Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2012 on FOX

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    wow amazing episode...

    okay loved this episode i loved the storyline with Puckerman and Shannon that was heartfelt and just amazing acting by the both of them just amazing i felt so bad for Puckerman when he acted out but honestly to his defence i was getting into fights i would use a knife to defend myself too as well im just saying anyway the Tina/Rachel thing ehh not didnt like that so much i thought it was kinda boring but it was okay. i didnt like how Tina kept sticking up for Rachel and whatever that was predictible.

    i loved that the episode had 2 celine dion songs and she's my favorite artist of all time right now why... because she's amazing!... and i loved that they chose "Because You Loved Me" didnt like that it was done by Tina being Rachel though thought that was kinda corney and stupid and not needed oh i loved that Mr S finally got teacher of the year award!!! i'm so happy for him yay. i LOVED Sue and Shannon in this episode together especially when she told Sue that she left her estraged husband after telling him that she's been sleeping with a knife under her pillowthat was an amazing scene just a great episode all together just absoutely loved it cant wait to buy it on itunes so i have it for my ipod :)
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