Season 2 Episode 20

Prom Queen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2011 on FOX

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  • Glee continues to soldier on with a powerful second half of the season.

    Ever since Glee returned from its winter break, I thought (personally) it was highly uneven. For every good episode of the show we got, we got another ridiculously themed episode that made me question why I was still watching the show. Luckily, the show has included a few great episodes in a row, this one being one that focused on the emotional development of these characters. Sure, I could complain that Will and barely any of the other adults weren't there, but I blame that on the writers: they don't know what to do with these adults.

    Thankfully, though, the writing here gave the younger actors plenty to do without it seeming completely lame. It's prom night, and since it's been referenced since the beginning of the second half of the season, it's clear that there will be plenty of stuff going on. Quinn is still obsessed with winning prom queen, while Finn it seeming to be second-guessing his relationship with Quinn. I mean, the only reason he got back with her in the first place was because of what Rachel did with Puck.

    We also find Kurt and Blaine preparing to go to the prom together, where Santana and David are making sure they don't get bullied. Both here and with Finn are where I thought there was the best stuff happening. The Kurt/David plot has evolved from seemingly forced to something that has grown very interesting. I like the idea of David being forced to defend the same person he was teasing before.

    Meanwhile, Finn's feelings towards Rachel grow even stronger after Jessie St. James returns. Now, this is one guest star that I think is pointless to return, since he had plenty of impact on Season 1 events but seems brought here just to stir the drama pot. However, the drama is certainly stirred here, and the little fight between Finn and Jesse (basically just a shoving match) was intense and was a great way of showing Finn's true feelings towards Rachel.

    All in all, this was a great episode. I like the cleverness of the episode title.. it's not Prom Night, it's Prom QUEEN, and seeing Kurt being teased for being gay after going all night without a hitch was sad to watch, but a great way to see him once again evolve into a new character. Kurt really is the star of this show, no matter what other people may think. Let's hope the show can finish on a high note.
  • Best prom ever. ;)

    I thought this episode of Glee really was good and special! Actually I think the whole season 2 is better than season 1, the show's improving so much and the characters are really growing. Of course the show has flaws and some stupid things but it can't be perfect. For me, almost all the episodes of this season were so good, especially the ones that have aired since the Original Song (except A Night Of Neglect which was really boring in my opinion).
    But let's get to Prom Queen. Sue was like the best so far in this episode. She was so funny and really original. She was herself again and didn't need anybody on her "team" to be hilarous like that. :D The conversation at the beginning and her gift for Schue... :D I mean, priceless! That interrogation with Artie was also funny like hell! The Mercedes' storyline was kinda sad once again and here I'm a little disappointed that they still don't think of a better storyline for Mercedes or at least a storyline with a better ending that that was! We finally got to see more of Blaine and Kurt and I'm happy for that. Blaine stood up for Kurt and they're perfect together. The fitting of the dresses with Kurt and the girls was so funny too. :D The most fascinating thing for me was the talk between Karofsky and Kurt, there we could see some great character development.
    Songs were really good! I usually don't like Jessie but his duet with Rachel (only acapella) was brilliant. Artie singing was sweet too. And Rachel's solo breathtaking as always. Dancing queen gave me chills! Mercedes and Santana are so good together. Friday... well, okay. :D That scene with Santana, Quinn and Kurt was filmed very nicely, the tension was really building.
    The only things that bothered me are the following: I mean at which school the headmaster would read out Kurt's name after all he's been through? When will Finn FINALLY decide what he wants? It's so obvious he'll be with Rachel at the end but there are beginning to be too much songs where Rachel stares at Finn and sings songs to him and he only has that smug face. :D And the last thing - Santana is strong enough to accept herself and I don't know what are they waiting for. Let her be who she is.
  • a powerful episode

    well it's Prom and everyone is getting ready. and to think that evil guy Jessie st James you know from season 1 and former memeber of Vocal Adrenaine returns and wanted to see how Rachel sings Rolling in the Deep by herself but Jessie inturepd. And later I can't believe Rachel goes with him to prom I have she doesn't forgive him and later to think Karasky finally says sorry to Kurt and later at Prom I can't believe that Puck,Sam, and Artie were sing that lame Friday song but they sounded better and a funny thing is that Artie try to spike the punch and Sue caught him and was gonna pull out one of his teeth but Artie turn out to just put lemonade Sue"your no fun to pick on" and later Finn punches Jessie and to think the winner of Prom Queen turns out to be KURT? (I thought it was gonna be Lauren) I can't believe those voter there nothing but assh@les! and for no reason Quinn blames rachel and slap her I hate Quinn sometimes and later Kurt gets the strenght to go back and the crown Kurt is the bravest one in the whole show and that was a good prom
  • Sub-par writing and Superb acting wrapped in tafeta ...

    Has the writing on Glee always been so bad? Honestly, so many cringe-worthy moments. It felt pretty disjointed most of the time and the pacing was just off. I'm coming to the realization that the saving grace of this show are the wonderful wonderful actors. And sometimes directors. Though I give you one thing, this must have been one fun episode to film. Cory was amazing. His scenes with Lea are always the best they just shine on the screen. And I like Ashley. And I have to say I was very meh about Chord but he was great here. This is a character I could root for. Same goes for Amber. I think I prefer Bartie to Britana. Kevin and Heather work really well on screen though I do like the dynamics between Naya and Heather. Mark really works the daredevil charm well. He is a great performer but I'm not so sure about his acting chops. I think he works best with either Cory or Dianna. And sometimes Kevin. And I'm really sorry but either the writing for Blaine is really terrible or Darren is just not a very good actor. Because I cringed during his scenes with Chris and it wasn't just because I don't like Klaine. They just really don't work well together especially as a couple. And when you put them in contrast with Max and Chris? Yeah, poor boy stands no chance. The things I loved:
    Max/Dave – he was on fire tonight. So vulnerable and so happy to be the King. We got to see more of the boy hidden behind the mask and it was heart-breaking. And his voice. The way his voice changes when talking to Kurt. He sounded so young and vulnerable in the hallway scene. Max and Chris – watching them in a scene together is a pure joy. They bring so much to the table and play off of the other so beautifully. The hallway scene was just … I have no words. To watch Dave dissolve right before our eyes at Kurt's words was a performance worthy of every single acting award ever created. and then see those walls come back up in a second when people approached? Brilliant. And how Chris looked so young and touched confronted with the regret and pain of Dave. Max and Naya – these two need more funny scenes together. She does harpy so well and he needs lighter material for the character. Their dancing and the way she cheered for him just warmed my heart. Cory and Lea – always. Their scene was like a breath of fresh air in the episode. They still have it and that one moment is yet another proof to me that Rachel and Finn are simply meant to be
    Chord and Amber – yeah, I didn't think either of them were that great of actors but tonight they proved me wrong. And I couldn't be more delighted. Thing I liked:
    Sam and Mercedes – they were very cute and I could be interested in seeing a relationship develop there. I think they finally found a Sam personality they liked so hopefully we are stuck with this sweet dorky footballer. And Mercedes breaking the fight between Jesse and Finn in the restaurant – brilliant. You go girl! We need more of that. The shameless rip-off of Cameron Diaz in Something about Mary when Quinn descended the stairs in her prom dress. Kurt and the Girls shopping for Prom dresses. Rachel and Mercedes as friends. Nice continuity there. All the matchy matchiness in their clothing. Kurt and Dave in the hallway scene. Mercedes and Jesses and Sam and Rachels corsages. Quinn and Finn. Puck and Sam. So so cute. Kudos costume department. Things I didn't like:
    Jesse – and especially the way Rachel's IQ seemed to drop at least by 30 points every time he opened his mouth. I dislike the character so his return alone was a sad moment for me and the only good he can be is in bringing Rachel and Finn back together. Again. See, lazy writing is unimaginative. Blaine – it is so clear the writers have no freaking idea what to do with him and just basically pull stories out of thin air to suit the situation. I really feel bad for Darren but I want Blaine gone gone gone. Like yesterday. Because all he is doing right now is stealing valuable air time that could be dedicated to characters I actually care about. Kurt pressuring Dave into coming out. Not cool. It really feels like Kurt thinks the only way to be gay is his. Like he forgot what a struggle it was to come out. And that not every action needs to be a statement. That some people just want to be. It sort of sends mixed signals and I hope it is addressed at some point. Santana not confronting Dave in any manner after he ran out of the gym. Or anyone. Will. Azimio. That was such a missed opportunity. I want to know how he felt. Why he ran. Where he ran to. I want someone to hug him.
    Sue reduced to a bad joke. I never really liked her but she used to be fun to hate. Now she is just too over the top and no fun at all most of the time. The underdeveloped Prom Queen joke. Who did it? Why? Was it aimed at Kurt or at both Dave and him? Maybe its just me being stupid but I mostly just missed the meaning beyond cruelty. Songs:
    Rolling in the Deep – it was not bad but I think it would have been better with just his vocals and her doing nothing more then back up if anything at all. Her voice just didn't suit the song at all. Isn't she lovely – was just lovely. I have nothing more to say about it.
    Jar of Hearts – nice song. Seen better. Seen worse. Friday – it was a fun performance but the song sounds a lot like the Biebs Baby and that is never a good thing. I won't teach your boyfriend how to dance with you – as long as I don't need to watch Blaine I'm good with it. But the fact he sang at McKinley's prom is still making me angry. Dancing Queen – it was time for some ABBA on Glee but this was a bit underwhelming. And in the wrongest moment possible. And too short. But I like Naya and Amber singing together so as a song, not bad.
  • Great Songs, Great Acting and Great storyline, finally a better episode after a mostly disappointing season.

    This is probably one of the more enjoyable episodes of Glee this season. I suppose mostly because there isn't much of Will Schuster (I am seriously getting so tired of him) and this episode marks the return of Jessie St James. I literally laughed out loud when he walked into Rachel's rehearsal, I guess it's about time they introduced him back (but he actually looks a lot older.. bad makeup maybe). Rachel had been in the slums eversince Finn and Quinn hooked up and hadn't really been able to be happy. With the reintroduction of Jessie, maybe there will be a Finnchel again? Oh well, there will be no story if there is no Finn/Quinn/Rachel drama. Oh, back to Jessie, it's nice to actually hear another guy singing for a change, the duet performed between him and Rachel was spectacular and full of chemistry. However, he is still pretty much an a$$ though and a really dumb a$$ it seems. We'll see how they develop the episode. I felt kinda sorry for Sue though, it felt like the storylines for her is just growing thinner and thinner. In this episode, she delivered some funny lines, but it was simply not at par as the 'old' sue that we loved to hate. I believe they should bring back Cheerios so she has more of a role. I like that Brittany has more than one-liner in this episode, but the poor girl looked really nervous when she has more of an importable role. I wish they will develop her more, she is definitely one of the most loved character in this show. This episode threw in a number of storylines that I felt is tying up the season rather nicely, so I hope they don't screw up the next episode again.
  • It doesn't make sense to me...They are Juniors...They would not be Prom King or Queen as Juniors...

    This was definitely one of glee's better episodes, i believe. Just because there was no theme to it....I don't like most of the themed episodes and this episode made it feel like a regular show(which is not a bad thing)

    It's Prom this week on Glee and as usual
    Quinn is walking around like she is a Princess reincarnated...

    It doesn't make sense that they would Prom King or Queens as Juniors....that's a senior title...If anything, they would be prom prince or princess.

    Anyway, you knew Quinn was not going to win because this is Glee after all...the b**** can't win lol.

    However, Karofsky won King and Kurt won queen(no pun intended).

    Kurt winning wasn't so much a shock to me(Once Karofsky was announced b/c why would Santana win). I'd rather Rachel had won just to screw with Quinn but nobody likes Rachel, sadly.

    Kurt's winning was so sad because he had never been humiliated like that. Chris Colfer is an amazing actor and Blaine is a great supporting character. I like the background they gave Blaine about being gay bashed at his old school and I honestly thought something was going to happen to kurt...You knew something was going to happen just by the speech he had with his father

    Artie wants Brittney back...Ehhh, aside from Artie being adorable and an awesome singer, I really did not care.

    Mercedes plot just seemed way too contrived to me. It was a good plot though and who knows we may see Samcedes(Sam & Mercedes) in the future.

    Jesse returns for Rachel(but i didn't watch Season 1 so idk much about him)

    A great episode....I enjoyed it

    Santana brought the comedy to this episode
  • After a long time Glee finally delivers a A+ episode. (SPOILERS)

    Okay, Prom Queen was obvious as soon as Prom King had been announced. Karofsky is a boring, cliche to television character and I would much rather of seen anyone else be Prom King but of course, with Kurt being Prom Queen it had to be Karofsky. Kurt being PQ is so obvious that I would of been more shocked if a girl won. Also, I don't understand where the school stands on Kurt being gay Santana and Karofsky are terrified to come out, Kurt is elected Queen and believes it to be the school bullying him, but when he makes the Kate Middleton quip the Prom-goers erupt into applause? Mixed signals.

    Anyway, Rolling In The Deep should of been a solo for Jesse because it didn't suit Rachel at all. But it was still a great performance. As was Friday! Loved it! Such a prom song, I wish it was played at my prom. Jar of Heart by Rachel was beautiful! And Dancing Queen was good. Blaines song was bland and just for background to Finn and Jesse. How many times did they push each other before Finn finally through a punch? I like Jesse and dislike Finn... Will he please make up his mind whether he wants to be with Rachel or Quinn? I hope he ends up with neither because Quinn and Puck are great together and Rachel and Jesse are. I kinda thought Santana or Karofsky was going to come out during this episode but I guess it's too early for that, probably on the season finale when it happens.

    Anyway, great episode!! Even though I have complained a lot during this but it was great!!
  • Not quite a night to remember...

    Apologies for the delayed review. My sister came home from college yesterday so I took the day off to celebrate with her. The words I'm typing right now are a little fuzzy but I'll try to power through it. Just don't be surprised if my sentences start to look a little musdfdjuncatt...

    Junior prom has arrived at McKinley High and guess who Figgins has chosen as his second choice band since Air Supply cancelled? That's right, the New Directions! I know these set-ups are necessary to give the group a reason to perform but I almost wish the principal would approach Will and say, "The Glee Club will now be responsible for any and all singing responsibilities at our school so I don't have to speak to you and your ass chin anymore." That sounds more like something Sue would say - maybe if I added "to save costs" at the end of it…

    I thought Mercedes would finally get a potential suitor in this episode but she had to settle with going to the dance in a three-way (no, not that kind) between Sam, Rachel, and herself. Kurt asked Blaine to accompany him and although Blaine initially showed some reservations about the idea – apparently he's been subjected to some pretty terrible bullying himself – he ultimately agreed to escort Kurt to the prom.

    It was only a matter of time before the show took on Adele's wildly popular "Rolling In The Deep", but I was surprised at how flat it fell. The song's message was relevant, as it mirrored Rachel & Jesse's fractured relationship, but the passion from the original didn't completely carry over. Rachel's "Jar of Hearts" fared better, but can she and Finn just get back together so I don't have to hear anymore "Look in my direction, I'm pining for you" numbers? I think a lot of people will agree with me that "Isn't She Lovely" is one of those songs teeming with enough sappiness to make your ears bleed cotton candy. Could they really not have come up with a better prom proposal than Artie simply rolling into the home etc. room and bursting into song? Even the dopey Brittany realized the serenade wasn't worthy enough for her to say yes. While Darren Criss' vocals are likely the best match to Reggie Youngblood's of the Black Kids, "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" didn't really make sense for his character to sing (the first line of the song will give you the answer why). And I don't care if they managed to remix Rebecca Black's god-awful "Friday" into something listenable – the musical integrity of the show seriously plummeted for me when I heard they'd be covering the song.

    I think I'll write the rest of this review with alternating praise & critiques. I'll start with something that's been bothering me for a while…

    - The Bullywhips Uniforms: They're obviously worn for laughs, but if Santana & Karofsky were to walk the halls of an actual high school in those get-ups, comments about their respective sexual orientations would be endless.

    + Burt's Sage Wisdom: Glad to have you back Burt Hummel! Seriously, his advice never disappoints and always feels like it's coming from an actual father, not a fictional character from television. He might be a better fit for counseling teenagers than Emma and her pamphlets.

    - Karofsky's Apology: He looked like he was more stoned than remorseful when he asked for Kurt's forgiveness in the hallway. If they planned on using this character for such an extensive plotline they should have at least cast a more capable actor.

    + Brittany Danced with Another Girl: YES! The icing on the cake would've been if she had sung lead on "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend…"

    - Jesse St. James Return: The idea of him opening up a dance studio and being around the Glee Club even more gave me hives. Also, the shoving match between Finn and him felt reminiscent of the Women's Divide & Conquer challenge from the original American Gladiators.

    + Rachel Disregards Quinn Slap: Apparently she appreciates the dramatics

    - Kurt Winning Prom Queen: Why would Figgins read that off? Couldn't he just pick a random candidate and spare the kid humiliation? I think Kurt handled it well enough but I still can't believe any principal in their right mind would announce it in the first place.

    Episode Highlights:

    Sue's List of Banned Songs – Leave it to Sue and her Spanks to prohibit the club from performing "Run, Joey Run" and the "Crazy In Love/Hair" mash-up at the prom. I think she should've included Schuester's cringe-inducing "Tell Me Something Good" but I guess it all depends on personal preference.

    "Go with God, Satan…Santana" – How have I not picked up on this word similarity? The only one I've noticed recently is "denomination" sounds about ten times worse if you switch the n & the m.

    Kid With the Bluetooth at Prom – Nothing says romance like a bulky headset on your date's ear. "Mom, I'll talk to you later! Yes, I'll pick up some milk after I drop her off!"

    Dancing Queen – I know I was pretty harsh on the music numbers this week but this one worked wonderfully in the context it played in. And a Mercedes & Santana duet is always welcome by me.

    Once again, I don't have a preview to go on about but I noticed the title of the next episode is "Funeral" so I have a feeling the Karofsky story will be laid to rest (not trying to be funny, I just can't think of another term off the top of my head). This review kind of dipped in quality so I'll try to invest more time in the next one but for an episode that based its subject matter on "A Night To Remember", I'm already starting to forget.
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