Season 5 Episode 7

Puppet Master

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2013 on FOX

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  • Gleek here (fave Kurt)

    I love glee and it's amazing truly love this thanks for keeping the website and all the episode up to date love it !!!!!!!!
  • Blaine made me want to vomit

    This episode is only good and worth to watch in the New York side. Gosh I laughs out loud when Kurt's band Pamela Lansbury got out to see that there's only 1 audience - the oldman. Kurt is genuinely the funniest character in the show. He doesn't have to play whiny and make stupid face expressions to be funny. He's the smart kind of funny, not the dumb kind of funny like some others.

    Seriously, when Blaine talks to himself/his puppet and then Tina caught him, ugh his speech made me want to vomit.

    so tired of him. i don't know whose fault that is, the scriptwriter or the actor, that successfully brings the worst of this character, making him so annoying.

    And please Glee, DO NOT ever put blaine to sing 3 songs in an episode, don't care if one of them is duet or anything, just don't. It makes my ears bleed.

  • tired of Blee

    Blaine continues to be big whiny baby and so unlikable. Why do they focus on this ass hat nealry every week?
  • Glee- disapointing!

    Sotonight's episode of Glee was just one big acid trip. i feel dumber after watching it. Blaine is losing his mind. and i think he was about to make out with Tina's puppetwoah. anyways, Jake finally broke down and showed remorebut i'm still not feeling Jakeor Jarley. and i knew they were gonna make Bree singand i knew they were gonna try to make her human. i thought she was gonna be the new Santana not the new Quinn talkin bout "i'm pregnant" then later on finds out she's not. blahhit's redundant, glee. it's just redundant. i'm over these sexually active cheerios. i enjoyed the Rhythm Nation/Nasty mashup. i love me some janet. Sue and Will looked so cute in that hallucination. that superintendent shut her down thoughlike dang. :/ & Blaine need to stop smokin reefa. that is all.