Season 3 Episode 14

On My Way

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

Sebastian threatens to post an embarrassing photo of Finn on the internet unless Rachel drops out of sectionals. At the next Glee club meeting they resolve to get Sebastian disqualified from the competition, but Finn gets angry at Rachel when she says she'll perform no matter what.

Somehow Sue manages to get knocked up, and Quinn is the first person she tells, though she won't reveal details of who the father is. Quinn gives the coach tips on dealing with morning sickness and asks to rejoin the Cheerios. Sue turns her down flat.

While Darren rehearses a song for sectionals ("Cough Syrup" by the Jakes), Karofsky walks into his locker room and sees the word "Fag" spray-painted on it. The guys in the locker room give him threatening looks, and he goes home and attempts suicide.

Luckily his father finds him in time and gets him to the hospital. In the aftermath of the scary incident, teachers and students discuss how easily the reputation of young people can be ruined online. Kurt's so distraught he joins Quinn's Christian club meeting. He feels responsible because he didn't answer any of David's calls, so Mercedes invites him to the hospital.

This turn of events proves Rachel and Finn's relationship is rock solid. Finn promises Rachel that no matter what happens, he'd never harm himself, and he's more resolved to win sectionals even if the photos are all over the internet. Overcome, Rachel says she wants to get married this coming Saturday, after they win sectionals.

Santana and Kurt meet with Sebastian, who has called them to a meeting to tell them he's pulling the punches now that he's heard about Karofsky. It's all fun and games until it's not, he says, as he remembers cruelly telling Karofsky to just stay in the closet. Furthermore, he and Warblers are dedicating the performance to Lady Gaga's Born This Way foundation.

Schue gathers the Gleeks in the rehearsal room to bare witness to Rory's first taste of peanut butter. The point is, there's always something to look forward to. He reveals the moment in his high school life when he wanted to end it all to stop the pain of being a teenager.

At sectionals, the Warblers lead with "Stand" by Rascal Flatts. Finn leads the crowd in standing during the performance, because life's too short. Sebastian and choir follow up with "I'm Glad You Came" by The Wanted.

Next up, the Golden Goblets from Our Lady of Perpetual High School, who sing beautifully. In show choir circle, Rachel announces that she and Finn plan to wed after the competition. They want everyone to come.

Onstage, Rachel kicks off with the Rihanna part on "Fly," and Artie joins in. Santana and Blaine carry Nicki Minaj's the rapping parts. The whole performance is remarkably polished and sophisticated. For their encore, Santana takes "Stronger," by Kelly Clarkson. Even Sue looks on with pride. They even get to do a third song, Halestorm's "Here's to Us," with Rachel taking center stage.

A man dressed as Count Dracula announces the winner, and New Directions wins! Afterwards, Sue calls Quinn into her office. She admits she always admired her, for all the ways she's not like Sue, in fact. She gives her Cheerios uniform back and Quinn vows to win them a championship. She runs into Rachel in the hall and says she wants to come to the wedding if it's not too late.

Kurt goes to the hospital to visit David and tells him he's really happy he's alive. He promises to help him through it, and starts by visualizing how awesome his life can be in the future.

Sue shows up at Rachel and Finn's wedding and tells Schue that she's both pregnant and wants to help New Directions win nationals, no catches. She suspects it's the hormones that have caused the change of heart.

Rachel's and Finn's parents and devise a plot to stop the marriage, beginning with voicing objections at the ceremony and ending with kidnapping Rachel and driving her straight to Broadway. Rachel shows up pretty in her gown and Finn escorts her into the ceremony. Quinn texts to say she's on her way, she just has to pick up her dress at home.

While "Going to the Chapel" plays in background, the group wait for Quinn. It's getting late and Finn says it's now or never, so Rachel texts Quinn to let her know. As Quinn texts back, we hear a truck honking and see Quinn's car window get smashed.