Season 3 Episode 14

On My Way

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • On My Way

    the night this episode aired i downloaded it on itunes real quick! it was an excellent episode i loved it ... i loved the music the kids did for sectionals.. "Here's To Us " is one of my favorite songs i was soo happy when Rachel nailed it and did an awesome job with it great song. now to the issue at hand texting while driving is a BIG problem for us Ny people i guess its a big problem all over the country i'm extremely proud of Glee for addressing this issue not only this is a real life problem this episode is a part of Oprah's don't text and drive campaign so that should be something to be proud about

    okay honestly the best part of the whole episode for me was when Dave was dealing with his issues about coming out it was beautifully acted by the actor who plays him i loved the hospital scenes just beautifully crafted and put together. just an amazing tuesday night for Glee fans :)
  • Really good...

    I liked this ep alot, but for me I find it hard to overlook the Finchell upcoming wedding, so I enjoyed the ep much less than I could have. I am so annoyed at these two kids getting married, and alot of it has to do with the fact that Finn is a mess. He's spent the last 2 yrs jumping back and forth between Quinn and Rachel, I find it hard to believe he won't cheat on her. Not to mention, they're so young, and shes so ambitious and hes so....not. Why can't they just wait? All they've made it look like is that Finn has nothing going for him aside from marrying Rachel, so lets let that happen so it seems like this character has some sort of purpose and direction in his life *insert eye roll*. I find the only thing I'd find appealing abt them married is that Kurt and Rachel will be family which is cute.

    But aside from all that annoyance at these two stupid children throwing away their lives like that, I enjoyed this episode so much! And at last that jerk guy got a clue and stopped trying to trick/blackmail/undermine his way into getting rid of New Directions. I've been wanting someone to slap the smirk off his face, but he's wised up, so thats something...I can do however with NEVER seeing him again.
  • ssalunkhe

    "On My Way" such a nice episode I've ever seen yet. In fact it was a shocking scene when Quinn's car colloids with another Car while she's looking @ her phone. I don't think she will be live until the next episode but still hoping that we'll be able to see her in Finale of Glee season 3.
  • woaaaah

    that was in my opinion the most amazing glee episode this whole season

    i mean a lot that emotion and the way it ended i mean it was epic i can't wait for the next one
  • Wow!!

    So, i absolutely loved this episode! I've always loved the show, but i'm not exactly a hardcore "Gleek." However, this episode may have changed that! If i had to pick just one or two little things i had a problem with, it would be 1) The musical numbers at regionals. I like Glee's music, but these weren't exactly spectacular and sometimes the performances sound like generic disney pop. 2) Some of the dialog sounded too much like a PSA. I absolutely get what they were trying to do and i applaud that. But some of the conversation about suicide and depression sounded forced and unnatural, like they were reading a PSA script. All that being said, this is probably my favorite episode so far. Max Adler (Dave) was superb! His acting was perfect and his scenes were heartbreaking. And the scene with him and Kurt in the hospital should win them both an award. Props to Glee for taking on that subject matter and handling it so well!
  • Glee 2/21

    I'm not a Gleek, but I thought this show was great!!!
  • A Incredible Winter Finale!

    This episode was wonderful and it really made me realize once again why I love this show!

    Everyone was amazing to watch it was so great seeing all of the New Directions kids together again, also it was nice to see Will act like a teacher and not a best friend.

    Karofsky's story line was totally great, it tugged at my heart strings and I loved it, his and Kurt's interaction was amazing!

    It was also nice to see New Directions regroup and talk about what happened to Karofsky in a honest and realistic way.

    The songs were of course great, Blaine's solo was especially amazing!

    The ending was the pure definition of a Cliffhanger, it was exciting and totally shocking!

    I cannot wait 4 April 10th 2 find out what happens!
  • Wouah!

    That was really well done for the winter finale!

    First the background stories were really full of emotions and take a huge place of the episode. I think it was a good thing because it's the third "regional episode" and they've done something completely different. The messages were really strong in this episode: first the bullying and homosexuality story which is kind of one of the main part of the show, then the texting and driving story...

    What I like in this episode:

    - The Parents team (Finn's and Rachel's) scheming to end the wedding, that was kind of funny because they were so desperate that they create crazy stories. It was important in this episode to have something lighter.

    - the Karovski story which was emotional and really well presented through Blaine song.

    - The ending becuse i never expected such an end to a Glee episode!

    - the songs were nice (but not the best of the season) and let all the space for the story.

    What I didn't like

    - the ending just because we have to wait untill April, are you kiding, I'm going to become insane!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT that long!!!!

    - Sebastian changing his mind even if it is really understandable because it is possible that he's been through bullying too. But he could be nice in front of everybody and then play dirty a little bit.

    - Sue was funny as usual but if she is really pregnant it will be the end of everything! she can't change!

    In conclusion that was a really great episode.

  • educating the viewers....

    I think it is good that Glee chose to tackle the sensitive issue of teenage suicide. Growing up, finding your space in this world, is difficult enough without people putting down those who are different. I think one should not be punished for being different. We don't have to approve it but we don't have to be violent against it. We are all people, we all have our rights and I hope we learn to respect each other enough to live peacefully with one other.