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  • Another Tv show that has the cast singing a lot but this one is good

    Another Tv show that has the cast singing a lot but this one is good. Well Glee is a tv show about a group of high school kids being memebers of a glee club you know a school club where you sing and preform. Well in this show the characters would sing covers of other artist's songs like showtunes, pop, rock, and a bunch of others and insted of being a 1 hour muscial drama it also has comedy and I love characters i mostly love Rachel, she is so talented. Also the bullies pick on the Gleeks by throwing red sluppies at them but the show is really awesome
  • Season was a 10; Season 2, I'm downgrading this show to 8...

    I loved the first season of Glee --- it was on point in delivering believable storylines and it was quite successful in building characters that we have learned to love. But lately, the second season --- I don't know what's going on! It's just so many things have happened that I could even care less about the characters anymore. Personalities change in just a snap and each episode seems not to be well planned to make a cohesive season and the songs are too contrived to the story. When it highs,it's marvelous (i,e Never Been Kissed, Grilled Cheesus, The Substitute); But when it hit lows, it goes right down the bottom. The most recent episode is actually one of my favorite episodes of the season (along with Grilled Cheesus and The Substitute). Because in these kind of episodes, the characters become real and human to us. We can relate to their plight and what they're going through. In this particular episode, we get to know Sam and Santana and what they are going through. I just hope that the writers and the creators can realize that so they can keep the following and stay relevant.

    What I loved most about the shows was not actually their rendition of the songs, what I loved most about is it gives voice to issues that we usually would have swept under the rug. It's bold and it's unafraid. If they just keep us feeding episodes with the songs being the main attraction, then I'd rather watch American Idol or any song competition. So c'mon, as Randy Jackson would say, Keep it real!
  • They destroy a great show! The first season was a must in tv, now its just a joke, where are the genius who write the first 13 episodes? :(

    The first season was a must in tv, now its just a joke, where are the genius who write the first 13 episodes? :(
    So what's happened to Glee? Well, it became a huge hit. That means it acquired more creative freedom from its network. And that freedom became its trap. Glee has been indulging its worst instincts.
    I haven't abandoned a show in a very long time … probably because they all get canceled before I'm done with them. With the new Glee season, I made it into last episode and decided I wanted my self-respect back.
    It's seams its becoming, worst at every new episode, soon it will be remembered as the worst show in tv history, the example of something good turning bad :(
  • Comedy + Drama + Music = Superb


    Glee is still one of my favorite shows after all, because I really enjoy how it mixes comic, dramatic and musical components in 40-minute episodes.

    I think the goal of this series is to give a message of hope and encourage self-expression. Characters are indeed mostly outsiders, and they perform songs to express their inner feelings. Some others are popular students that do not need to belong to the glee club - it actually hurts their reputation - but they are motivated by self-expression and use the glee club to connect with their humanity.

    Otherwise, all the actors are extremely talented, they have wonderful singing / dancing skills.

  • would someone please explain this show's appeal to me?

    honestly, i dont get it. this show has been so popular before it even really aired from its pilot on the internet and theyve put it out on dvd when its been on for like three months, so i figured i;d give it a shot. and it was because i had a firend who had the dvds so we watched the first two episodes and they were HORRBILE! i cant see how this show is so popular! i;ll agree the songs are good, but you cant ride on that alone! i have so many problems with this show, starting with the actors. i know that they like to get people over 18 to play teenagers cuz they can work longer dont need tutors, etc, etc. and one of my favorite shows is 90210, but on glee it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS theyre not in high school. the main character is all I'm omly a sophomore! while she looks older than sophmore in college. and i wouldn't mind the fact that none of them look like high school kids if they were likable as characters which theyre not. every chracter on the show is obnoxious and stereotyped and you end up hating the chracters you can tell they want you to root for. i admit i like the songs but i dont see what the show has riding for it other than that. the jokes are lame, the chracters are all mean, and tis frustratingly obvious how old they all are. that is the biggest mystery, why this show is so poular. and you know what? i like high school musical so much better.
  • Glee... Grease? Yes, it's full of grease, so much it'll make you want to slid away from the tv

    I don't hate this show like Dojinfan_2k but I don't think it is worth watching. The only good thing that I found about it is the Vogue video, the rest isn't good nor entertaining.

    I've been watching films and movies for 25 years and I haven't been able to understand the purpose of musicals.

    Characters on this show go from the classroom to the toilet and when they arrive there's a musical skit waiting for them. They go to the janitor's office to get a mop and there's a musical skit waiting for them. It is not reasonable, it goes beyond the absurd: there's no point in what's happening on the screen .

    Above all, some of the actors playing the kids look like they were 40 years old, it worse than the original 90210.

    There's no cohesion, no logic and no purpose on this show but if you just like to watch and listen to musicals, then go for it but be warned that your brain may end up melt, if it isn't already.
  • Why is "Glee" the phenomenon that it is? I don't really understand.

    I started watching "Glee" after reading it was a huge hit in the United States. A musical comedy was likely to catch me because I like musicals. The first episode was not bad, but I started to loose the interest while watching the second and although I really tried to like the series, I stopped watching it after the 7th episode.

    So why is "Glee" the phenomenon that it is? I don't really understand because it is a very simple story with not brilliant but the opposite dialogues and silly any times. Some music numbers are good but they destroyed other songs. Yeah, I gave up "Glee" for good.
  • Sorry guys, but I don't see all the hype.

    From where I'm seeing it, Glee is a just a more mature version of High School Musical in a nutshell. As I already hate High School Musical anyway, this won't be a positive review.

    I started watching Glee with my parents a few months back. A musical comedy wasn't likely to catch me in the first place (being as I'm not a fan of musicals), but I was bored at the time so I just watched Glee with the family. To start with, it's incomprehensible. The characters go from one place to another and there's a song waiting for them. Of course, that happens with all musicals, so I can't really complain here.

    Secondly, I find it pretty boring. It doesn't help that I don't like down-to-earth shows. Or the fact that it plays like a soap opera (which I already hate in the first place too).

    And now about the songs. Some musical numbers are good, but most of the time, they destroy the original songs. For example, the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. Mercedes was cast as Frank 'N' Furter. The creators COMPLETELY missed the point of the original song (being as it was about a transvestite). You can't have a girl singing 'Sweet Transvestite'. It doesn't make sense. Of course, you could argue by saying; "She's singing about the gender she is! She's not a transvestite, she's a girl!" No. Not even. She's just a minor wearing fishnets and a corset.

    Overall, I just don't get why Glee has become a phenomenon. It's only High School Musical intended for older audiences (in my eyes). I give this show a 3/10.
  • Another High School Musical wannabe show

    it's bad enough that Highschool Musical sucks anyways and this show is not any better. I can tolerate the gay characters on the show, but not only is the singing bad, the storyline and the acting is bad on the show. It only took 5 minutes to want to stick toilet paper in my ears after hearing them sing. This show is just another teen BS show and i don't know why it's called a comedy show. It has no depth and no humor at all and half the teen guys in the show look like dorks. I guess that's the "fasion" for teen men nowadays
  • This show's okay, if you enjoy disgusting high school drama and listening to music you hear everyday on the radio anyways.

    I'm not a big fan of this show's drama or music, but I rather enjoy the comedy. It's pretty funny and has some original humor. I don't think I've seen enough of the show to figure out if it's trying to be serious or not though in some of the situations. I might watch it more, but I'm pretty sure it own't change my opinion. I give it a six.
  • Glee is the Best Show I Have ever seen! I Don't think T.V gets this good.

    Glee focuses mostly on the singing loving Rachel Berry, who has Joined her high school Glee club. Mr Sheuster is in charge of this Glee club because he used to be in a Glee club. He blackmails the most Popular kid in school, Finn Huddsen into joining the glee club, because he was caught smoking pot. In Glee rehearsales, Rachel Falls in love with Finn, even though Finn has a Girlfriend, Quinn Fabray, the president of the celebacy club, but pregnant with Noah "Puck" Puckerman's baby, even thoughshe told Finn it was his. Quinn, the head of the Cheerleaders joins Glee club, then Puck. But the Cheerleading Coach wants to stop the Glee club and will stop at nothing unless it's gone. The guidence counceller, who is Mr. Will Sheusters best friends falls for him and tries to get him, even though he's married, With a baby on the way, is what he thinks. Teri, Wills wife, tries all she can to get a baby to no avail. So she decides to consult Quinn, and Quinn agrees to give the baby to her, so Teri is faking haveing a baby to Will. Even though Puck wants to be the babys dad, as does Finn. Puck and Finn are best friends.

    The Drama doesn't get better than this!
  • A great show with music and more

    The history is not so good,but the music makes this show a great option.I like glee because of the both,music and plot.Singing popular songs is a good thing too.
    The history is not so good,but the music makes this show a great option.I like glee because of the both,music and plot.Singing popular songs is a good thing too.
    The history is not so good,but the music makes this show a great option.I like glee because of the both,music and plot.Singing popular songs is a good thing too.
    The history is not so good,but the music makes this show a great option.I like glee because of the both,music and plot.Singing popular songs is a good thing too.
  • In my opinion, Glee is television gold. It has great music, a magnificent cast, hilarious moments, and teriffic storylines. It is no wonder the show (& cast), have skyrocketed to instant stardom.

    The difficult thing about writing a review for Glee is that most people already have an opinion formed already. Some people hate musicals so they already know that they won't enjoy the show. While others love musicals, so they thrive on every musical number and refuse to find fault with the show.

    As for me, I am already a huge fan of musicals. I have love for all the greats such as Barbra Streisand, Patti LuPone, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, and Ethel Merman. And what I love is that Glee pays homage to all of them and many great musicals throughout the years.

    However, Glee is more than just a musical. Although it does have many elements of a musical and a portion of the songs are actually sung "outside" of the Glee club, there is much more to the show. Most of the songs are sung in the Glee club and performed as would be performed in real life. Also, there are typically only about on average 6 songs per episode leaving many opportunites for an adequate storyline.

    Speaking of storyline, although are many subpar moments, overall it is a very well written show. There a handful of characters that I find to be very complex and extremely interesting to watch. Those characters are Kurt Hummel, Sue Sylvester, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, and Mercedes Jones. I won't go into detail about each of the characters but they have all changed throughout the series and have shown many sides to them that have increased my likeability for the show.

    I feel that so far, Glee has yet to run out of ideas or songs for that matter and I hope the show will make it past the 3rd season and will continue on for many more seasons after that.
  • Great great show for the high school age group

    Show follows a high school glee club in Ohio and the diversity of the kids in it, along with their day to day struggles as outcasts, coupled with their journey to glee club competitions. An excellent show that combines music, comedy, and high school life and the troubles that kids face when growing up. Especially great for the adolescent age group because we can relate the several of the problems that actors have on-screen. Actors/actresses are good looking and the storyline is usually great. Adults will probably also like the soundtrack since the majority of the songs performed on the show come from the 70s and 80s.
  • I started watching this show after it got so many good reviews. Pretty good.

    The first episode of the second season was the first episode I had watched and it was pretty cool. This show made me laugh a little but what really swept me away was the REALISM and their voices. The voices: May be a little autotuned but, their voices are beautiful. The realism: Unlike most shows, these characters are believable. You could go to a high school and see that some students are almost exactly the same. There are cliques and labels and that's what this show's all about.

    No matter who you are, what you do and what you act like, if singing's your thing join the GLEE club.
  • Finally, a show that is fun to watch, has humour, and actually shows what real high school is like.

    When I first saw the commercials for Glee, I thought it was another High School Musical and that it would die out fast. Then I actually watched an episode and was shocked at how much I loved it. I was hooked and I've watched it every week since then. First, let's start with the characters. Each of the characters is purposely stereotyped to the nth degree and they are all made fun of at some point as well as shown breaking their stereotype at least once. Each character is really fun and the entire cast has an amazing chemistry, and they are all incredibly talented performers.

    Next, the music. This show has introduced me to so many new songs and I've grown to love them. There are a handful of songs that I don't like very much and a few performances that I skip over when I rewatch the episodes, but the music is usually well chosen and well performed. I love that this show shows what happens in a real high school. If the jocks suddenly start singing and dancing, people will start seeing them as losers, the fine arts nerds are usually the targets of the bullies, and teachers really do overlook bullying.

    The show has it's weaker points, like inconsistent development of characters and plot, too many tribute episodes, and too much focus on the same characters over and over again. In my opinion, that is all overshadowed by the fact that it's fun to watch.

    I really hope this show continues for a while and I can't wait to see where they go with it.
  • A Great Idea, Amazing performances, Lots of Potential.......BUT an ATROCIOUS STORYLINE!!!!!!

    When this show started out, It was getting lots of hype and seemed very interesting. I was amongst the first to tune in and I was definitely able to see what the hype was about, the show's premise is very new, and it's is refreshing and fun to watch.
    For a while there, I was a HARD-CORE FAN!!
    The story itself though was never great (faking a pregnancy on her husband??? seriously!!!!) but then, deep stories wasn't exactly the reason I watched Glee so I was ok with it.....slowly however this is TOTALLY RUINING glee for me and for many fans!
    Glee is written by it's three creators and each of them has a different idea on what the show is. This results in: EXTREME INCONSISTENCY! Everything in the show is inconsistent starting from the plot-lines and right down to who the characters are. A new story is introduced every episode and all of the characters are shaped differently every week to fit the story!
    There's absolutely no consistency in the personalities of the characters so let alone character development.
    The plot-lines themselves are also ridiculous and the writers seem to mainly play in the land of exaggerated and unrealistic situations that could never happen in real-life!!
    Glee is becoming really painful to watch, with the last episode I got so bored, I decided to just watch the performances online! The writers of the show need to understand that it's not enough to have a fun show where people sing and dance, they need to start developing their plotlines clearly and coherently because it's really ruining every aspect of the show...
    FOR GOD'S SAKE, I no longer find Sue funny!!!
  • Nice Show With Cliche's

    I heard people who say how cool and great this show is and I just finished it's fifth episode. So here is the deal, it's pilot is full of cliche's. I just saw Rachel launched a really misguided bowling ball and i begged every second that it wont knock all the bowls. And here is the kicker. It did. Is it too hard to leave a couple ones up. I have no bad statements against the acting, and the idea. What makes this show cool is the songs and usage of them. The plot was really cool at the beginning (actually I am at the beginning right now but I mean the pilot and stuff) but I have no argument against how great it is. Nevertheless I think it's a bit overrated. Ok, it's far from being a terrific show.
  • It's okay to me.Nah,Just Kidding.

    I was wrong about this show.I don't hate it anymore.I LOVE IT!It's about a group of students in a Glee club singing songs that are popular.It 100 times better than Kidz Bop and 1,000,000 times better than that stupid High School Musical.Rachel is SOOO hot and Sue sylvester is hirailous,which what makes the show funny.I wouldn't call this a comedy though.I would call it a Drama because some of the episodes are not funny.For example,The gay guy named Kurt dad has a heart attack and almost dies in one episode.Really?!That's what you call a comedy?!Never mind.I give this an A.Score:
    Humor:There's barley any comedy
    Voices:Don't care

    One of the greatest shows ever made.It's better than Gossip Girl,The Vampire Diaries and Teen Mom.
  • Sensational, Amazing, Musical of a Show!

    Glee is an artfully crafted sensation of a show. Relevant to all audiences, Glee reaches out to the far reaches of "high school" to bring together the Glee Club. One may ask why its cast of extremely-typical cast of characters is so well loved. Though, typical we get a hands on look at the back story of each and every character. "It's hard to hate someone when you know their story." (Stu Gabe; Breaking down the walls) It's seems harder to judge, if not love them when we get to really know them. This show teaches us to learn to accept everyone no matter their status. The truth is everyone wants to be accepted, and this show helps us to realize the fault of bullying and how we can become better people.
  • Nice show with awesomness throughout.

    This show is awesome. I'm not really trying because I just want to get to level 2. Um... filler time! cool awesome OMG what huh? No way! I'm just writing to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to! YAY!
  • I absolutely ADORE this show

    I love it. I think that it is clever and creative and just full of heart. The talent on it is amazing Especially the singing of Lea Michelle. That girl can sing anything and it'll be amazing. I literally get chills whenever she sings. Amber Riley is also fantastic and can hit some ridiculous notes! Chris Colfer's acting is just phenomenal and he should really win his emmy. Mathew Morrison is a real triple threat as is Leah Michelle.

    The cast is just so full of talent and I really love seeing talented people working. The show is so much fun and the music is great. It can be histerically funny one minute and then be tear jerking the next. Any show that knows how to master comedy, music, and drama deserves a ten out of ten. :)
  • Glee

    Season 1 was so much better. That's my concern. Not that season 2 is not awesome, but its lost a lot of potential. In the 1st season this show was about helping each other, and characters were more fun to watch. The story line made sense. They were Geeks, or "Gleeks" but now it's just about egos. What I've always liked about Glee was the songs, more than the stories. Now the stories are declining. A lot. And the songs are making the songs survive. If it keeps this pace there will be no 3rd season. I'm getting worried, I was a fan of Glee, specially the 1st half of the 1st season, now I still like the songs. But remember Don't Stop Believing? it was better when they sang with feelings, with their hearts.
  • Glee is a show about a Choir/Glee Club that is fighting for survival at the local high school while the coach of the cheerleaders is out to take them down. Despite all of the set backs budget cuts and football debackles they make it through

    I think this is the best show right now on TV when Global TV paired this up with House I thought it was crazy but when I got season 1 and watched it I was very impressed The only show I did not like was The Rocky Horror Show Episode and I love the choice of songs and the way they work out the choreography for them. Keep It up and keep the songs coming. My only thing about the sings is can you do some Contemporary Christian Music, DC Talk, Nitro Praise or even Josh Grobian they would rock
  • 9.0
    I think this show is totally badass! At first, when I saw people talking about it, I didn't see what the hype was all about. Out of curiosity, I bought season one on dvd and by the end of the first episode, I was like totally in love with it! It appeals to both teenagers and adults alike, and the songs in it are the songs by artists us teens love like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and the like. Plus, it also exposes us to artists we'd normally not listen to and dislike, like Elton John, Lionel Richie, Barbara Striessand and so on. This show is totally addictive. I can't get enough Glee!
  • Nothing to see here.

    I find this show to be abysmal. While shows like this get 2 or 3 seasons, shows like Detroit 1-8-7 that have strength, integrity and charm barely scrape the ratings barrel. It disgusts me that people like this crap. This show is basically a serialized High School Musical but with gay people. It basically promotes high school cliches and it makes me sick to my stomach. Don't even waste your time with this show. The characters are flat and the plots are predictable. The songs are out of place and the conflicts lack substance. There is nothing good to say about this show. Just another FOX show that needs to get canceled.
  • A pretty good reason to watch TV.

    For any musical lover Glee is the air of fresh breath you've been waiting to hit prime time television since the invention of coloured TV. Music, dancing, drama, not to mention the brilliant comedy provided by Sue Sylvester, what more could you want from a forty-five minute show? Glee's the type of entertainment that makes you jump up and scream at your television, "Where have you been all my life". Well fret not musical lovers, hopefully Glee will be around for quite some time, redefining entertainment for generations to come, and giving Gleeks around the world something to look forward to.
  • Glee.

    So FOX gets a freaking cash cow ratings grabber. This show is about Will Schouester (commonly called Mr. Shoe) who decides to save the Glee club cause he lovedit when he was young. Initially like 5 kids sing up (diva Rachel, handicapped Artie, asian goth Tina, Beyonce-wannabe Mercedes & gay Kurt). Will's efforts bring up quarterbakc Finn Hudson, and evil Mastermind sue Sylvester (the cheerlader coach who hates Gleeclub because it uses her budget) sent 2 Cherrios airhead Brittany & schemingly evil Santan in. Later badass Puck & asian Mike join and in season 2 new kid Sam joins too.
    And then there's the whole Will-Emma (school psycholgist) will they-won't they romance. Basically it's about the kids life, and trying to win trophies for the school.

    Overall: It's a great show with great songs and great stories, and interestig characters. 9/10.
  • GLEE!!!

    Best Musical Series!!!! It's Glee!!! The Muscial Numbers are very good and the storylines between the chararcters are great!!! One of my favorite character is Rachel because she's very determined to shine and I love that. I hope that Glee will continued to shine. The only character that I doesn't really like is Will Shuester because he is not a really good teacher. I really REALLY like the character of Sue because she's mean and this is why she have so much power in this series. My favorite voice of the series is Rachel, Finn and Mercedes because they all have a powerful voice. And I can said: I'M A GLEEK!
  • Started off great, but then it became to monotonous and predictable

    When Glee first started, most people that I knew did not want to watch it. They felt that it was like Disney's High School Musical, except with satire. I admit that I did not begin to watch it right away, but I did one day out of curiosity, and I was glad that I did. The first half of the season was amazing. It was funny, and the songs were interesting. I actually found myself purchasing the songs through iTunes. However, Glee fever caught on, and the show began to disintegrate. The same concepts and jokes that were told in the first half of the season were overplayed. The show became monotonous, and almost very easy to predict. I actually did not watch the season finale because I was able to guess what would happen. Not a good thing if you want to keep viewers. I will admit that the show started off really well, but I'm giving it only an 8 because of the way it started to go...downhill.
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