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Will Schuester, an optimistic high school teacher, tries to reinvent the McKinley High School's glee club, while reinventing himself. He challenges a group of outcasts to realize their true star potential, while facing harsh criticism from everyone in the school.

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  • I Can See Why People Like This Show Now

    I remember watching an episode of season 4 and thinking "why does my best friend love this show so much?" Now that I'm starting from the beginning, I can see why. Although the show does rely on exaggerated stereotypes, it packs a punch in terms of pathos. The performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" had me feeling slightly emotional already - not bad for a 45 minute time investment. Furthermore, I really empathized with Rachel, which I did not expect. Looking forward to watching more.moreless
  • The beginning of Glee

    (sorry for the bad english, i am italian) I come from the last episode of season three, and well... see this's very moving. Because this is the episode that made me suddently love glee. Let's see why.

    First: obviously, the songs. They all have great voices , expecially Rachel (Lea Michelle) because she came from Broadway, and her version of On My Own was full of personality an emotions. Also Schue (Matther Morrison) is a great singer, because he has got a deep and particullary voice. Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Finn (Cory Montheit) are great singers too, but in this episode Mercedes sing only one time so we can't figure out at all how much talent she has got, and Finn in this episode has got a strange and acute voice. The esibition of the Vocal Adrenaline on the notes of "Rehab" was perfect and very intimidatory!

    Second: the acting. It was sooo good, because Lea Michelle plays Rachel in a way that is perfect and very related to her character, that has a big talent and that want to realize her dreams. Matthew , playing Shue, was the perfect teacher that the guys consider "loser" but that it's an ispiration and an old star. And oh, my Jane Linch, that plays Sue... well, she was perfect too in this character! She made me laugh and, even Sue is a bastard, i suddently loved it!

    Third: the story. A Glee club with a lots of difficoulties in every sense: moneys, they need people, they are the losers of the school ... but, even this, the Glee club continue to carry on, because the people in this believe in their dreams. A very inspirational story!!

    So that's why i love glee till the first moment! A very good pilot! Not as good as the pilot of Desperate Housewives or Lost but ... it's very close to them. That's all :D

    (the final song , Don't stop believing, was AMAZING!)moreless
  • Matthew Morrison is a teacher at McKinley's High School. He was in Glee Club when he was in school and they won a national championship. He volunteers to run the Glee Club to bring it back to its former glory.moreless

    Pretty good series Pilot. Very reminiscent of High School Musical without the student buy in. You have the usual school clicks, and a lot of the standard school teacher stereotypes. The sloppy male gym coach, the mannish female coach for the cheerleaders (played by Jane Lynch), the shy unassuming female teacher, and the bossy Principal who only worries about the budget.

    There were a few surprises like when Mr. Morrison bribed a football player to be in Glee by saying they found marijuana in his locker( which was never their). So he could be in Glee and they wouldn't tell his mother or it would be detention and that would go on his permanent record!

    Morrison almost quits when his wife gets pregnant but he gets the bug at the end and decides to stay in teaching. I enjoyed the music and the singers. They could use more of a choir to back them up but I guess that could be expensive for a series like this. Too many characters for a weekly dramedy equals too high a cost.

    Overall a very good start and a show I would recommend. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Review.

    There was so much going on! Usually in first episodes main characters are introduced and nothing exciting happens. In Glee we see a lot more. New characters are very diverse, there is a lot of action and conflicts, not only between students but teachers as well. There were many funny moments. And of course a lot of singing. I like main characters and I hope that we will see some development of all of them not only Finn and Rachel. Is there a possibility of a romance between Will and Emma? She is incredibly funny. It's not a striking show but I look forward to watch next episodes.moreless
  • Something special.

    This wasn't the first episode of the series that I watched, but I can definitely see how it got peope's attention. I think this is the perfect way to start a series and set up the characters, their storylines, and the overall plot.

    Each of the characters is obviously an exaggerated stereotype that we've seen in a lot of other shows and it adds to the humour. Mr. Schue - He remembers when the glee club ruled the school and he's determined to get it back to that status again.

    Rachel - She is dead set on being a star and she makes sure everyone knows it and no one gets in her way. Finn - He's not the brightest bulb in the box, but he's got a good heart and though reluctant to join at first, he comes to love Glee Club.

    Mercedes - Loud. Diva. Those words come to mind when I think of her. Kurt - Flamboyant and has a great voice. He's the most interesting character to me.

    Tina - She has a stutter, but she doesn't let it stop her from performing.

    Artie - He's in a wheelchair, but he has a great voice and puts what he can into the performance.

    Quinn - HBIC cheerleader, not enough of her to make a good judgement.

    Puck - He's a bully who thinks Glee Club is lame.

    Each of the characters that we are introduced to are interesting and they seem like they will be great characters as they develop.

    The final performance of 'Don't Stop Believing' was amazing and it remains one of my favourite performances on the show.moreless
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