Season 2 Episode 16

Original Song

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on FOX

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  • To put it succinctly, Hell to the Yes!

    Time for Regionals! The competition that put an end to New Directions journey last year has returned, and this time the Glee Club's "changing their weave, [with some original songs] up their sleeve." (Disclaimer: This review is all over the place, so I took the liberty of adding interjections to help keep it from being completely disjointed)

    The episode opened with the Warblers singing "Misery" which seemed to mirror Kurt's current state of mind. He was the viewers' voice and right on the nose when he labeled the club as "Blaine and the Pips." The group showcases one person's vocals while the rest "doo-whop" in the background.


    Rachel was hard at work with her songwriting. "Only Child" may not have been as ludicrously awesome as "My Headband" but it still put a grin on my face. Finn, her audience of one, suggested "The only Berry on my family tree" might not be competition ready and thought she needed to dig a little deeper.

    We finally got to see Quinn clarify her actions as of late. At first, her explanation for being with Finn was rather absurd. She's determined to become Prom Queen because it apparently sets you up for life. She tell us she's a "relatively sane girl" and follows this statement with "Prom queens, on average, live 5 years longer than most girls - probably because they smile more." It did give her some motive (albeit a ridiculous one) to have it out for Rachel, but it wasn't until later that her meddling made a little more sense.

    On a side note, what was up with the headwear this episode? Between Quinn's backwards hat and Brittany's fedora, I couldn't help but think they have a surplus of caps on set and the wardrobe people decided this was the episode to use them all in. And while I'm on the topic of costumes, the boots that New Directions wore to Regionals were distracting to say the least. And not in a good way.

    But back to Dalton Academy...

    I'm starting to find the Warblers meetings more and more unnecessary. Hearing them talk about their matching ties and piping or listening to them worship Blaine is unbelievably grating. The only saving grace was Kurt singing "Blackbird" to honor Pavarotti's passing. I didn't understand why the group ruled out the idea of a duet at Regionals, and then proceeded to elect Kurt unanimously as Blaine's singing partner. Let's just accept this and move on so I don't have to hear that damn gavel again.

    Switching now to New Directions...

    The cease and desist letter Will received from My Chemical Romance and Sue bluntly admitting to her role behind it was great. It eventually allowed to her declare "World War Sue" - I have to give credit to the writers who continue to fuel the jokes behind this hilarious character. Having her simply toss sticks at Mercedes was another highlight.

    The original songs were a great way to incorporate secondary characters in the Glee Club and a lot of them were better than expected. The numbers spanned several different genres, starting with Santana's jazz lounge "Trouty Mouth" (an ode to Sam), then Puck's rollicking "Big Ass…Heart" (wrote for his girl Lauren) followed by Mercedes poppy "Hell to the No." I have to admit, the last one was probably my favorite, largely because there was a reference to Mercedes' bizarre plotline of keeping tater tots in the school cafeteria.

    The kiss between Kurt and Blaine took place between these numbers and while I have to say I saw it from a mile away it was still a sweet moment. I'm sure there are hundreds of "Blurt" fans out there so I won't dwell very long on ham-fisted dialogue that led up to it – but, seriously, did anyone involuntarily laugh at the line "You move me, Kurt" too?

    On to the drama...

    Quinn revealed to a suspicious Rachel that she and Finn were, in fact, together. I thought her reasoning behind being with Finn in this scene was a lot more logical than her initial one and, to me, it actually humanized her a bit. In her own begrudging way, Quinn told Rachel she was destined for better things outside Lima, Ohio - unlike herself and Finn. Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle were very good here and I thought their character's interaction was a believable catalyst for Rachel to finally write a song with emotion in it.

    Now the competition...

    Aural Intensity's "Jesus Is A Friend of Mine" was pretty entertaining, with Cross and Star of David formations thrown in for good measure. Blurt's duet of "Candles" was nice, if not a little schmaltzy, but it segued into Blaine taking lead on P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" (Hasn't this song haunted my radio long enough?). I figured "Get It Right" would be Rachel's obligatory overwrought performance but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There was a restraint that's usually absent in Rachel's solos and I think it won me over. Also, because the song was tailored for an actual character in the show, it obviously had a strong connection that sometimes isn't apparent in the covers. That being said, I thought the transition into the upbeat "Loser Like Me" was a bit jarring, but you couldn't help but cheer when the confetti filled Slushies doused the crowd. Kudos to the editors who showed Sue at the line "All of the dirt you've been throwing my way"

    The celebrity judges this time consisted of a tea party candidate/homeschooler/twitter poster, an exotic dancer-turned nun, and TV anchor & Sue's former flame Rod Remington. I have to say, I found previous judges a lot funnier (Kathy Griffin is a much better actress in real life than she is on television) but you can always rely of Rod and his distorted voice of reason as a winning source of comedy.

    And the results...

    Some drunk lieutenant's wife announced that New Directions had won, meaning they'd be going on to Nationals. There wasn't much suspense to the proceedings since we know there'll be several episodes left but it was still rewarding to see the club triumph. I can only imagine what would've been had they lost - Schue would probably be a wreck and turn to alcohol, Brittany would be Brittany, and Rachel would retun to belting "My Headband" into her hairbrush. Would've made for some great television…alas we'll never know.

    The ending of the show was rather anticlimactic but I'm glad Rachel is back in the club's good graces (at least for now). The first half of this season seemed determined to make her unlikeable but I thought some of the iciness melted away when she tearfully thanked her fellow Glee Clubbers for honoring her.

    Episode Highlights:

    Rachel & Santana's Interplay during "Loser Like Me" – Maybe it was simply for the performance, but hearing Rachel say "You may think that I'm a freak show" and Santana respond with "I don't care" was a nice moment for a pair that's usually at each another's throat. The "working on a pole" comment almost guarantees these two will never be BFF's but if they can at least get along during song, it's a start.

    Sue's Reaction to the Results – Never one to lose graciously, Sue decided to express her frustrations physically at the expense of someone who's probably taken a blow to the face before. Fingers crossed we get to see her mug shot when the show comes back in April.

    Pavarotti's Funeral Scene – Sure, this bird had "plot device" written all over him from the start but the conversation between Kurt and Blaine at his memorial service was probably one of the most honest ones they've had together (and I only laughed at the Gap line, which was intended to be funny)

    The MVP Trophy – I like the idea of the Glee Club honoring its members after their competitions. While Rachel deservedly won the award this time (did she say "brass ring" or "breast ring" during her acceptance speech?), I think it'll be a good way to include other characters in future episodes. Perhaps Tina will finally get to speak instead of nodding in approval or playing the piano.

    And with that, I'm officially done reviewing for a couple weeks. The preview showed a lot of familiar faces (Holly, Sandy, Terri, Sunshine) so I think it'll be an enjoyable rest of the season. Until then, Imma go eat my Wheaties, so I don't come down with diabetes.