Season 2 Episode 16

Original Song

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on FOX

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  • I've got a question

    How do u play it
  • To put it succinctly, Hell to the Yes!

    Time for Regionals! The competition that put an end to New Directions journey last year has returned, and this time the Glee Club's "changing their weave, [with some original songs] up their sleeve." (Disclaimer: This review is all over the place, so I took the liberty of adding interjections to help keep it from being completely disjointed)

    The episode opened with the Warblers singing "Misery" which seemed to mirror Kurt's current state of mind. He was the viewers' voice and right on the nose when he labeled the club as "Blaine and the Pips." The group showcases one person's vocals while the rest "doo-whop" in the background.


    Rachel was hard at work with her songwriting. "Only Child" may not have been as ludicrously awesome as "My Headband" but it still put a grin on my face. Finn, her audience of one, suggested "The only Berry on my family tree" might not be competition ready and thought she needed to dig a little deeper.

    We finally got to see Quinn clarify her actions as of late. At first, her explanation for being with Finn was rather absurd. She's determined to become Prom Queen because it apparently sets you up for life. She tell us she's a "relatively sane girl" and follows this statement with "Prom queens, on average, live 5 years longer than most girls - probably because they smile more." It did give her some motive (albeit a ridiculous one) to have it out for Rachel, but it wasn't until later that her meddling made a little more sense.

    On a side note, what was up with the headwear this episode? Between Quinn's backwards hat and Brittany's fedora, I couldn't help but think they have a surplus of caps on set and the wardrobe people decided this was the episode to use them all in. And while I'm on the topic of costumes, the boots that New Directions wore to Regionals were distracting to say the least. And not in a good way.

    But back to Dalton Academy...

    I'm starting to find the Warblers meetings more and more unnecessary. Hearing them talk about their matching ties and piping or listening to them worship Blaine is unbelievably grating. The only saving grace was Kurt singing "Blackbird" to honor Pavarotti's passing. I didn't understand why the group ruled out the idea of a duet at Regionals, and then proceeded to elect Kurt unanimously as Blaine's singing partner. Let's just accept this and move on so I don't have to hear that damn gavel again.

    Switching now to New Directions...

    The cease and desist letter Will received from My Chemical Romance and Sue bluntly admitting to her role behind it was great. It eventually allowed to her declare "World War Sue" - I have to give credit to the writers who continue to fuel the jokes behind this hilarious character. Having her simply toss sticks at Mercedes was another highlight.

    The original songs were a great way to incorporate secondary characters in the Glee Club and a lot of them were better than expected. The numbers spanned several different genres, starting with Santana's jazz lounge "Trouty Mouth" (an ode to Sam), then Puck's rollicking "Big Ass…Heart" (wrote for his girl Lauren) followed by Mercedes poppy "Hell to the No." I have to admit, the last one was probably my favorite, largely because there was a reference to Mercedes' bizarre plotline of keeping tater tots in the school cafeteria.

    The kiss between Kurt and Blaine took place between these numbers and while I have to say I saw it from a mile away it was still a sweet moment. I'm sure there are hundreds of "Blurt" fans out there so I won't dwell very long on ham-fisted dialogue that led up to it – but, seriously, did anyone involuntarily laugh at the line "You move me, Kurt" too?

    On to the drama...

    Quinn revealed to a suspicious Rachel that she and Finn were, in fact, together. I thought her reasoning behind being with Finn in this scene was a lot more logical than her initial one and, to me, it actually humanized her a bit. In her own begrudging way, Quinn told Rachel she was destined for better things outside Lima, Ohio - unlike herself and Finn. Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle were very good here and I thought their character's interaction was a believable catalyst for Rachel to finally write a song with emotion in it.

    Now the competition...

    Aural Intensity's "Jesus Is A Friend of Mine" was pretty entertaining, with Cross and Star of David formations thrown in for good measure. Blurt's duet of "Candles" was nice, if not a little schmaltzy, but it segued into Blaine taking lead on P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" (Hasn't this song haunted my radio long enough?). I figured "Get It Right" would be Rachel's obligatory overwrought performance but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There was a restraint that's usually absent in Rachel's solos and I think it won me over. Also, because the song was tailored for an actual character in the show, it obviously had a strong connection that sometimes isn't apparent in the covers. That being said, I thought the transition into the upbeat "Loser Like Me" was a bit jarring, but you couldn't help but cheer when the confetti filled Slushies doused the crowd. Kudos to the editors who showed Sue at the line "All of the dirt you've been throwing my way"

    The celebrity judges this time consisted of a tea party candidate/homeschooler/twitter poster, an exotic dancer-turned nun, and TV anchor & Sue's former flame Rod Remington. I have to say, I found previous judges a lot funnier (Kathy Griffin is a much better actress in real life than she is on television) but you can always rely of Rod and his distorted voice of reason as a winning source of comedy.

    And the results...

    Some drunk lieutenant's wife announced that New Directions had won, meaning they'd be going on to Nationals. There wasn't much suspense to the proceedings since we know there'll be several episodes left but it was still rewarding to see the club triumph. I can only imagine what would've been had they lost - Schue would probably be a wreck and turn to alcohol, Brittany would be Brittany, and Rachel would retun to belting "My Headband" into her hairbrush. Would've made for some great television…alas we'll never know.

    The ending of the show was rather anticlimactic but I'm glad Rachel is back in the club's good graces (at least for now). The first half of this season seemed determined to make her unlikeable but I thought some of the iciness melted away when she tearfully thanked her fellow Glee Clubbers for honoring her.

    Episode Highlights:

    Rachel & Santana's Interplay during "Loser Like Me" – Maybe it was simply for the performance, but hearing Rachel say "You may think that I'm a freak show" and Santana respond with "I don't care" was a nice moment for a pair that's usually at each another's throat. The "working on a pole" comment almost guarantees these two will never be BFF's but if they can at least get along during song, it's a start.

    Sue's Reaction to the Results – Never one to lose graciously, Sue decided to express her frustrations physically at the expense of someone who's probably taken a blow to the face before. Fingers crossed we get to see her mug shot when the show comes back in April.

    Pavarotti's Funeral Scene – Sure, this bird had "plot device" written all over him from the start but the conversation between Kurt and Blaine at his memorial service was probably one of the most honest ones they've had together (and I only laughed at the Gap line, which was intended to be funny)

    The MVP Trophy – I like the idea of the Glee Club honoring its members after their competitions. While Rachel deservedly won the award this time (did she say "brass ring" or "breast ring" during her acceptance speech?), I think it'll be a good way to include other characters in future episodes. Perhaps Tina will finally get to speak instead of nodding in approval or playing the piano.

    And with that, I'm officially done reviewing for a couple weeks. The preview showed a lot of familiar faces (Holly, Sandy, Terri, Sunshine) so I think it'll be an enjoyable rest of the season. Until then, Imma go eat my Wheaties, so I don't come down with diabetes.
  • Loved it!

    This was a really good episode. It had featured a lot of good performances by the talented cast members. The episode was both funny and emotional as well. I really liked the fact that for once, Rachel was recognized as an important member and was given that award which she deserved. I also thought that todays episode's highlight character was Rachel and how she comes to terms with her making the wrong choices and mistakes. Another scene was that of Quinn, which led me to believe that there was a whole other side of her under that mask of ferociousness. The Kurt storyline was sweet but I don't really have much thoughts on that because to me, it felt as though it was expected. I'm more eager on the Santana-Brittany storyline. This episode could've featured more of Sue Sylvester and Emma Pilsbury was missed. Overall, a really great episode in my opinion.
  • Loved it! I was so happy that Kurt and Blane kissed! So rare to see on TV!

    Great episode. The original songs for the Regionals were perfect. And for me the kiss was the highest point of the episode. I was clapping and screaming by myself. It was so corageous. I wonder when something like that will be allowed in Brazil! And I cried with Rachel's speech in the end. So sweet and so true! She is anoying but I relat with her sadness and loneliness. all she feels and fears is so true when you are a tenager. And those feelings really never go away. I kinda wish that Rachel and Finn came back together but one thing that Mercedes said is true: divas are lonely people!
  • Finally! Kurt & Blain kissed and are in LOVE! And the Songs were just great! Best episode ever!

    Finally! Kurt & Blain kissed and are in LOVE! And the Songs were just great! Best episode ever! Just love the regionals and also the whole story! Rachel & Finn and all other members are just great! Now the GLEE Club is populare again and should get more member! LOVE THE SHOW!!! Sue once again lost and her last act at the regionals is just superb!!! Love SUE. Glee once more showed that a feel good series is not that bad. Since Glee is on air. I just love to watch and feel much better in my live than with others. Hope this was not the highest point of the show and the writers are going to grow out of this and make it sensationell for everybody! Go on and make us all happy!
  • One of the best episodes

    base on the reviews this episode is now the top episode reviewed about Glee.First of all Kurt gets upset about the loss of his pet bird and meanwhile I can't believe that hot crazy bi#ch Quinn is trying to hurt Rachel. Meanwhile to think Blaine and Kurt kissed weird but who are we to judge who finallys in love. I really love that Song Rachel and the Gleeks sing Loser like me that was really awesome and it sucks that Kurt and Blaine and the Warblers lost to the New Directions cuz I wanted the Warblers and New Directions to face off in Nationals and Rachel wins an MVP and who knows what goes on next
  • New Directions take on regionals with an original mix.

    Ok. Good show. Regionals had the spirit of pulling together and knocking one out that season one built up to all last year. I was nervous about the original songs, but they were pretty good. The back and forths of Sue's having a soul or bulldozing the glee club and also Finn swapping out his moon eyes between Quinn and Rachel each episode is making me a little dizzy. It's like the writers are torn between character growth and sticking to what works. And I get it. If Sue grows a heart, who's your villain? If Finn finally picks one, he gets boring. And all I have to say is good luck with that, Mr. Murphy. (And Mr. Falchuk and Mr. Brennan) I'll keep watching while you figure that out.

    I liked seeing Mercedes step up in this episode. I forgot I missed her. Lauren Zizes was such a force, I realized I'd gone a couple weeks now without my plea for a Mercedes storyline. And thank you for giving Rachel Berry back the spotlight and even more for humbling her. Those are a set of pipes and all the more enjoyable when you can empathize with her character. Some laugh out loud moments as well: Brittany always has a line. Love the one about the dirt in her locker. Did anyone else catch Sam's "Hell no" sign to Santana's suggestion for Trout Lips Remix or whatever fish name that song had? Hilarious.

    Kurt and Blaine's long awaited first kiss was perfect. I almost threw up a fist pump for Kurt, but I remembered that I'm 30, somewhat mature, and not covered in a fake orange tan so I settled on rewinding my Tivo.

    Yay for the return of Gwenyth. Am I the only one who wants to see Jessie St. James again?
  • Original Song...

    This week's episode of Glee "Original Song" may have been more aptly titled "Unbelievable Marathon of Songs". Literally from the get go that familiar sound of questionable song choice lets you know what you've stumbled into, that is, to some extent. Moving ever so slightly off the beaten path of season two's week in week out of meaningless melodies that consist of some amalgamation of that month's top 40, Glee has finally traversed that last step to having to pay less royalties - the original song. I will say nothing more on the subject than where on earth have you been keeping this Glee? (A.K.A it was fantastic!)

    As for the substantive parts of the episode, namely the drama that seldom makes it to the screen in between renditions of things I could care less about, I really don't know what to say. If Ryan Murphy finds another way to shift how these characters act following this episode he deserves a nobel prize of some kind. Quinn has fallen from the independent and strong girl that she has spent every episode since the pilot becoming, back to a petty, materialistic and thoroughly unlikable person. Santana and Brittany's touching moments last week have been blown over for the sake one cheap laugh about Sam's lips and Rachael has suddenly given up on her fight for Finn, which has loosely been the basis of everything that her character has ever done.

    The only redemption for the parts of the episode you can't download as an MP3 on iTunes was Kurt and Blaine finally locking lips, however, even that was short lived. Enter: unbelievably unnecessary righter-than-right Republican judge of regionals simply to blur the message that the writers at Glee want to send. Having the overwhelming influence that Glee does over susceptible young minds worldwide, I would imagine that the writers might take the responsibility and opportunity they have somewhat seriously. However, having two well liked characters finally commit to an openly gay relationship and then ten minutes later say "it is not a legitimate lifestyle" is just too much wire crossing for me.

    If this were high-brow drama I'd expect the audience to be capable of discerning the seriousness from the satire, but given the average viewer is likely to be callow, I just don't know what it is that they were going for when they put pen to page on "Original Song".
  • Glee does original songs for the first time

    The use of original songs in Glee seems to have somewhat reinvigorated the cast and crew. While it wasn't necessarily the best episode (or even the best competition episode.. in fact, it was lacking a lot in that respect) but it certainly had a lot of developments on the relationship front and allowed us to watch characters interact with each other in a more believable way than the have in a long time.

    The focus of the episode is mainly on Regionals and follows both Kurt/Blaine in the Warblers as they try to figure out a new song to do and also New Directions as they are forced to write original songs for Regionals. I thought the writers did a great job of creating songs (at first) that didn't pander to the top 40 crowd. Having Santana sing a sexy bluesy song about Sam's mouth (hilarious), Puck sing about Lauren again, a song called Big Ass.... Heart, and Mercedes singing a Motown sounding "Hell to the No" was a great way to show us how the songs the show produces can be fun ones that don't necessarily need to be top 40 to sound great. Of course, once we get to the contest, the songs are much more radio-worthy. But song-choice aside, it all felt good.

    We also found a hook-up that many people have been waiting for for awhile: Kurt and Blaine. Even if there were some of you wanting Kurt and Blaine and the Warblers to win, in the words of Blaine, at least they won in a certain way: they won each other. It was a nice plot, and the death of the Warbler's canary was a nice way to bring them together. Plus, the cover of "Blackbird" was very subtle yet amazing at the same time.

    I also like the tension growing between Quinn and Rachel. Usually, I cringe whenever the show brings up certain boy/girl feuds over other boys/girls, but I thought the writing was just good enough today to warrant a little mini-feud between Quinn and Rachel over Finn. However, I still think this Santana/Brittney thing is pointless.

    But the episode was a nice step up from last week's (and I have to mention a highlight: Britney claiming her favorite song is My Headband. Hilarious.)
  • REGIONALS, baby! *spoilers*

    Regionals has come and New Directions faces off with the Warblers and Sue's Aural Intensity.
    Warblers- It was sad that Pavorrati died, but Kurt sang the song in his mourning very well. I was glad that he told Blaine how he felt- that they're Blaine and the Pips instead of the Warblers. And that KISS- (actually kisses) were sort of unexpected, but not really. So sweet. They're songs were great. I liked how they did a heart number, Candles, and that Kurt got to sing lead with Blaine. (Where did those candles come from?) Raise Your Glass was also good- it was fun and jumpy, like they usually do.

    Aural Intensity- Jesus loves me? Really? And that ending- a Star of David? (another) Really?! Did Sue think that she was going to win with that? (Well yes, she probably did.)

    New Directions- Continuing the composing of bad original songs from the Blame It episode (BTW so funny that "My Headband" is Brittany's favorite song:
    -Santana's song- The superoffensive tribute to Sam's disproportionatly large mouth was just that. Felt bad for him (Plus, he's disappeared into the background since he broke up with Quinn).
    -Puck's song- Big Ass heart was good but not great.
    -Mercedes's song- Hell to the No was also good, but as Will put it, not Regionals material. Why can't they write something that is neither offensive nor vulgar???

    Rachel-Finn-Quinn triangle- (Dear Quinn, You're awesome, but lately, meaning this whole season, you've been a scary psycho. And a bit bipolar. Apology needed.) Quinn's plan to get Finn back & win prom king & queen by pretending to be friends with Rachel was really evil. What she said to her in the auditorium was just mean.

    The fight did, though, inspire Rachel to compose "Get it Right" with streaming tears. The song was beautifully done. Loser Like Me was great, and perfect for the group because it was all original and 100% truth. Loved Sue's face when they said the dirt line, and Kurt's passing out of the #1 foam fingers to his fellow Warblers.

    It happened finally- ND won sectionals. They did deserve it with the songs that were presented. (I still feel like last year's Regionals was muuuuuuuch better, even though they lost. Rachel's heartfelt speech when she got the trophy later on was sweet and sad. Funny that the vote was unanimous, especially because almost everyone voted for themselves in the Duets competition. Sue should be arrested for assault for punching the drunk announcer.

    Off to Nationals!!!
  • Wow!!! Did NOT see that coming (spoilers)

    WHOA!! Ok so there were a lot of strong points in this episode, and a couple of low points but they were very minor.
    As for the low points:
    1. The Warblers broke out into song and dance 2 seconds into the show. Literally 2 seconds into the show. 2. Pavarotti died. Yea, I didn't really care about that, but Kurt's rendition of Blackbird was absolutely stunning and almost brought me to tears.
    3. The joke at then end of regionals before announcing the winner. It had no place in the show. I could've lived without that
    4. Not really a low point, but a minor rant. Am i the only one who's getting sick of Finn and his back and forth feelings for Rachel and Quinn?? Yea, i didn't think so.
    As for the strong points:
    1. Of course i have to mention KURT AND BLAINE'S KISS!! I did NOT see that coming. Finally!! I've been waiting for this since Kurt transferred to Dalton. And man, it was full of passion and emotion and I'm so happy for them!! I hope the writers don't screw this up.
    2. Rachel's solo at Regionals. It was jaw-dropping. Flawless. You get the point.
    3. Santana's original song. I did not know how funny you could make a song about Sam's guppy face. Ha.
    4. The slushies at the end of regionals. They weren't really slushies but i thought it was super cute the way they integrated that into the song.
    5. Kurt and Blaine's developing relationship as a whole. I believe the dynamics between those two have shifted for the better and it was very interesting to watch their friendship develop into an actual relationship. Kurt deserves it. (I'm a HUGE Kurt fan if you haven't noticed).

    Overall, a great episode and i can watch it over and over again. A must see.
  • Oh My God, Hell to the Good

    O M G, this is the episode that I had been waiting for for the entire Season 2. Season 2 had been mostly disappointing with too many 'feel good, teach you to be good' themes to make it enjoyable. This episode brings out a lot of things that I had been waiting for. Original songs being one (but we'll get to that later).
    This episode starts with Rachel singing another disastrous original song about first child which leads to a series of even and eventually bring out the pain that Rachel had been feeling via the loss of Finn. Her over optimism was nicely summed up by a humbling talk between her and Quinn. That eventually leads to the first Original Song.
    Another storyline focused on Blaine and Kurt (omg finally) and listening to Blaine & Kurt performing a non top 40 song is awesome and so touching (look at Puck's expression during the performance, it looks like he was about to cry)

    The storyline also showcase some other Original songs. Santana's performance was hilarious, Puck's performance was just inappropriate as always, Mercedes performance was just so 'her' with the diva attitude. All in all, most of the songs were enjoyable.

    Not much of Tina / Mike / Brittany, but the locker moment of Brittany and Santana was quite touching (before it turned dirty). I find it weirdly touching that Santana was going on about performing a 'HETEROSEXUAL' song for Sam while she couldn't focus with Brittany staring at her.

    With her heart completely shattered, Rachel performed a song she wrote (I do not know how many times I have listened and relistend to the song)... oh lord it was a touching song. She sang with her heart and with a lot of emotion. Finn seemed to be indecisive again upon her performance (gosh, that was frustrating and his little schoolboy look is getting old). I wish they will bring in a new love interest for Rachel, she totally deserves it. They then proceed to perform another song specially dedicated to Sue.. ah hilarious. I personally found that song would be better performed by Santana and Brittany and Mike could break more dance move, but oh well, I a satisfied enough with the deliverance. (well, the dresses the girls wore was awful but who is focusing on that now?).

    I am really glad that they showed some character growth in Rachel this episode and finally making her less annoying. After an entire season of really bad breaks, she deserved the limelight shone on her.

    Oh last note I am a HUGE fan of Kathy Griffin and love her Sarah Palin look-a-like.

    Oh another last note, notice there is barely any continuity from the previous episode? Warblers and Aural Intensity (as per Sue) were supposed to be more 'sexy' and their performance was anything but.. also what happened to Vocal Adrenalin (aka Jessie St James (ok he graduated) and Sunshine Corazon?)
  • Mucho music!

    Usually when an episode of Glee is low on comedy people complain. This episode does not deserve that. There wasn't a Gleeful amount of jokes, but the episode did pack a punch in those few jokes that were there. Overall the episode was more on the heavy side with the relationship issues of Kurt-Blane and Rachel-Finn-Quinn. But that was done well and did not in any way overpower the whole episode. In fact, this episode was one of the best this season, not only on the emotional side, but as a whole. Some might say that Glee going all emotional is the beginning of the end, but that is a natural progression of any show with several episodes behind it. One needs to focus on the characters and their relationships to create something more than just empty fun, fun, fun. Otherwise the plot doesn't move forward. This episode was a good example of how that progression is to be handled.

    Oh, did I almost forget to talk about the music in a review of Glee? There was a lot of it! Many songs from a wide spectrum of music and different singers. This naturally made the songs somewhat short, but they all were entertaining. Some have said that the songs in recent episodes have not been lyrically relevant. But in this episode they sure were. All of them were somehow connected to the plot or the relationships, and some of them very funny.

    Overall a very well balanced and musically entertaining episode.
  • Kurt singning "Blackbird" by the Beatles

    Kurt (Chris Colfer)my congratulation on what was the best song on Glee. Thank you thank you, the voice,the emotions....yes he richly deserved the Emmy he won.

    I don't really care about the story on Glee anymore, i just fast-forward to the songs.
    But it was nice to find out there is actually a person behind Rachel, i was getting pretty sick with the dumb act.

    I seem to have missed the part where Quinn became this nasty person again. Maybe giving some depth to the story line that she actually had to give up her baby would be nice.

    Love from Diana (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Perfect episode. Best episode of the season. No doubt about it.

    OMG, I still can't process everything I just saw. I loved it from the very first moment til the end. For starters, I really liked the fact that Kurt and Blaine finally admitted their feelings for each other. I mean, it was about time, right? I think Kurt has suffer a LOT this season and I'm hoping he will finally get the happiness he sure deserves.
    Then, I loved the songs they 'wrote'. First 'trouty mouth' was hilarious, once again Santana rocked. Then Mercedes' one which was awesome too. But, I have to say, that 'Get it Right' is just perfect. I've been so anxious to hear it and I finally did. For me, Rachel being the one that sung it just made that song more special. I love Rachel, and I think she was never given the true value she has. And this episode she finally got a chance to prove to everyone that she is a star. 'Loser like me' was amazing too. The message that song passes is truly important. 'Be yourself, no matter what they say' kind of message.

    For me, this episode wasn't about wanting to know who was going to win it, because it was pretty obvious that Glee club would win it mostly due to the fact that Regionals were so early in the season.
    What most got to me in this episode was definitely the happiness that I felt in the New Directions, the happiness I felt in Kurt and especially the happiness I felt in Rachel. However, Quinn just showed, in my opinion, who she really is. Selfish. I never liked her, never. Since the first season she seems like she doesn't want to be in the Glee Club, always mocking Rachel and always trying to be popular. So shallow. I was actually waiting for her in the end of the episode to apologize to Rachel or whatever. I seriously don't like her and I hope Finn dumps her. Once again, Glee showed to everyone its perfection. And to every person who has constantly trashed Glee about shallow and superficial reasons, hear this: If you trash this episode, you can officially consider yourself a Glee Hater. That's all I have to say.
  • The episode 1st half is focuses on |Rachel, Quinn & Finn|Kurt-Blaine(Finally)|Brittany & Santana|. The regionals:Aural Intensity 'wtf', The warblers were good.. but The New Direction with there original songs were champions.(no surprise there)

    Great episode overall. With 1st half focusing on original song writing. Some of the song are just lame/funny while at the end they get a lot better. The relationships: The love triangle of |Rachel, Quinn & Finn|is getting interesting. Kurt and Blaine's first on screen kiss.(Everyone saw this coming).After Santana's shocking revelation of being in love with Brittany the awkwardness continues. The 2nd half is better with some great (and one awkward performance by Aural Intensity) performances at regionals. Kurt's and Blaine's duet was great. The New directions original song performance at the regionals was a breath of fresh air. Rachel's performance was superb.
  • Original songs for tonight's show

    I like tonight's episode. I like the humor of the original songs. I like Santana's and Puck's songs, funny! The episode also shows the reality of being able to write good songs when emotions are high. I believe one can write good songs not only when one is broken hearted but also when one is overjoyed. Most of the good songs are about hearts broken though. The cast members' singing is really superb. I like their blending and their choreographs. I just don't get why they keep getting weird judges. Yes, they're funny but I hope the regional judges will be credible ones.
  • 2x16 - Regionals

    Again our favorite glee clubers are at regionals so that means an other episode around that theme. It could be dangerous because of the theme but they use it in a different way and it was interesting. In fact the idea of doing original songs was kind of risky but they've found the perfect songs for the new direction team and it was AMAZING. I really enjoy both of the original songs. They were really interesting and Lea Michele did a good interpretation. These songs bring a lot of stuff for the storyline and some good laugh for the ones they've first wrote. Sue's reaction when her team lost was kind of to much even for her. So for the Finnchel's fan I think there is some hope but not right away...
    The judges were as funny as usual with a special mention to Kathy Griffin.
    Can't wait for nationals!!!!!
    By the way I've forgotten to say that I'm happy for the Kurt and Blaine story!!!! :)
  • Wow! Just wow! Brilliant.

    I was worried about the original songs but they were great (the ones they finally performed anyway).
    Last weeks episode was fine but completely blown away by this weeks episode.
    The Warblers official meetings were rather different when compared to the New Directions meetings.
    I'm really glad that Blaine and Kurt got together, it was so sweet, and I'm hoping they will be free of all the drama the other Glee couples go through. 'Good Isn't Good Enough' was moving but I think 'Loser Like Me' was brilliant. My new favourite Glee song. Full of inside jokes that still worked even if you didn't know the story behind them. The subject is something everyone can relate to. The 'slushies' at the end were brilliant!