Season 2 Episode 20

Prom Queen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Principal Figgins asks Mr. Schuester to have the glee club perform at prom. His favorite band, Air Supply, has canceled and they are left with no entertainment. Will says they need to focus on the race for Nationals and making the money needed for the trip but Figgins agrees to pay the club $400 for their time. Several members of the group gripe about prom. Lauren can't find a dress and Mercedes says that no one has asked her. Rachel and Mercedes decide to go as a group with Sam. Kurt asks Blaine to prom, which is hard for him since he had been bullied and beaten before at a Sadie Hawkins dance. While Kurt says he would be ok with not going, Blaine decides to go and help Kurt face the bullies.

The girls consult with Kurt on their outfits for prom. After the dress consultations, Santana has a sidebar with Kurt. She offers the services of the Bully Whips as a strategic move in the hopes of increasing her votes for prom queen. Puck offers to help Artie win Brittany back. Trying to make Artie more badass and in order to win back some of his own street cred, Puck feels like he needs to spike the prom punch which is heavily guarded by Sue. However, he can't be anywhere near the punch so he offers himself as a distraction while Artie would go spike the punch.

While Rachel practices a song, "Rolling In the Deep" by Adele, Jessie St. James walks into the auditorium and joins her in duet. He apologizes to Rachel for all that he did to her last year. Rachel is reluctant to trust him at first but Jessie wants to take her to prom to make amends. Finn hears that Jessie is joining in Rachel, Sam and Mercedes' group prom and interferes. Rachel says that this was no longer his business once he broke up with her. He says he still cares about Rachel and doesn't even really want to go to prom with all the control that Quinn is taking with the campaign. Rachel offers Finn some help with the corsage.

Santana and Karofsky pratrol the hallways of McKinley High in their Bully Whip uniforms. Santana, especially makes a big show of her efforts in hopes of increasing votes for prom queen. Artie barges into Brittany's home economics classroom to apologize to Brittany. He serenades her with a song with the help of the other glee boys. Brittany appreciates the gesture but still wants to go to prom alone and focus on herself. Puck finally solidifies Artie's agreement to spike the punch.

Blaine offers to sing with New Directions at prom. Burt Hummel tells the boys that he's gotten them a deal at his friend's tux shop and tells them about his powder blue tux from his prom. Kurt comes in with a kilt tuxedo, inspired by the Royal Wedding but Burt isn't thrilled. Blaine suggests that he should wear a normal tux so they don't attract any more unwanted negative attention but Kurt stands with his decision. In the halls of school, Kurt tells Karovsky that no one has been harassing him and probably because no one cares anymore. He feels Karofsky's pain and says that when the time is right he should come out. Karovsky tearfully and sincerely apologizes to Kurt for all that he's done to him.

Finn comes to pick up Quinn for prom and he's completely mesmerized by her beauty. They run into Rachel, Mercedes, Sam and Jessie at breadsticks but the group sends them away. Jessie tells them about how college was difficult and that he would be best off sticking to his talents and working as a show choir consultant. Prom is kicked off with New Directions' cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday." Right as Puck goes in to distract Sue, the distraction was not good enough and Sue catches Artie trying to spike the punch. She pulls him into her office for torture. He tells Sue that all he wants is to go back to the dance to dance with Brittany. Sue says he's the worst captive ever. Just as Sue is about to truly begin torture on Artie, Becky comes in to get Sue. Finn and Jessie have a full fledged fight on the dance floor and they are both kicked out of the dance.

Figgins steps up to announce the winners of prom king and queen! Karovsky is named as prom king but surprisingly, Kurt is selected as prom queen. Kurt runs out of the dance in tears and Blaine coaxes him back in to the dance. In the women's bathroom, Quinn admits to Rachel that the only reason why the fight had happened at all is because Finn still has feelings for Rachel. Rachel tells Quinn that she's more than just a pretty face and she won't lose everything. Santana is upset that Karovsky won prom king but she didn't win prom queen. Brittany tells her that if Santana embraced her true awesomeness more people would have voted for her. She also told her to go out there and support Kurt since things would be harder for him than they would be for her. Kurt returns to the dance to accept his crown and while Kurt did not dance with Karovsky for the king and queen's first dance, he does dance with Blaine.

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