Season 3 Episode 16

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • Saturday Nigth Glee-ver

    This Epsidoe was amazing it have me grinng through out it, while the finchel moments were blan and boring, the rest of the episode was soooooooo amazing
  • Wade a.k.a Unique.

    This episode was alright, I'm not quite a fan of disco music, also, I'm not a fan of Finn so I can't really stand "Finchel", in fact they bug the crap out of me. The only thing that made this episode really worthwhile for me was Wade a.k.a Unique. I thought he was fabulous! I kind of wish that he would transfer over to McKinley and be a part of New Directions instead of with that jerk Jesse St. James. Speaking of him, what happened to his character? I liked him with Rachel and then he did a complete 180 and acted like a jerk and now apparently he is a jerk.
  • Not Even Glee Can Resurrect Disco!

    This episode was okay.

    Everyone's acting was good.

    I especially liked Finn and Rachel's progression in their relationship.

    The songs were good, but I'm afraid that not even Glee can make Disco anything but cheesy and goofy.

    The Samcedces scene at the end was great I hope they stay together.

    Everyone doing Stayin' Alive almost saved this extremely goofy episode, but only by a bit.
  • Where's the fire?

    I'm legitimately surprised by how disappointed I am with this episode.

    For one thing, I don't watch Glee expecting it to be high-quality television: it's a not-even-remotely-guilty pleasure, and I have few illusions. And as far as plotlines and acting and song choice are concerned, there wasn't very much wrong here. I mean, yes, the three focal characters stumbling upon the solution to their dreamlessness within the same week was convenient, but hardly the most contrived thing Glee has ever done, and while it was a bit odd that no one noticed Quinn's absence I'm fine with fondly rolling my eyes and handwaving that kind of slip away. Glee's been trying to handle some fairly substantial issues lately, and anyone who isn't expecting a few details to fall by the wayside at this point hasn't been paying attention to previous seasons. The acting was solid, it was nice seeing Sue continue to do something other than Foil Will at Every Turn -- I'm happy.

    And while I'm probably a rarity here, I actually liked most of the music from this episode. I don't know why everyone hates on disco, maybe I need to go and join a club with Will in the rejects corner or something. It's goofy, it's silly, but it's also unabashedly enthusiastic and energetic and sort of joyous, and I really have a hard time disliking that sort of thing.

    Unfortunately, enthusiasm and joy were the two things that seemed to be missing from this episode. There are exceptions, obviously - the Troubletones trio rocked Disco Inferno, and Alex Newell had me grinning like a madwoman - but for the most part, it felt like the entire cast was performing through a haze. Santana and Rachel's love songs were fine, but neither blew me away, and Finn's sleepy ode was little more than sweet; the danceoff showed Harry Shum Jr.'s moves, but didn't do much for anyone else; and Stayin' Alive, which should have been a chance for everyone to boogie their socks off seemed almost leisurely, with neither Amber or Naya's voices sounding much more than simply present.

    I'm hardly throwing up my hands with the show, or anything, and I'm sure that soon enough someone (probably Brittany) will do something to have me up in paroxysms of joy again, but for now I'm left walking away in disappointment.
  • I dind't like it much

    This episode was boring. Also when you could see that the kids gave there best the songs were lame. The only intressting was the glee project kid who was wearing girls clothes and sing. Also Satana and Brithney were in the end really cute. The rest was like lately a bit to fast. Come on. You do not know what to do and than watching a movie and all is fine?