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  • Did you hear the rumour that this episode of Glee was really good? Oh, it's NOT a rumour!

    So we're quickly reminded about the amount of emotional baggage everyone is carrying this week during the Previously On segment and jump head first into a pool of teen angst. Mixed metaphor? You bet your placenta infused, protein shake cocktail it is!

    Oh how I love Sue. Her David Bowie/Anne Coulter (yah, I know, WHO!? Google tells me she's a politician. Ick) get-up was inspired. Like, it really tickled me. I love it when Glee throws logic to the wind, then takes an RPG and blows it to smithereens. More, please!

    So Brittany has her own little gossip show on Youtube. And, ya know what, she's actually a pretty decent host. (And cat whisperer.) She has so many talents. Anyways, this being Glee, her loose lips sink plenty of [relation]SHIPS this week and things spiral out of control.

    If this were an episode of Friends, it'd be called ''The One with the Longing Looks.'' Seriously. The kids were on overdrive this week. You could make an awesome drinking game out of it and down a shot every time a character throws sorrowful eyes someone else's way. But we won't, cos we learned our lesson in Blame It on the Alcohol: not until after Nationals. Then I'm getting smashed.

    Did anyone else know Kristin Chenoweth was going to be in this episode? It immediately made the Fleetwood Mac theme ten times more awesome. I love her to bits and pieces. But what I love more than the petite powerhouse are her duets with Will! Their cover of ''Dreams'' was per-fect. (Although I still prefer the version from The Corrs, it's brilliant.) But ya know what I love more than THAT? Pushing Daisies. =( R.I.P. If you have no idea what that is, look it up and watch an episode. You can thank me later!

    So everyone was on a bit of a Debby Downer this week, huh? Santana is still very conflicted about her feelings over Brit. I'm so glad the writers are taking time to develop this storyline properly. The show can so easily become finicky, as most of the characters switch allegiances and personalities at the bat of an eyelid. Even here they felt more childish than ever. But, er, where was I? Santana, right! God, her teary eyes kill me. She reminds me of Alyson Hannigan and her massive puppy dog waterworks. Her song to Brit was fab!

    The big reveal that Trouty Mouth was living out of a motel was random. VERY random. Did we know that Quinn and Sam went to the same church before now? Did we know Quinn went to church at all? I didn't realise the spawn of *Satan* went to church. She may be competing for prom queen, but she takes the crown for total bi-otch! She's ridiculously pretty, though, so lets cut her some slack, eh? I'm sympathetic toward teen-pregnancy, double-whammy two-timing trollops. Oh, wait, NO I'm not! Spawn.Of.Satan.

    I did, however, enjoy her duet of ''I Don't Want to Know'' with Finn. I like songs with a bit of added rivalry and angst. It's why I love Rachel so much. She's teen angst personified. She can sing about headbands and still come across as angsty.

    Oh, Rachel!

    Her rendition of ''Go Your Own Way'' was awesomeness covered in awesome sauce. Britney's out of sync finger snap? It's true what they say, there's just some things money can't buy!

    What else happened in this episode? Oh yeah, A LOT. I was exhausted by the end. Artie and Brittany drama. I hate when they bring in Artie's disability, make fun of it, or highlight how defeated Artie is not being able to walk, and then IMMEDIATELY afterward state how it has nothing to do with being in a wheelchair. Like, it makes no sense. Why even bring it up?

    What else happened? Will wants to take his giant butt-chin to Broadway. April only showed up because Will's ex-wife, Gina (forget her name in this; she's practically Gina from Nip/tuck, anwyays) called her up to tempt him. I'm sure there's more, this episode was packed, wasn't it? This felt like a 90 min episode as opposed to last week's offering.

    Oh mah werd: Santana's seranading song to Brit Swoon. I love Santana. I'd go straight for her gay self. And roflwaffles: ''he's just furniture. No offence.'' - HA!

    So there ya have it! I was left feeling pretty tired, confused, entertained, and slightly nautious by everything that went on this week. I need a pick me up.

    Got anymore plecenta floating about, Sue? This show!
  • You go, Glen Coco & Ann Coulter!

    Rumors in high school are about as expected as the lone "thumbs down" I get every week I post a new review. It would make sense, then, that Glee would tackle the issue of behind-the-back whispering and thankfully the show decided to go in a Fleetwood Mac direction rather than covering Lindsay Lohan's biggest single (although a Mean Girls homage might've been nice).

    The episode started off promisingly enough, with Brittany hosting her online video blog "Fondue for Two", with special guests Mercedes and Tina pointing out their attendance meant Brittany's title/math was off. Apparently this was her thinly veiled attempt to discuss gossip with some of the school's biggest motor mouths but since the melted cheese was simply too hot for Mercedes to fathom (she didn't revert back to full-on-diva, but I was a little afraid Lauren Zizes might pop out of the closet with a new list of Ms. Jones' demands) nothing was really discussed besides Santana's crush on Brittany.

    Honey Badger and David Bowie…I mean, Terri and Sue (Damn, their disguises fooled me!) met to discuss a new plan to destroy the Glee Club: writing scathing rumors about the group via the school newspaper. Sue changing costumes on the fly was probably the best bit to come from this congregation. The fact that she paid for her coffee with Euros while she was dressed like Bowie was a nice touch, however.

    April made her way back to McKinley after an unsuccessful stint on Broadway – the New York Times thought the world wasn't ready for an all-white version of The Wiz. As much as I enjoy Kristin Chenoweth's April Rhodes, I'm glad she and the other guest stars we've been introduced to already are starting to occupy less time onscreen to make room for existing supporting characters. The only people to get the shaft this week were Puck (limited to only playing the guitar and mentioning "Pizes" as a relationship mash-up), Mike, and Lauren, but I could use a break from the last two.

    Onto the lesson of the week. Since just about every member of the club was being gossiped about in the school's paper (fittingly titled The Muckraker), Schue – with help from April - decided the group should dedicate the week to covering Fleetwood Mac's album based on the matter. The show didn't bother to hold back on the heavy-handed dramatics, as both the club had a falling out early on and the scene where April suggested the band to Will was preceded by a mushy heart to heart.

    To me, "Dreams" didn't feel like a good fit for Kristin to cover. Sure, she can sing the song like a pro but her best numbers on the show have been ones which utilize her Broadway style and approach. I think Lea and she could've performed another rousing duet with "Go Your Own Way" as opposed to Lea singing it alone, but it probably would've set the bar too high for the rest of the night. Artie's take on "Never Going Back Again" didn't stray too far from the original, but the only noticeable flaw I wrote down during this performance was the fact that they wanted us to believe Corey Monteith was really playing that guitar in his hands – at least act like you're playing the chords, man!

    Santana seems to be transitioning from R&B to acoustic numbers but when the results are as good as her rendition of "Songbird", there's not much room for complaint. I will say this, though, the reference to "Landslide" made me think this cover didn't quite measure up. And maybe it was the context it was played in, but I found Finn & Quinn's duet on "I Don't Want to Know" hard to enjoy since they looked so discontent with one another during it (and what was up with that shaker that appeared in Quinn's hand at the end?). I much preferred their interaction on "Don't Stop", the final number of the night which had Quinn, Finn, Sam, & Rachel taking lead.

    As far as plot developments go, the inevitable Artie & Brittany break-up happened, as well as someone finally admitting the piano player was more or less furniture (Santana). Sam got character growth and two younger siblings in this episode. Chord Overstreet hasn't been given much material, despite the fact that he's one of the new faces this season, but he was very effective when it came to rolling with the dramatic punches for his character. Since his dad recently lost his job, Sam and his family were forced to relocate to a run-down motel and surprisingly everything that led up to it rang true. Kurt coming by to lend Sam clothing and Quinn's visits to lend a hand with Sam's siblings were explained and felt believable, as both of them seem to have amicable relationships with Sam.

    Emma and Will both supporting one another was unexpected and also pretty cool. I predicted Emma would either throw a hissy fit or give Will the silent treatment after she saw April and him perform an amazingly blunt original number, "It's A Good Bet I Slept With You" (which did utilize Kristin's Broadway skills very well). Instead, Emma encouraged Schue to leave with April if that's what his heart truly desired and it was an appreciated curveball in a relationship we likely already know the outcome for.

    Episode Highlights:

    The Relationship Name Game – The show's self-referential tone was used to great comedic effect in the group's get-together at the local coffee shop. "Puckleberry", "Finchel", "McTina-Cohen-Ching-Chang" were all referenced here but I'm just the teensiest bit hurt my "Blurt" mash-up hasn't caught on yet.

    Random Towel Dispenser In the Newspaper Room – Seriously, Figgins can't afford to keep the Glee Club up-and-running but deems paper towel machines in every classroom a necessary expenditure?

    April Robs the Elderly – Or demented seniors, as she likes to drunkenly word it. I was trying to be politically correct but I feel like doing the same thing to the old farts who give me trouble at my place of work.

    Looks like Jesse St. James is returning to make amends and possibly escort Rachel to the prom next Tuesday. Seems like a solid episode so I'm looking forward to seeing who walks away as Prom King and Queen (I haven't read the spoilers, but I have to believe the results are what pissed Quinn off in the preview). Off to work now…if any old people rub me the wrong way I'll be sure to make their shopping experience as pleasant as if April were "assisting" them.
  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! (Spoilers ahead)

    The "finally" comes from a lot of different places. FINALLY we get to learn more about Sam, FINALLY we get Rachel and Finn hanging out again, and finally, finally, FINALLY we're back at an episode as good as Original Song. Because since then and until now, the episodes have been crap. Night of Neglect was godawful and Born this Way had its moments but still fell short. But Rumours blew that all out the window.

    Rachel and Finn spy on Sam and see both Kurt and Quinn saying goodbye to him after leaving a seedy motel. This starts rumors that he's having an affair with both while really his family is living in room in the motel because his dad lost his job. This episode is back to the greatness of Season 1. It had the great character development, the great songs, and Sue being wacky without the viewers wanting to kill her. Chord Overstreet who plays Sam was amazing in this episode. Up until now, he hasn't had much of a role other than a boyfriend to somebody and a rival to Finn. But when Rachel and Finn realize how wrong they were, they go to the motel and give Sam his guitar that he pawned to help his family. The following reaction is adorable and I dare anyone to try to get through Sam breaking down in tears and his little sister who's probably about six or seven hugging him and saying, "Don't cry, Sammy!" without tearing up yourself. This episode brought us back to why we love Glee. It's realistic, it's wacky, and it has a great soundtrack. Best episode of Glee in a while.
  • 2x20

    As the previous reviewer said this episode is good because the character are becoming human. I haven't written a review for a long time but I kind of enjoy the last two episodes because it spoke to me and was about some real stuff of the real life but still really funny especially due to Sue and her "crazy" plans! I wasn't surprise at all about the Sam storyline after viewing the trailer it was what I was expected but it was really emotional and it showed how the glee club is a tight group.
    Having April Rhodes back brings a lot of fun and Kristin Chenoweth is always amazing. The song were nice with a special mention for the song of Rachel and the duet between Quinn and Finn.
  • Glee ups its game with a Fleetwood Mac tribute episode.

    I really wasn't expecting the show to do a Fleetwood Mac episode, so it took me by surprise. But I'm glad it did.. I needed a good surprise with this show, something to remind me of why I started watching it in the first place.

    I think the show definitely benefited from moving away from radio songs for the time being and focusing on classic songs, specifically the Rumours album of Fleetwood Mac, which has a slew of great songs, and for once, the theme of the episode matched perfectly with the idea of the album itself. Sometimes, it feels the show stretches to reach these moments, but I actually believed in them this time around.

    Speaking of moments, Sam had his biggest one in the show so far after we learn that his family is living out of a hotel, poor and struggling to survive. For most of the episode, Finn and Rachel and the rest of McKinley believe that Sam is actually hooking up with Quinn and at one point, Kurt, and the big reveal ends up being very emotional and touching for a show that usually takes moments like these for granted. Plus, it helps (as I've mentioned) that the songs were great.

    I also enjoyed the fact that Sue was used in a satisfactory way. I've had trouble reconciling with her character this season, especially after she was so hilarious in Season 1.. it just seems like now, they're going through the motions with her character, so I was glad to see some good moments with her. I particularly liked the "If I hear it, it must be true or something" advice.. but the show seriously needs to figure out what the heck they want to do with Will's ex-wife. She is a waste of space. Also, April Rhodes appearance here felt random, and it was my least favorite of her appearances on the show. But I do like the idea of Will going to Broadway. Will hasn't had a lot to do either, so it'd be cool to see him actually do something.

    After some sketchy episodes of Glee, I'd say the second half of Season 2 is turning out good.. They've had the good ("Original Songs," "Rumours") and the bad, or at least what I consider bad ("A Night of Neglect"), but overall, it's been a fun run.
  • Back to character development and great music!

    Spoiler alert!

    I loved the storyline because it brought a taste of reality with the Rumors subject and brought back some great music from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album. A lesson to be learned despite the silliness of Sue and her last henchwoman. That part we could have done without. This is the only reason why I couldn't rate it a 10. What are the writers going to do with Sue's character? They can only go so far with the League of Doom and then what? I suppose the newspaper slant could continue but it seemed to have lost its teeth by the end of the episode.

    The rest of it was edgy and touching without being overly sappy. Sam's character grew by leaps and bounds, as did Quinn, Finn and Rachel. On the other hand, Santana and Brittany have been an exercise in futility. I got mad that Brittany broke up with Arty because of Santana then Santana ditched her for the newspaper article. Maybe I give Santana too much credit but I had seen glimpses of her softer side with Brittany and that was just disappointing and frustrating.

    Other than those two aspects (Sue and Santana), I thought the writers did a masterful job of working the Rumours songs in and I especially loved Rachel's rendition of Go Your Own Way. Enjoyed the episode when all was said and done.
  • Rumors...

    Shamelessly coinciding with the release of Stevie Nicks' first solo album in ten years, this week's Glee focussed on the power of "Rumours" and Fleetwood Mac. In her continued effort to destroy Will Schuester, Sue reforms the Mckinley High newspaper to begin a rumor mill that will both bring down the Glee club and her nemesis. The linchpin to Sue's plan sees the return of Kristen Chenoweth as April Rhodes, as she seeks out the help of Will in making her way onto Broadway. As Will is slowly torn between his lifelong dream of making it to the big stage and his commitment to the school, there is amazingly some actual character development for the kids that doesn't just involve someone breaking up or getting together. Well, I say that, but Artie and Brittany's relationship essentially finished this week when he finally pointed out that his girlfriend was as stupid as she is. The main turning point from the episode however is the revelation that Sam actually has a life. Having been essentially just another attractive enough male to cause tension in relationships of the group since he came to the show, Sam finally gets a real story line that I assume will have at least some long term consequence. As rumors are spread around the school that both Kurt and Quinn are cheating on their respective other halves with Sam in a seedy motel, everyone in the Glee club begins to blame him for the tension that all of the other rumors the group has faced have caused. Unable to cope with the undeserved hatred, Sam exposes the truth behind the rumors; that his dad lost his job and his family is broke, forcing them to live in the aforementioned motel. The idea that Glee would touch upon a subject that was actually relatable to the real world outside of high school was something I was instantly unfamiliar with when it came on the screen. The fact they managed to execute a story about economic hardship in the midst of renditions of Fleetwood Mac made the whole thing even more surreal, but I do honestly have to give them credit for once. Not only for expanding on a minor character, but also for giving more credibility to the world in which these kids live in as well. Some of the ridiculousness of what Sue does and gets away with, combined with the eccentric nature of half of the characters, can make you forget that this is a portrayal of the real world sometimes. Of course they had to lift up the tone of the episode with a happy performance of "Don't Stop" in the end, but honestly even I wasn't sick of the song by its end. Overall, despite being a fairly silly episode in many parts, the addition of something that I could find myself actually caring about made this a strong episode for the show. No doubt they will simply forget that they even wrote the story by next week's outing, but one can dream of the days when Glee focusses on its characters instead of literally picking up albums and showing them to you.
  • One of the most "human" and most endearing episode of Glee

    I loved the first season of Glee --- it was on point in delivering believable storylines and it was quite successful in building characters that we have learned to love. But lately, the second season --- I don't know what's going on! It's just so many things have happened that I could even care less about the characters anymore. Personalities change in just a snap and each episode seems not to be well planned to make a cohesive season and the songs are too contrived to the story. When it highs,it's marvelous (i,e Never Been Kissed, Grilled Cheesus, The Substitute); But when it hit lows, it goes right down the bottom. The most recent episode is actually one of my favorite episodes of the season (along with Grilled Cheesus and The Substitute). Because in these kind of episodes, the characters become real and human to us. We can relate to their plight and what they're going through. In this particular episode, we get to know Sam and Santana and what they are going through. I just hope that the writers and the creators can realize that so they can keep the following and stay relevant.

    What I loved most about the show was not actually their rendition of the songs, what I loved most about is it gives voice to issues that we usually would have swept under the rug. It's bold and it's unafraid. If they just keep us feeding episodes with the songs being the main attraction, then I'd rather watch American Idol or any song competition. So c'mon, as Randy Jackson would say, Keep it real!
  • Ehh....Britney's comedy and Sam's storyline saved this episode....

    Okay, Sam is my favorite Male(after Kurt) just because i have a wee bit crush on him. His storyline was the biggest of the episode...Even though you realized what was going on before they even revealed it.

    He's Homeless and living in a motel with his family...It was really sad watching him cry(and cute) and it was a good plot and gave more development but it felt rushed....

    Sue begins a newspaper that causes rumors for a lot of Glee club members and Mr. Schue. April Rhodes returns, she aggravates me but i had never seen her episodes from Season 1 and I am glad that I hadn't. She annoys me more then Holly did and that's saying a lot

    Brittany breaks up with Artie and is interested in possibly dating Santana but Santana still refuses to come out and at the end of the episode, I think Britney is realizing that Santana is a manipulative B****(still love her though)

    Quinn is Quinn and trying to control Finn and prevent Rachel from Singing with him in a duet. There showdown looks great next week when Quinn slaps her across the face.

    I loved Santana Songs, Artie's Song and I love the Song that the group sung at the end.

    I was bored by this episode greatly though and I'm disappointed because usually i love every Glee episode