Season 5 Episode 8

Previously Unaired Christmas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 2013 on FOX

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  • Dildo Island

    Definitely not the best episode in Glee history, but it gets an 8 in my books, if only for the Dildo Island reference. (For those who don't know, it's a real place in Newfoundland & Labrador - my home province)
  • Glee, you can do better

    WTH? Okay so it was kind of funny and stuff but i think they can do SO MUCH better than this! What's been happening with Glee lately? Season 4 was great in my opinion and I get that with Cory's death things got complicated but there was no need to go back to last christmas and confuse everybody. There were some scenes that were so bad they actually were funny. I hope they get better after this break because i wouldn't like the season to end badly (it has so many talented actors that are being wasted)
  • Painful

    This was absolutely the worst episode in Glee history. So painful - I barely made it through the episode.
  • What were they thinking?

    Worst Glee episode ever!!!! So disappointed.
  • Fun show

    Great episode very funny. So much better than the week before. It was fun seeing the NYers get some real time and having fun. Lima didn't even suck as much.
  • No words

    It was abysmal!

    I was embarrassed for all the actors in this awful episode.
  • I've never been so scared

    Really, this episode was like falling asleep only to be killed by Krueger. A second Christmas episode was so unnecessary! I didn't even like most of the christmas songs (only Love Child)...

    Being an entiely flashback episode, and if Glee were a real tv show, it could have been useful to use it to give some twists and reveals, instead we've had useless and lazy storylines.

    Also, was Kitty so open at the time?

    The only good thing was sexy santa!
  • That was Horrible

    I feel like Glee has officially jumped the shark with this episode. They clearly did not know what to do with this Christmas season and threw something together that was offensive (I know that some of it was intentional, but and really not that funny.

    I know that there was a timeline issues with this season being a continuation of last season so it isn't Christmas time for the characters. I think the viewers would have been alright without there being a Christmas episode this year for that reason. There WAS a Christmas episode last season that actually followed the timeline and so it really did feel like the writers had a free for all and said anything could happen because if the view doesn't like it they can just use last seasons episode instead.

    There really wasn't much about this particular episode that I liked. The chipmonks song was really funny, but it was so obvious that they were lip singing that it kind of ruined it.

    I felt like I had way too many WTH moments for the episode to be enjoyable and instead cringed for most of the episode.
  • holy crap - worst ep ever?

    I really didn't like this episode, I was very confused by the unnecessary timeshift and there were many WTF moments like the weird "love child" performance or the party with Santa Bryce Johnson which ended badly. The ending was nice though and I liked to see Coach Beast again.
  • One of my favorite

    I loved it, the ending was so beautiful I had a tear in my eye. The only thing I didn't like was that it was the last episode till the end of Feb??? WTF??? I can see how some people might not like the episode, we are all different, different religions different backgrounds, different ideas, but I loved this episode and was a bit surprised they sang the songs that they sang but happy that they did. Totally called it on Sexy Santa!
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