Season 3 Episode 4

Pot O' Gold

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2011 on FOX

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  • The Good: Music that is NOT associated with West Side Story. A new character. Someone challenging Sue. The Bad: Burt as a Congressional candidate. Mercedes, Santana and Brittany's "defection". The "Troubletones". Puck and Shelby???


    Great that (some) of the music is back. "Friday Night" was cute.
    Loved the number about "Being Green" - the new guy is very refreshing.
    Puck's tribute to his daughter was charming. It's terrific that someone is
    going after Sue.

    Now...the whole Leprechaun thing was just DUMB! Come on Ryan stop
    playing to the lowest common denominator. Brittany isn't (as she
    showed so well at the end of the episode, and contrary to Finn's
    opinion) an idiot. Knock it off with the "dumb blonde" thing. It's done.
    As likable as Burt is he's as dumb as a bag of rocks and to think that he
    is going to run for Congress (while well intentioned) is moronic. Again,
    Ryan, stop playing your audience for fools.

    Contrary to their protestations neither Mercedes, Santana, nor Brittany
    want to leave New Directions. We get it that in the end they'll come to
    their senses and Mr. Shu will be more fair in doling out solos. To devote
    a number to the "Troubletones" (which was really good) was ridiculous.
    (Um. where did the backup singers/dancers come from - the
    Leprechaun's magic bag?).

    Finally, the Puck/Shelby thing. OMG! Is she that desperate that she's
    going after a high school "pool boy". Really? Why does Ryan Murphy
    think ANYONE would believe this would happen. Oh wait...Figgins finds
    out. Shelby gets fired. The "Troubletones" are disbanded. The girls
    come back to the fold, with the addition of Sugar who, OH NO!, can sing
    (and REALLY WELL!). Then on to Sectionals, Nationals, and a win!

    See now we don't have to watch the rest of the season.

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