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  • It's okay to me.Nah,Just Kidding.

    I was wrong about this show.I don't hate it anymore.I LOVE IT!It's about a group of students in a Glee club singing songs that are popular.It 100 times better than Kidz Bop and 1,000,000 times better than that stupid High School Musical.Rachel is SOOO hot and Sue sylvester is hirailous,which what makes the show funny.I wouldn't call this a comedy though.I would call it a Drama because some of the episodes are not funny.For example,The gay guy named Kurt dad has a heart attack and almost dies in one episode.Really?!That's what you call a comedy?!Never mind.I give this an A.Score:
    Humor:There's barley any comedy
    Voices:Don't care

    One of the greatest shows ever made.It's better than Gossip Girl,The Vampire Diaries and Teen Mom.
  • Sensational, Amazing, Musical of a Show!

    Glee is an artfully crafted sensation of a show. Relevant to all audiences, Glee reaches out to the far reaches of "high school" to bring together the Glee Club. One may ask why its cast of extremely-typical cast of characters is so well loved. Though, typical we get a hands on look at the back story of each and every character. "It's hard to hate someone when you know their story." (Stu Gabe; Breaking down the walls) It's seems harder to judge, if not love them when we get to really know them. This show teaches us to learn to accept everyone no matter their status. The truth is everyone wants to be accepted, and this show helps us to realize the fault of bullying and how we can become better people.
  • Nice show with awesomness throughout.

    This show is awesome. I'm not really trying because I just want to get to level 2. Um... filler time! cool awesome OMG what huh? No way! I'm just writing to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to! YAY!
  • I absolutely ADORE this show

    I love it. I think that it is clever and creative and just full of heart. The talent on it is amazing Especially the singing of Lea Michelle. That girl can sing anything and it'll be amazing. I literally get chills whenever she sings. Amber Riley is also fantastic and can hit some ridiculous notes! Chris Colfer's acting is just phenomenal and he should really win his emmy. Mathew Morrison is a real triple threat as is Leah Michelle.

    The cast is just so full of talent and I really love seeing talented people working. The show is so much fun and the music is great. It can be histerically funny one minute and then be tear jerking the next. Any show that knows how to master comedy, music, and drama deserves a ten out of ten. :)
  • Glee

    Season 1 was so much better. That's my concern. Not that season 2 is not awesome, but its lost a lot of potential. In the 1st season this show was about helping each other, and characters were more fun to watch. The story line made sense. They were Geeks, or "Gleeks" but now it's just about egos. What I've always liked about Glee was the songs, more than the stories. Now the stories are declining. A lot. And the songs are making the songs survive. If it keeps this pace there will be no 3rd season. I'm getting worried, I was a fan of Glee, specially the 1st half of the 1st season, now I still like the songs. But remember Don't Stop Believing? it was better when they sang with feelings, with their hearts.
  • Glee is a show about a Choir/Glee Club that is fighting for survival at the local high school while the coach of the cheerleaders is out to take them down. Despite all of the set backs budget cuts and football debackles they make it through

    I think this is the best show right now on TV when Global TV paired this up with House I thought it was crazy but when I got season 1 and watched it I was very impressed The only show I did not like was The Rocky Horror Show Episode and I love the choice of songs and the way they work out the choreography for them. Keep It up and keep the songs coming. My only thing about the sings is can you do some Contemporary Christian Music, DC Talk, Nitro Praise or even Josh Grobian they would rock
  • 9.0
    I think this show is totally badass! At first, when I saw people talking about it, I didn't see what the hype was all about. Out of curiosity, I bought season one on dvd and by the end of the first episode, I was like totally in love with it! It appeals to both teenagers and adults alike, and the songs in it are the songs by artists us teens love like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and the like. Plus, it also exposes us to artists we'd normally not listen to and dislike, like Elton John, Lionel Richie, Barbara Striessand and so on. This show is totally addictive. I can't get enough Glee!
  • Nothing to see here.

    I find this show to be abysmal. While shows like this get 2 or 3 seasons, shows like Detroit 1-8-7 that have strength, integrity and charm barely scrape the ratings barrel. It disgusts me that people like this crap. This show is basically a serialized High School Musical but with gay people. It basically promotes high school cliches and it makes me sick to my stomach. Don't even waste your time with this show. The characters are flat and the plots are predictable. The songs are out of place and the conflicts lack substance. There is nothing good to say about this show. Just another FOX show that needs to get canceled.
  • A pretty good reason to watch TV.

    For any musical lover Glee is the air of fresh breath you've been waiting to hit prime time television since the invention of coloured TV. Music, dancing, drama, not to mention the brilliant comedy provided by Sue Sylvester, what more could you want from a forty-five minute show? Glee's the type of entertainment that makes you jump up and scream at your television, "Where have you been all my life". Well fret not musical lovers, hopefully Glee will be around for quite some time, redefining entertainment for generations to come, and giving Gleeks around the world something to look forward to.
  • Glee.

    So FOX gets a freaking cash cow ratings grabber. This show is about Will Schouester (commonly called Mr. Shoe) who decides to save the Glee club cause he lovedit when he was young. Initially like 5 kids sing up (diva Rachel, handicapped Artie, asian goth Tina, Beyonce-wannabe Mercedes & gay Kurt). Will's efforts bring up quarterbakc Finn Hudson, and evil Mastermind sue Sylvester (the cheerlader coach who hates Gleeclub because it uses her budget) sent 2 Cherrios airhead Brittany & schemingly evil Santan in. Later badass Puck & asian Mike join and in season 2 new kid Sam joins too.
    And then there's the whole Will-Emma (school psycholgist) will they-won't they romance. Basically it's about the kids life, and trying to win trophies for the school.

    Overall: It's a great show with great songs and great stories, and interestig characters. 9/10.
  • GLEE!!!

    Best Musical Series!!!! It's Glee!!! The Muscial Numbers are very good and the storylines between the chararcters are great!!! One of my favorite character is Rachel because she's very determined to shine and I love that. I hope that Glee will continued to shine. The only character that I doesn't really like is Will Shuester because he is not a really good teacher. I really REALLY like the character of Sue because she's mean and this is why she have so much power in this series. My favorite voice of the series is Rachel, Finn and Mercedes because they all have a powerful voice. And I can said: I'M A GLEEK!
  • Started off great, but then it became to monotonous and predictable

    When Glee first started, most people that I knew did not want to watch it. They felt that it was like Disney's High School Musical, except with satire. I admit that I did not begin to watch it right away, but I did one day out of curiosity, and I was glad that I did. The first half of the season was amazing. It was funny, and the songs were interesting. I actually found myself purchasing the songs through iTunes. However, Glee fever caught on, and the show began to disintegrate. The same concepts and jokes that were told in the first half of the season were overplayed. The show became monotonous, and almost very easy to predict. I actually did not watch the season finale because I was able to guess what would happen. Not a good thing if you want to keep viewers. I will admit that the show started off really well, but I'm giving it only an 8 because of the way it started to go...downhill.
  • Old recipe, just repackaged

    If I were Disney I'd be pissed at this shows success since it's an obvious rip-off of the High School musical films. I can just see the producer's drawing board now... "Hmmm... this is a great idea but how can we make it different? I know! We'll hire Jane Lynch. She's a hot new popular comic in all the Jude Apatow films! She'll bring comedy to the recipe and there we go, instant success!"

    Soon enough we'll see them to start tying in the AMerican Idol teen flakes with guest cameo's. I totally do not understand the appeal. I'm not a fan and would rather watch quality programming.
  • Glee?

    Glee, has just aired last week in Holland. Thought i'd watch it. Well this is not going to work in Holland i think. I was bored after like two minutes. And i really tried! I saw some clips with the music covers and thought i could be worth watching. But really... it is not worth the effort and time. The characters are to outspoken..Gay, ugly, mental, small, pretty, jock.. and so on. No i don't understand why it is a hit in the states. But then again..They cancel shows that are good and keep bad shows running for years and years.
  • The best thing on TV! Quotes you'll be laughing about for years to come. A show that is just great fun!

    This show is one of the best shows on TV these days. It is by far the funniest show I've seen before. It does not try to be real. And people watching this, expecting serious situations and realistic events will truly be disappointed. Glee for me is just that. GLEE. After every episode I feel a bit happier and tired from all the laughing. I love Rachel's self-centeredness. The way she is so in love with herself and doesn't even care that almost everyone hates her. Brittany's dumbness is another great part of this show. This show only has one dimensional characters in extreme forms, and I love how the writers work with that. The dumb blond, is extremely dumb. We have the sensitive jock who's extremely stupid, and the bully jock. The cheerleaders, a black girl, Asian, other Asian, gay kid and wheelchairs. That brings me to the best part of Glee. SUE SYLVESTER. I don't even have words to describe how awesome she is. And her lines are the best on television today. All this already makes this show extremely great and i haven't even mentioned the music. The music is always great, fitting in perfectly within each episode. Some people say the music makes this show so great, but for me the music is just the cherry on top of an already great show.
    I read a review from a dutch person saying this show would fail in Holland. I have to totally disagree with that, because I'm also from Holland and in the student community here this show has been our guilty pleasure from day 1.
  • It's not a show, it's a PLAGUE unto humanity!

    I don't care what people will say about my feelings on Glee, but i for 1 do not see any reason to waste an unrecoverable hour of my life to seeing an ill-contrived show about prickly teenagers trying to solve their personal problems through song & NONE of the characters have anything going for them that makes me want to like them, even their martinet of a P.E. teacher(Jane Lynch) is as repugnant as they come.

    You would think that network TV learned its lesson before foisting jejune musical shows unto an apathetic audience like ABC's Cop Rock(1990), NBC's Rags To Riches(1990-91) & of course CBS's gigaturkey Viva Laughlin(2007), but since the inception of this joke of a show, they haven't.

    In the name of Humanity, make this show fade into oblivion...
  • That paled in comparison to episode 1

    Glee has highs and lows, last season they did Lady Gaga and it wasn't a high, the Britney episode this week was very disappointing in a similar way. Compare episode 1 where the songs were varied and re-arranged and told a story, here they were shoehorned into the storyline, nothing clever was done with them and as great as Britney songs are to listen to, they're not enough to carry an episode and this one was just .. waiting for the next to come and go. Glee wins when it re-mixes songs in ways you wouldn't have thought of, I spent the whole episode waiting for them to do the original Christopher Cross theme in a way which made me go "I can't believe they did that". Didn't happen. Roll on episode 3, I know you can do better.
  • This shows ok...i've seen better

    i don't like vary many of the characters. Rachel: she sontols her boyfriend practically, she thinks she has to have the lead in every song, shes kinda annoying and who asks someoen to ask their boyfriend out! Seriously! Kurt is a diva and brittany and santana shouldn't even be in that club. i don;t remeber anybody elses names. i liked the lady gaga episode in the first season but thast about it. nobody actually acts like some of those people! the characters are fakes, the show doesn't depict real life and it's show about real life! its completely poinless really
  • I am totally a Gleek, but this episode was not the built of awesome!

    Okay, I should start off saying that I am a huge fan of Glee. Along with The Vampire Diaries it is the only show that I make time to watch each week. I also realize that being 31 years old removes me from a high school mindset by about 13 years. With that said, I still watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer and totally relate with the high school frame of mind there. I would say that on the scale of 1 to 10 this episode would rate a 6. Because of the fact that at least from my viewpoint, Glee is going downhill... First of all, I don't understand how Quinn and Sam can sing loud enough to be heard throughout the entire audience, yet Santana needs a microphone on stage. I know that is a minor point but it felt weird. I've been in or at a lot of different singing competitions and very rarely, if ever, is there an actual tie. I felt like that was done just so Kurt's new school and Mckinley could go farther with the series and to Regionals. And, beside that point, I know we didn't see the second performance by the Warblers, but just based on the first performance there is no way in heaven, hell, or beyond, based on harmony and choreography, the Warblers would have tied, they had showed themselves to be deficient. From an emotional standpoint I don't understand why Finn would decide to breakup with Rachel right after telling her how much he loved her and then finding out that she kissed another boy. Overall the episode felt very contrived. The scenes between Kurt and Blaine felt very forced and not coherent to the story at all,other than compare and contrast. I understand "the grass is greener" aspect, but it still felt forced. Also just a minor editing note...Making a big fuss about having auditions for sectionals and then showing the guess star performing that solo kinda defeats the purpose of having auditions. I understand the warblers had another song that we weren't shown but. . . On a positive note, I'm not sure, I would have to research but this episode was the most balanced episode we've had of Glee, with almost every main and secondary character having either a singing solo or a dramatic scene with the exception of Beist and, very noticably, Sue Sylvester. I have always enjoyed the chemistry of all these characters and would definitely say that Brittany has the best one liners, and Puck takes the cake for this episode. Dear Jesus, Buddah, and Satan I hope that glee in the future is better than the last few Glee. PS I am not familar with the song that ended the episode, but I think it was the best song in this episode.
  • Glee tries hard to make it, falls a hair short.

    Maybe it's because I'm an old fart,(oh hell, why be coy...I am an old fart)with my school days decades behind me, but I thought Glee fell just a little bit short. Obviously tailored for the younger set (and I think high school kids would like this series just fine) Glee seemed to me to try just a little to hard without really making the grade. Oh, it's not a bad series, but it seems to drag a little bit in between the genuinely funny bits. I think part of the problem with Glee for me is that they try to stretch to little material to fit too long a time slot. Might work better as a half hour show...
  • Awesome show that just makes you happy!! ^_^

    This show is amazing, the singing, dancing, ACTING!! All of it is just brilliant, I love it cuz wen am annoyed I just wana get up and sing about it!! Music makes things so much better and if you truly love music, you will love this show!! It's full of laughs, good times and you just fall in love with all the characters!! Even thou Finn and Rachel are the main gleeks, this show has its way of making every glee kid a star and showcasing all the talent!! I think this is why I love it so much, cuz we get to see every character and their story, not just one character and a story line around them supported by other characters!! All in all, one hour a week I become much happier

    This show is amazing. Everyone who was an outcast should agree. All these kids want is to be something great to be loved be their peers but the harder they try the harder they fall. The Casts relationship is very realistic. You can feel the hate from the cheerleaders to Rachel, from Sue to Will, and from the school towards Glee club. But even in all this hate you can tell the Glee club members love each other regardless and Know they aren't just doing it for themselves they are doing it for everyone and that what I really love about the show.
  • definitely overrated.

    I don't think they have a good plot . Seriously , an adult trying to fake a pregnancy ?? How long did she think that was gonna last ? This show can have a great plot if they want to . After all , they've got a bunch of great things . Their performances are amazing . I love that they only choose songs that everybody knows and that the choreography is always adding something to the song . Dancing in wheelchairs and jumping on beds are incredible ideas . Something I really don't like about the show is that some characters can be a little annoying . Rachel always thinks she is the best singer of the whole world . Terri and Emma have to wake up and face reality . Even though I find Rachel extremely irritating , like many of the other characters , she is an incredible singer . I've never seen a guy reach such high notes as Kurt did , I was really impressed when I heard him sing . Mercedes also has a wonderful voice . Another character I really like is Sue Sylvester . She is funny and manipulative . They did a really good job in casting Jane Lynch . I love that the whole Glee club has all kinds of different people , including all races , a kid in a wheel chair and a gay kid . I find that amazing because I hate those shows that only cast one stereotype .

    Oh my god, I tried watching this excuse for a time killer but my brain shut off twice so I wouldn't have to listen to the mind numbing and never ending dribble any longer than was necessary. I'm not sure if they were going for a high school musical teenage drama ripoff but there were barely any adult situations whatsoever and I don't think I had a good laugh, or a chuckle for that matter, once during the entire show (well, for the parts my brain would allow me stay conscious for).. Who in their right mind rated this show a comedy!? Someone please tell me where the humor is!? Take my advice and avoid this show at all costs, or prepare to regret it..
  • Glee is the best show ever. I instantly fell in love with it the minute I saw the first minute. The music is amazingly sang by the cast and speaking of the cast, it's the best as well. Ryan Murphy out did himslef with this new show.

    Glee is the best show ever. I instantly fell in love with it the minute I saw the first minute. The music is amazingly sang by the cast and speaking of the cast, it's the best as well. Ryan Murphy out did himslef with this new show after all he is a good writer. This show took me by storm and it was like i was back in high school. This show is great as of now i've seen the Pilot more then 10 times. I can't wait for its big premiere Wednesdays this fall on FOX. Ahh im so excited.
  • best new show in years!

    I LOVE glee. It is hilarious and interesting and sue sylvester is my new hero. I look forward to watching this show every week and i never miss it. This is the second best show on tv, in my opinion, close behind the office. The only episode that i have not like is the rhodes not taken because I didn't laugh once except when sue talked. The characters in this show are great and the episodes are very fun to watch. The music is also surprisingly awesome to! The music is fun and i have bought one or two of their songs on my ipod. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • A show which produces the feeling of its title.

    Glee! One of the few shows that make me feel truly happy. While I admit this show isn't a masterpiece, using practically every trope in the books, it encompasses nice ideas and just a fun viewing experience. The characters, while possessing their own stereotypical plotlines, are all unique and have unexpectedly deeper backstories than you might at first think. The musical talent on the show is outstanding. Lea Michele's voice is beautiful in a contemporary way. One of my favourite things about this show is how the characters are so perfectly flawed. Even the main character, the one with all the talent, has maybe the biggest flaws of them all. The only criticism I can make of this show is the severe underusage of cast. Only know are we beginning to hear the beautiful voice of Naya Rivera (Santana). There are still many second level characters the show has yet to explore the talents of.
  • Please stop computerizing all the voices! This is NOT the chipmunks!

    Take you average highschool movie and cut out bad jokes
    and add some originality and a lot of good music. there is Glee. Highly overrated. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice series but no potential to become a classic in my humble opinion. There are some good actors in the series and all the cliche characters are there. The popular teacher, the fat girl, The talented gay dancer boy, The goodlooking footbalplayer who is discovering his "softer" side, the geeks, the footballteam bully, an asian character and the stereotype cheerleeder girls. This series is so sweet it's bad for your teeth. One last thing. Please stop computerizing all the voices! This is NOT the chipmunks!!!!
  • Um, yeah, it kind of sucks now.

    I am hating this show more and more with each coming episode - the songs aren't even keeping me coming anymore. It used to be good, then bearable, now it is just abysmal. This show is completely unrealistic - they're on a budget of, like, less than 100 dollars to with, yet they came somehow afford these huge set pieces ? Yeah, right. TOTALLY believable.

    Point is, this show used to be one of my favourites, I used to get excited for it each week, but now, I am disliking it more and more, and it's more of a "meh" thing for me now that I may or may not watch depending on if I feel like it or not. I've reviewed this show once before, when it was still good, and raved about it. It really was a good show, and it had it's chance to stay one, but really, I think this show was a one-hit dud.

    Seriously, Ryan Murphy, your plot lines are incomprehensible and stupid and silly. Learn to write a real premise, please.
  • Don't compare this to anything else. This show competes in a different sport.

    Forget everything you think you know about TV Shows. This isn't about a huge story arch that spreads over several seasons like the X Files, it isn't about some unique point of view like CSI, it's not about developing characters like Buffy, a parallel universe like 4400, social criticism like Mad Men, trying to make you think about some philosophical theory like Dollhouse and it's not about making as much money as possible either. This show makes you feel good.

    This is the one and only thing you need to know. The characters are your basic high school kids, the nerd, the stud, the ugly duckling, the cheerleader aso. A pseudo villain, a mediocre plot and some romcom. But!

    This show makes you feel good.

    The music man! I'm not going to say it's always well embedded, but it is more times than not, the music choices are well done, the voices are off the chart! the actresses and actors are superbly cast (except for Jesse who makes you wanna hit him with a 2x4), the sets are flashy, the choreographies impressive... I would go on but you catch my drift. So whenever you're low, you don't feel like getting into some far-fetched super mysterious plot, or you're just dressing up for a party, pop in an episode. because, I'll say it again:

    This show makes you feel good.

    (I didn't rank this higher than 8,5 because like I said there is room for improvement, plotwise)

    After reading some of the other reviews I feel I have to add something: Of course the characterization is overdone! Of course you're not supposed to like Rachel. Of course Sue Sylvester is ridiculous. It's overdone on purpose and meant to be fun. It's called Glee not: Study on High School kids in America.
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