Season 3 Episode 4

Pot O' Gold

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2011 on FOX

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  • The magic is not back.


    There was very little to like in this episode, and even less to get exercised about.

    First, we had a huge chunk of this episode devoted to the Irish kid. I could not remember his name (turns out it's Rory), and that is directly related to how interesting the character is. So far, he's not; he's just a face from Lisa's Simpson's favorite magazine, Non-Threatening Boys. He got two uninspired songs and added nothing to them. His predicament -- being the new kid -- was also a yawn.

    Sue Sylvester's tirades have become so commonplace that the other characters have actually started to laugh them off (which, frankly, is a credible and overdue development). So now Bert Hummel is a write-in candidate for national office, with Will Schuester as his Lady MacBeth. Not very engaging; it's a poor use of good characters.

    For poor use of middling characters, there's Quinn vs. Shelby. Sorry, but in an effective throwdown, one has to at least credibly see the position of either side. And Quinn wanting her baby back is not credible: if you love your baby, you want what's best for her, and the case for having the baby raised by unwed, underemployed teenagers has not been laid out. That position is such a tough sell, it's no wonder they haven't even tried to state it.

    Faced with diminished ranks, the New Directions found their salvation when Blaine announced that he was going to sing a song expressing the feelings of the club. Oh, groan. Another pointless and baseless injection of fake energy, accompanied by fake youthful exuberance from the Glee Standard Operating Procedure Manual. Enough already. This is ALL that Darren Criss ever gets to do. Watching this number, I was with Santana, whose butt never left her chair and whose expression just said, "What the f*** are you posers DOING??!"

    The high point was the competing show choir doing a tight, charged number from (or in the style of) The Andrews Sisters. Fun! Sadly, it makes me hope that the schism in the show choir remains permanent, if it results in numbers like this. It also says something if the highlight of the show is done entirely in 1940's style; it implies that nothing is new.

    More about the schism: It is being implied now that the trouble was that Schuester was working the kids too hard. Bad news. First, it may signal a retreat from Hard-Driven Schu, a character I rather like. And it cheats by NOT showing Shelby working her girl choir. There is a history of Shelby hard-driving her championship show choir, and we're getting none of that. It's a cheat.

    Other little cheats: A $2000 budget shortfall for New Directions in the same episode with lavish costumes and staging for Shelby's show choir and Sylvester's own lavish budget: makes that crisis a fake crisis. And Puck referencing his nipple ring while working shirtless and obviously not pierced; c'mon, CGI it in if you have to.

    So, the tally: musical numbers ranging from (1) great to (3) dull, no real laughs, and a smidge of character development in an episode dominated by a dull new addition. Not firing on all cylindars like it was a month ago.