Season 3 Episode 4

Pot O' Gold

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2011 on FOX

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  • Oh, boy.


    (Spoilers ahead)

    You know, I can't decide if I liked or hated this episode of Glee. Probably because I liked and hated different parts of the episode.

    In fact I liked and hated different halves of the same storyline: the Quinn/Puck/Shelby storyline. I think they've officially started to cross the line with Quinn and I don't understand why they've made her into such an unlikable character. There was a time where I liked Quinn, during Season 1 when she was a good girl who was bored with her life and made some mistakes. But now she's planting stuff in Shelby's house to get Beth taken away so Quinn can have her because "she's the one perfect thing in my life that I can't screw up" not realizing if Quinn got ahold of her, that would screw her up. If they do make it so Quinn gets the baby, like Child Protective Services comes when Shelby and Puck are in a compromising position, that might be the last straw for me on Glee.

    I actually liked part of this storyline, though; the Puck part. Puck is an absolute doll with his daughter, like he still cleans pools for MILFS, but now he chases them away by showing them pictures of his baby girl. And while he wants Beth back, he doesn't want to screw Shelby over to do it. And in a really weird way, him and Shelby make sense, because Shelby says all she wants is to look across her table and see someone who loves Beth as much as she does and that's Puck. It's still weird but in terms of Glee, it could be a lot worse... and will probably get a lot worse.

    The other plots in the episode were kind of eh to me. I have never watched the glee project so I thought the Irish kid was cute I didn't find him "magical." True magic can be found in Blaine, aka Darren Criss. Right now, he is the shining star of Glee as it is impossible not to smile ridiculously whenever he does a number or really anything, the boy has something special about him. It does make sense for Finn to be jealous of him, because Finn is having a hard enough time getting people to listen to him and Blaine's leadership skills are effortless, despite the fact he doesn;t tower over everybody else.

    I think that last week Mercedes was a total brat and I didn't like what Santana was up to this week. For one, how was she in glee in the first place when Will kicked her out? Last week she's back in, no explanation and now she's back out. And she has the same problem as Mercedes; they dont get solos, no chance to shine, wah, wah, wah. Then she strides into Shelby's show choir and bullies Sugar into not having a voice. She may be an annoying and borderline offensive charatcer, but I felt bad for Sugar when Santana puppy-stomped on her.

    The Burt running for congress against Sue was also a tad random because Glee has its ridiculous plots that ride roughshed because they;re in a high school setting. But you get actual politics that concern the nation involved? That's not good. Don't get me wrong, I love Burt Hummel and his "and that's how Burt sees it" was adorable, but it just seems like something Glee can't handle.

    This wasn't the worst episode of Glee and there were some really great parts but there were some parts that were just.... oh, boy.

    On another note, Rachel had like four lines this episode. What was that about?!