baby! Wasn't this point made every 37 seconds?!!! :D
  • I love New York(New York, New York)

    You know i just love that song. It was amazing and fun and had me bopping along with them as they were performing it.

    I am not going to do a step by step review of everyone like i usually do but i have to say that Kurt and Blaine make the cutest couple and it's great that they are together. Fox really is doing great things for the LGBT community with the storyline, i thnk.

    The only thing i did not like:

    Quinn's haircut....She is a pretty girl but i like her better with longer hair and seriously there was no need for the haircut. Like Santana suggests it and the next scene she has it and there is no more mention of it.

    Honestly, are Rachel & Finn the stars of the show because they always get solos.

    Guy wise Vocally:
    Kurt(Kurt isn't a bad singer but his voice is to broadway to me but i love his solos)

    Rachel too has a broadway voice to me and Mercedes is to soul for me to see her

    But Santana has a beautiful voice and Tina needs to be showcased more as well.

    I just hate how it seems to revolved around Rachel like 90% of the time.

    Great and fun episode!!! Is Jane Lynch leaving Glee?