Season 4 Episode 11

Sadie Hawkins

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on FOX

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  • empowerment?

    Everyone knows that character continuity is not Glee's strong point. However, the real problem is when this lack of continuity is actually pointless. This is that kind of episode.

    Was it really necessary that suddenly Tina has a crush on Blaine? and Blaine on Sam? why the usually nice Blaine must give that humiliating answer to Tina in front of everyone? Kitty from subtle manipulator becomes an out and proud slut? all of this is needless and not even funny.

    The most ridiculous and inconsistent scene of all is probably the Rachel/Brody one: perhaps filmed in 1860, when telephones didn't exist, Rachel throws a hugely overreacting tantrum because Brody is late and spoiled the dinner (by the way dear, you prepared sandwiches and salad, not boeuf bourguignon), Brody (who some episodes ago didn't have a problem with sleeping with a teacher just to make a point) becomes a doormat and Rachel passes instantaneously from fury to live-in partner.

    However it's the general construction of the episode that doesn't work. The theme should be empowerment (and female empowerment especially) but we do not get at all this feeling. The many secondary storylines are distracting and the message does not arrive.

    In particular the Warblers plot was thrown in the middle and resolved easily in 5 min, when it could have been expanded, given a sense and occupy a good half of another episode,

    I save this episode only in the few parts that are actually cute, like the Kurt-Adam storyline, that made me feel the curiosity to see how it will continue, the slightly boring but sweet Jake-Marley one and the presence of coach Beistie.

    Musical review: horrible choice of songs, didn't like almost anything. I love the song from Jesus Christ Superstar but Jenna Ushkowitz sang it very plainly. I didn't know the story behind the song performed by the Adam's Apple group when I watched the episode, I just thought the song was awful, made even worse by the absolutely not believable faces of Kurt during the performance.
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