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  • Mad about Marley

    Was hooked for season one, I would fast forward through season two to just watch the musical numbers as the story line lost me, Didn't even give season three a chance. But am seriously liking season four and it is 100% because of Marley. That girl is so sweet and heart warming and her voice is my favourite of all past and present glee members. i dont even care if shes with jake or riley as long as her stories take a big chunk of each episode im happy!
  • Glee Changed My Life

    I moved and I had no friends, then this girl introduced me to Glee 3 years ago. I started talking to her more, and we became best friends. Glee also gave me confidence in myself. I now have tons of friends and a boy friend I've been dating for nearly 2 years. Lea Michelle imspires me ! I wish I was as good as an actor, dancer, and singer as she is. I love this show !
  • Just decent

    The real good reason I watch Glee is because, musically speaking, it's amazing! Great voices, great covers and I LOVE harmonizing voices and brilliant reinterpretation of some songs.

    Unfortunately, I also love a good plot and characters. The characters look like they have personality disorders and their behaviour is just incoherent all the time. Plus, for a show that is against cliches, it is pretty much full of them: gays, egotistic divas, evil bitches with a good heart, badass guys who are good guys, etc, just unrealistic. That's really a pity!
  • Lea Michele, YUCK.

    I haven't watched the fourth season. When I discovered Lea Michele was staying on I just couldn't bear to watch any longer. Her talent is one dimensional. Always the same. She seems to fit solely into one kind of plot whatever city you put it in: lack of confidence, followed by a breakdown, followed by eye-schrunking surprise success. Yuck.

    Get rid of her and I might go back. I so miss Chris Colfer and the cast members remaining
  • Glee performs Jungal Style

    Since the fourth season of the show has started - the show made me really disappointed.

    All the boring new characters that they have added make me wanna kill them.

    Not only that they have changed all of the show, the original interesting characters are no longer available!

    I mean, what the Fu@#?

    Where is Santana, where is Mercedes, Queen? They are the once who made the show so lovely, not boring bitches like Kitty, She is like a walking stereotype of a mean popular cheerleader, where is the creativity of the writers? I don't want to see Sam and Brittany together, It's such a cliche and quite Nazi to see the blonde guy with the blonde girl. Umm, I love brittanica, but it seems as if Glee is now a republican show! Maybe Mitt Romney decided to lose his frustration

    by buying a stupid tv show about losers who keep losing...

    And even if I start accepting the fact that Glee has changed (and jumped the shark) I could never buy the really

    lame storyline; Why are we informed of Tina's grand love to Blaine only in one episode and how come he is in love with Sam who is suddenly in love with Brittany?

    When did Glee become a South American Telenovela?

    When and what channel will air Glee?

    We're big fans of Indonesia glee glee waiting time will be aired again in Indonesia!!!!!
  • comme ci comme ca

    i hate the fact that they pushed religions on that kind of shows !!
  • Glee still has it going on

    Now, I'm not going to sit here and talk about how perfectly perfect glee was, and is and will always be, but you gotta admit, it's pretty close. After season 2, it's views plummetted and it hasn't gotten the same love all around as it used to, but it really is a show you simply have to appreciate. They have endless doors of creativity, their song choices always fit perfectly, and they always seem to find a way to give each season its own special spark. Although that spark has wavered occassionaly, Glee has succeeded at never making it fully go out. Along with everyone else, I was pretty unsure about the new chracter's this season. However, I have gotten to really be intruged by them. Especially Kitty and Marley. I can't wait to see where the writer's take them and am honestly crying in the corner of my bedroom, eagerly awaiting the return of this show.
  • love the song ssssssssss .

    I can watch the episode several time . specially when the songs are the one i know and like .

    even the new cats is amazing . love them all . please continue
  • Superior Quality Despite It's Pattern of Slow Starts

    I have learned there is a consistent rocky-start pattern Glee exudes each year, and I have also learned to accept it because in the end it is so worth whatever bumps I had to suffer through with them to get to that point of blissful storytelling set to some of the best musical productions I have ever experienced that they are always able to finally end with. Each fall Glee starts like a kid learning how to ride a bike for the first time. I am always nervous during the first show or 2 each fall as those episodes seem to be searching, like a pinata batter, for the best storyline or theme to latch onto as if they don't really know what they're searching for. It always worries me after that first show that Glee will run out of creativeness or good themes or energy that makes it such a treat and turn people off and come out with poor ratings. But then by the 3rd or 4th episode they hit the mark and the show explodes with awesome song arrangements that make even the sappiest songs worth hearing and wonderful life messages it never hurts to revisit. I am so impressed by the writers and choreographers of this program. I feel like I am going to a full stage play production each week and I don't even have to pay for it! My only pet peeve is that when they take a break they really TAKE a break. I mean, come on! I shouldn't have to wait almost 2 months to see the show I dearly love to see! I also worry about how they are going to continue the show as the young players continue to get older. So far it's working well. Anyway, if you feel Glee's going downhill, you've got to keep the faith. This happens each year. In the end I always end up happy and crying at the same time, and that's not a sign of poor quality. It's still number 1 for me.
  • Inconsistent

    Glee has its ups and its downs, and being consistent is not one of the ups. There are some shining moments and episodes but overall its quite weak - character development cast aside, plot lines disposed of back and forth, and melodrama everywhere. The songs are nice but are not always amazing. It's a good show but there are many out there that surpass it.
  • even this crap is 1000 times better than REALITY TV which blows stink all over the airwaves!!!!!!!

    since the networks and cable channels have decided to go cheap on us and make 99 percent REALITY TV shows, wrestling (on sci-fi!!) and are always cancelling great shows... i have cancelled my cable and no longer watch any tv... i download all my shows i like off the internet and have started watching alot of bbc shows from england. I'll not sit in front of the box and watch crap in the evenings after working all day. I want quality or nothing at all from the networks / cable channels. I SUGGEST WE ALL BOYCOTT THE TV for one week each month until the REALITY CRAP is taken off the air. That crap causes brain damage... it's totally unacceptable. No one is stupid enough to enjoy that crap except some inbred bigfoot half-breed. They want to produce the cheapest crap possible and still retain the ratings to get sponsors and advertising dollars. Don't give them the appearance of ratings by watching at all. Turn off you cable / sat and download... NO Commercials!!! and only watch what you want to watch when u want to watch it... been doing this for 4 years now and it's great. Only problem is, running out of shows to watch. Sci-Fi channel, now si-fi (junk now) sold out and became a cess-pool putting on fantasy and wrestling crap... was once the best channel on cable... anyways,

    boycott cable / networks and download from internet...

    watch ur shows without commercials or interuption...

    hope the networks realize they're loosing their loyal viewers because we're NOT dumbing down and

    we HATE reality TV crap...

    screw u a-holes... you're idiots and you're gonna kill ur networks/channels if you keep on this way
  • Na NA NA Blaine!

    Just rewatching old episodes, did anyone notice in episode 3 Blaine was wearing a costume simular to Robins', and than two episodes later he was dressed in a glaringly simular fashion to Nightwings. What are the writers trying to allude to??????? LOL
  • Best show EVER

  • Bulimia references are appaling!

    I was Disgusted in the bulimia reference in this episode and the glamorization of It. It's frightening to think of all the young girls viewing this show that are being shown that this is a cool thing. And I'm offended that this scene was even allowed to air. I believe the creator of glee need to apologias for the way they are encouraging eating disorders among teen girls! this needs to stop!
  • i luv this so much

    i luv this show so much i luv it so much its my fav show and the break up scene is my fav so chris colfer and naya rivera is my fav thanx megan corey GLEE ON!
  • Glee - Needs to be broken up

    I've already noticed this season that there's just too much going on to do justice to the show. They really need to spin Rachael and Kurt off in their own show. Lord knows there's enough plot and material to do that. If they don't the kids at McKinley High just aren't gong to be able to develop any kind of plot for all the jumping back and forth.
  • GleeRocks123

    Glee's ''The Break-Up'' episode was by far one of the best Glee episodes ever in history of Glee. It was about the couples of Glee and if they could survive their relationships or not. First we got Finchel. As you know from last week at the very end of the episode Finn walked in on Rachel and Brody. My question left me thinking are they staying together or are they gonna have ''The Break-Up''. Next we have Brittana. Brittana is one of my favorite couples because they just have this thing that pulls together that just makes it so lovable. And one of Glee's most sweetest couples is Klaine. Klaine is the second to best couple on Glee. It finally comes down to Wemma. Wemma is trying to survive because Will gets this job apllication that will make him have to leave the Glee club. I would this episode a best episode on Glee so far.
  • Great show!

    A show which is made up of music! Hell Yes!!
  • Hurtful

    Up until last night I have always been a fan of Glee. I find the script very funny and have always enjoyed the catchy music. I have begun to notice however that with every passing episodes Christians are being portrayed more poorly. As a Christian myself this is extremely heartbreaking and painful to watch. Last night's episode was my breaking point. The "Left Behind Club" was such a mockery and extremely unrealistic portrayal of what true Christian Faith looks like. For the character of "Kitty" to be threatening people with Hell and then putting on a fake rapture was so extremely wrong it almost brought tears to my eyes. Kittys character similar to Quin's is exactly the opposite of what a true Christian looks like. True faith comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. If a real Christian truly had concern about someone's soul they would spread the gospel through love, kindness, compassion and scripture.(Mark 12:31, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7) It is impossible to scare people into Heaven and being afraid of being left behind or going to Hell cannot save a soul. The only way to be saved is to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and to accept Him into your heart.(John 3:16) Being Saved is a gift only given by the grace of God and it is because of Jesus death on the cross that we are made free and become followers of the Lord.(Ephesians 1:7)The kind of faith that Glee portrays in people is not real. It is a terrible example of what being a Christian is and is devastatingly hurtful towards those of us that are Christians. I have no doubt that Glee lost a lot of its followers last night. I can not express my level of disappointment.
  • going good

    this show is just getting better...
  • worst show ever

    WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The best season pilot from glee

    The start of Season 4 was sweet and grand. At the end, I just wanted more.
  • The New Rachel

    It was a decent start to season 4. New students Marley and Jake seem like interesting characters. Kitty is a clone to Quinn not interested. Music was good. I really liked Kate Hudson as Cassandra. I rate it a 7. It was a good episode, not great yet.
  • help please

    i dont know if this is the right place to put this but im out of ideas.

    hi im trying to find out when glee 4 starts it said 13 sept at 9am but i cant find it. i dont know if that when it start in the states i need to know when it starts in england.
  • glee idear

    glee is all about putting teens in the right direction, well why can't they have a kid going though depression and cutting, i'll like to know how to get though it and i know other kids do to.
  • Wonderfully cheesy musical comedy

    Since the show is set in a high school many of the themes and plot points are very obvious, but the song selection is generally magnificent. The songs always highlight the characters struggles and many lessons can be learned from the show. The dialog is witty even though the show is often very sappy in order to appeal to a larger audience. All in all a great show for anyone who enjoys musicals and doesn't mind a little cheesiness.
  • Glee so far...

    They improved better and win the Nationals in Season 3. Tina caught up with the Glee club learning how to sing songs, especially her first solo. She was too shy to sing and get more lines, but when they kept her, she nailed it! I want to see Tina sing more, especially Emma. Keep it up, Glee!
  • quinn and rachel

    i love Quinn i wish i could go meet her she the best at singing!! And when you sang with Sam have the time of life that was amazing? i hope you massage me back i well love it! i like rachel because she always get all the solo song that why i like her....
  • Glee = Good.

    This season is great, regardless of the not so great moments.

    Some say Glee needs to step up its game, the old tricks aren't working anymore. The characters used to be people they could relate to, but now it seems to be a show packed full of stereotypical personalities, unrealistic drama, and some pretty poor sets.

    However, I still feel the need to keep up with it, so I watch it avidly; but seriously there has to be more to the writing then some of this, the earlier seasons set the bar high, Glee was a show that crossed every line, now that the barriers seem to have mostly fallen (9 second kisses, just about every personality persona you can fathom, and the truth of politics) it may be time to progress into something more realistic, something more true to what being in highschool is like.

    I love Glee. It's perfect, don't give up being realistic for headlines.
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