Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 08, 2012 on FOX

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  • Was It The Best Prom Episode Ever? No But It was still pretty Good.

    I really liked this episode of Glee.

    Through it wasn't as emotionally powerful as last years prom episode, I thought it was very entertaining.

    Brittany and her crazy ideas the Dinosaur theme was adorably executed, however I thought that they still are confused about weather Brittany is smart or not nonetheless I loved every scene she was in.

    Rachel's attitude after last week was a bit too calm for me so I wasn't surprised that she completely freaked out over Finn's decision to help Quinn with her Prom Queen campaign.

    Quinn's storyline was very much in character for her but I'm happy that she redeemed herself at the end, but I hope they follow up on her deception.

    Santana telling Rachel off was a great highlight and it really encapsulated all of what their relationship is in just one scene.

    The "anti-prom" party thrown by Rachel was absolutely stupid, it made no sense to me but I liked all of those character interacting.

    Blaine's hair do towards the end was amazingly cute it very nice to see him "natural."

    Puck and Becky's moments were so sweet and genuinely adorable.

    The ending was great it was so cool seeing everyone together.