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  • First two seasons - outstanding. Second two seasons - insitting?

    Alright, I just made that word up, but I needed one that was the complete opposite of outstanding. So, when I first watched the first season of Glee I absolutely loved it. I loved the characters, who were all so intriguing and fabulous, I loved the humor, which was put in the show perfectly, the drama that never failed to stick me to my screen, the plots, which were all so intriguing and fascinating... and the season 2 didn't disappoint me either. It all got better, actually. The relationships became better too, and I got my first OTP (one true pairing) - Tike (Tina and Mike). I was fascinated, and I thought that season 3 was going to be even better. But it failed. Sure, the acting was still amazing as always, and the music got even better if possible, but these new characters were just awful. I absolutely hated Shane and that bitch Roz. And the main characters changed for worse too. They lost their spark. But, what really disappointed me were the plots - they became so one-dimensional and just plain. Glee completely lost its spark. But then, season 4 came. And I started disliking Glee even more. Music and acting, as always, are still fantastic. The plot got kind of better, but the characters - awful. The main cast was okay, but the new characters - Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty, Unique, Brody - awful! These characters completely ruined the show for me. But, I try not to focus much on the last two seasons and I'm still hoping that Glee will become better in seasons 5 and 6. It's always going to be my second favorite show (right after Friends) and I'll never forget it. But it really needs to improve its plot and characters! And the new relationship also pretty much suck, but I think that sort of goes under the characters category. The two thumbs down are from my previous Glee review, and now I changed it, so don't mind them.

    Edit: I also forgot to say that the humor disappeared completely in season 3. They should bring it back and stop all the drama. There's too much of it.

    UPDATE: Season 5 is the worst yet. It's as if it's a whole other show. However, I can't stop watching it because I just grew way too attached to it. However, it's nowhere near my second favorite show anymore.