Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Kurt recreating Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" video with friends Brit and Tina. All of a sudden the music cuts off; his father is home unexpectedly. Still trying to hide his homosexuality from his dad, he claims to be working on his conditioning because he's now the kicker on the football team. His father seems to buy his excuse and even asks for a ticket to Kurt's first game.

Meanwhile, Terri and Will are practising Lamaze with the help of Kendra. When she tries to show Will how to massage gas bubbles out of Terri's stomach, Terri freaks out saying she doesn't want Will to bruise the baby. She gets Will to leave the room by asking him to make her a BLT. Once he's gone, Terri admits to Kendra that she's not really pregnant. She decides she has to tell Will the truth, but Kendra tells her dishonesty is food for a marriage and will die without it. Kendra tells her all Terri needs to do is get a baby.

In the teacher's lounge, Emma tells the other faculty that Sue Sylvester has a new segment on the local news called "Sue's Corner". It's controversial to say the least, with her first broadcast advocating caning, but it nonetheless makes her a local celebrity.

At Glee practice, Rachel is very upset to find out Tina has received a solo from West Side Story and feels she's being punished, although Will claims he's just trying to shake things up. Rachel storms out of rehearsal. Afterward, Kurt asks Finn to help him try out for kicker on the football team. Kurt shows up in his usual flambouyant and starts dancing to "Single Ladies" in order to warm up. The football team laughs at him until he lands a long kick right between the goal posts.

The local station manager, Mr. McClung, expresses his concern to Sue that a lot of cheerleaders are defecting to the Glee club. Since Sue's segment is all about being a champion, he says she really needs the team to win nationals.

At school, Finn confronts Quinn about giving him the silent treatment and says he's sorry for whatever he may have done. She tearfully tells him that she's pregnant with his baby. Finn's confused because they've never had sex, but Quinn reminds him of an evening in a hot tub where Finn became a little too excited, and even though they still had their swimsuits on it was the perfect temperature to help sperm swim faster.

Sue visits Sandy at his home to offer him the Art Administrator position, including control of the Glee club. (She's blackmailed Principal Figgins with a demonstrational video she found of him for Mumbai Air in anti-clotting stockings.) Their first order to business is getting Rachel Berry out of the club; they lure her out with an audition for the musical Cabaret with the audition requirement of a Celine Dion song. They cast Rachel as the lead and she quits Glee. Will is understandably upset.

At rehearsal, Tina is singing her solo. Will thinks she's doing great but Tina isn't so sure. She tells Will to give the song to Rachel because she's better, and because Rachel will quit without it. Finn comes to rehearsal crying. Will takes him to dinner to discuss his problem. He tells Will he doesn't want to end up like other guys his age who became fathers; he needs to go to college to become something and the only way to do that is with a football scholarship. But the team is on a losing streak. Finn thinks that if Will helps the team with their moves, like he did when he and Puck were in Acafellas. If the football team can win one game the guys will start to trust Will and some of them will want to join the Glee club. It's win-win. At home, Will tells Terri about Finn's problem, which gives her an idea.

The football team doesn't like the idea of learning to dance, but the coach thinks it's a good idea so off to the choir room they go. When they're done Finn confides to Puck that Qinn is pregnant; Puck looks shocked. He immediately confronts Quinn and asks who the father was since she told him she was a virgin when they had sex. He tells Quinn he'll take care of her and the baby, but she tells him she only had sex with him because he got her drunk on wine coolers and felt fat that day; she doesn't want to be saddled with a "Lima loser".

Quinn runs to her car crying...where Terri is waiting for her.

At the football game that night, the team decides it would be too embarassing to dance and become even more of a joke than they already are, so they skip it and their game suffers for it; they're getting creamed. In the fourth quarter with just seconds to go Finn calls for a time-out. He tells Puck they have to dance. Puck refuses, saying they'll all be jokes for the rest of their high school lives. Finn tells him they're already jokes and he doesn't want to be a Lima loser for the rest of his life. This is enough to convince the team. On the next play, Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" starts blaring and the entire team does the dance from her video. They follow the dance with a spectacular play that earns them a touchdown, which ties the game. It all comes down to Kurt to win the game with the kick. With his father watching, he Beyoncé's his way to the ball and makes the kick, making him a hero. He's carried off the field by the other football players while Finn kisses Quinn. Puck watches them, then walks off the field by himself.

At home, Kurt's father tells him how proud he is and wishes Kurt's mother could have been there to see him play. Kurt says he's glad his father is proud but admits that he's gay. His father surprises him by telling him he already knows and while he's not thrilled about it he still loves Kurt very much. They embrace.

At school, Finn gives Quinn the baby blanket his father gave him when he was born and promises to be a good father to their baby. Puck interrupts their moment and starts giving Quinn a hard tim, telling her she's starting to get fat. Finn tells him to back off.

At Glee rehearsal, three football players have joined and Will decides to start the rehearsal with the solo from Westside Story. Rachel smiles expectantly until Will tells Tina to show them what she's got.

Rachel shows up to Cabaret rehearsal telling Sandy she's now exclusively in the show.