Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2012 on FOX

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  • shuffling!

    With the end of the season approaching, the authors seem to have decided to give some spotlight to some character neglected during the year. Last episode was Brittany's turn, this time is Tina's. As the recap at the beginning shows, Tina has actually been in the shadows for most of the three years, so she deserves some attention. And luckily the authors managed to do better than the previous episode!

    Even if there are pretty intense moments in the storyline of Beiste and Puck (pretty well resolved and with a cute duet between them at the end), the tone of the episode is light. The highlight was obviously the dream sequence where everyone gets switched around, which was really hilarious.

    Tina's outburst really sounds a bit forced: even if she has all the rights to have it, doing it just before nationals has completely no sense. Pity for this start, because the story follows a pretty organic path and it is consistent in its developing and with the characters. The intertwining with the scenes from Beiste's and Puck's story help to balance the comedy with the drama quite efficiently.

    The songs also were good, an immense improvement with respect to the previous episode. It is nice that Tina managed to have a sumptuous ballad to sing, even if as "Rachel"!

    This is clearly just an appetizer for the big Nationals episode, but it makes a good job in paving the way.