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  • Music was there and it was an ok episode but Do you wanna touch me dragged on for ever, i would of rather seen Afternoon Delight have a bit more viewing time. The Santana storyline is great i hope they expand

    Music was there and it was an ok episode but Do you wanna touch me dragged on for ever, i would of rather seen Afternoon Delight have a bit more viewing time. The Santana storyline is great i hope they expand. Kurt was retarded and embarrassing to watch, if thats what they were going for they succeeded, I can't wait for regionals. I hear that there will be several songs performed. I hope they find one that they all sing a little bit of because its tiring to watch Finn and Rachel sing the leads at ther performances, except sectional no.2
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's back and helping them tackle the difficult topic of sex! This is the sort of episode that Glee fans love: great singing, good songs, and a bit of a message in there too.

    Who knew that Gwyneth Paltrow could sing that well? She's fun, and clearly was enjoying herself; hope she'll become an occasional character who drops in once in a while. Some great songs, although the Santana weepiness bit was nice to see her have emotion although a bit... unlikely. Again, kudos to Fox and Glee for tackling such a difficult subject as sex, and doing it with style. I like how they hinted that it's important to know how to protect yourself because some day, it'll matter. Kurt's dad's talk was brilliant (too bad not all fathers handle it that well), and covered the emotional side of the equation. For those who side with Emma and not teaching it: the evidence is quite clear that celibacy classes don't work, because at some point, nearly everyone has sex (90% have lost their virginity by the time they finish high school). Quinn's pregnancy last season showed how just once, without protection, what can happen. Not to mention the soaring adolescent pregnancy rate in the US, while in other countries (with sexuality education programs) have the same sex-drenched entertainment yet low teen pregnancy rates. You take drivers ed to avoid car crashes...
  • Who knew?

    Well in this episode well it brings up another everyday in real life problem you know teenage sex and preangcent and Gwyneth Paltrow returns as the substile teacher as Holly Holliday and some love goes arond her and Will and meanwhile Burt gives the talk to Kurt and sometime Later Blaine and Kurt and some other peole sing animal and it was kinda of good and the most memeorable scene was the emotional scene between Santana and Brittney and it was damn good and Santana loves Brittney but she doesn't want to go threw what Kurt went threw and who what's gonna what next
  • Just ok for me tonight, it definitely had it's highs points and its low points as well.

    I really do not know what they are doing with the relationships on this show. I guess I am the only person who actually likes Artie and Brittany together although Naya gave one hell of a performance. Also I hate the idea of Finn and Quinn together again, he broke up with Rachel for kissing someone else yet he goes back to Quinn who had a baby with someone else? It doesn't make a lot of sense. Also I do not like Will and Emma together so I welcome Holly's return. Gwen did awesome and I'm glad she is coming back for a few more episodes. I do have to say that I thought the scene with Brittany thinking she is pregnant was hysterical! She plays that character so well.

    Can't wait for next week's episodes, I'm interested to hear the original songs!
  • The anti after school special ... again. But at least Paltrow is back.

    It seems like the Glee writers forgot about the show's storyline again this week. Remember that plot about an underdog Show Choir Team that is trying to win a competition while being sabatoged from within? Remember when the Glee club was about escaping the duldrums of your life through song. And that in spite how uplifting that could be, the chances of it lasting (becoming a success in the music biz) were slim. Meaning the Finns/Rachels of today were likely to become the Wills of the future. Well, Season 2 of Glee forgot about that too. It also forgot about every character an its own internal logic in the service of giving a a halfway decent episode threaded together by cartoonish discussions about sex.

    The fun was frequently mixed with the absurd. I liked scene where the rumor about Brittany getting Pregnant spread across the Glee club in about 30 seconds. But when the club forced the issue on her and she told them that storks brought babies it when beyond the normal "Brittany is kinda dumb" gag this show loves to mine and can became completely unbelivable. Brittany is so stupid I can't believe she exists nevermind Artie seriously dating her ... sex I can understand ... but I'm supposed to believe this kids have real, albeit teenage feelings for each other.

    It only gets worse when Santana later breaks down and admits she has real feeling for Brittany,(her performace wasted on a scene that fundementally fails) the arc of this relationship could have worked, but having Santana bare her soul like that is silly when you've got a cartoon character on the otherside.

    Most of the episode simply delt with cliches of the teenage characters knowing far less about sex than teenagers should know. And the adult characters being morons about it. (Except Kurt/Burt/Blaine ... but they are in a unique situation)

    Don't even get me started on the Puck / fat chick garbage. Or that 30 year old MARRIED virgin guidance counselor.

    For heavens sake Glee. I'm not asking for gritty realism here. But if you want to tackle serious issues. You can take them a bit more seriously.
  • Will and Holly semi-hook up

    Once again, Glee resorts to a theme episode that only half-heartedly tries to capture it via songs and plot points. I'm supposed to believe sexy is Prince, the song "Landslide" and a Neon Animal song? (okay, Prince maybe.. but the other ones just didn't felt as if they fit). Normally, I love the musical numbers, but this week felt a little flat and boring compared to others (and even compared to the other episode with Gweneth Paltrow)
  • I loved it. Gwyneth Paltrow is so funny. I liked all the storylines this episode.

    I loved it. Gwenth Paltrow is so funny. I liked all the storylines this episode. Santana and Britany were amazing. Santana got more character growth in this one episode than she has all season and I loved everything she said. I'm a Brittana shipper at heart. When I heard 'Landslide' earlier in the week I thought it was a shame that Brittany and Santana were only singing backup because it sounded just what Santana should be singing to Britany. So I was glad that actually was the case.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing. When she's there, I don't spend all my time thinking about the fact that she's a guest star, I just love her energy and the character and her voice. Holly Holiday is an addition to the cast, not just a pointless guest star that Glee can crow about.

    Puck and Lauren actually grew on me a little this episode. Puck matured somehow, and it was cool. He's improved but he's still him. Lauren and him do go together. I didn't see it at first, but they like the badassness in each other and Lauren does make him a better person.

    Emma...was weird this week. THe one thing that I didn't find so good this week was the sex ed and the chastity/sex debate. Holly was a little over the top in a funny way but Emma naive and clueless that I was just embarrassed for her. And more than a little disbelieving. Some of the Glee kids as well, I just found it all too exaggerated. I'm not American but surely all high school kids know more about sex than was portrayed here?

    Kurt and Blaine were cool. Kurt was a bit....immature but Blaine wasn't. And Kurt talking to his father was nice. The father son scenes are always great, and always hit the target and that redeemed some of the other parts of the sex ed theme.

    Overall, I think this was one of the best episodes this season. Almost all of the character growth was positive and the music was fun. The Dalton Academy sister school girls were funny, kind of like the Justin Bieber fangirls but more Hogwarts. Brittany got funny lines as always and Sams line to Artie about wanting to be as close as Santana and Brittany and Artie's face. LOL. The Rachel/Quinn tolerance was a nice change too, though Quinn was probably the only character that was a bit not nice this episode.
  • Sexy...

    It turns out that if you mix the most awkward the most heart wrenching and most cheesy television of 2011 together, you get this week's episode of Glee. "Sexy" was, according to sub teacher Holly Holliday (guest star Gwyneth Paltrow) supposed to be about the kids learning the ins and outs of sex, but it ended up being something just a little bit more than that. Whilst there was the right amount of thoroughly uneducated children and even awkward adults for an after school special, "Sexy" used the backdrop of sex education to ultimately shift something major in just about every central character in the space of forty minutes. There really is no other way to approach it than a play by play as simply too much happened in this episode to form into adequate prose, so with that in mind:

    Will breaks down Holly's closed off heart to form the beginning of what I assume will be an off screen relationship; Emma's marriage takes a significant turn for the worse when she admits that she might still be in love with Will; Santana and Brittany finally address that they are lesbians, although they can't be together for fear of hurting others; Noah realizes that actions have consequences and it seems that his irresponsible bad-boy days may be a thing of the past and Quinn and Finn are revealed to have somewhat reformed their relationship that ignited half of what made Glee remotely interesting in the first place.

    Add in four or five songs that can barely be called relevant to the plot and "that's what you missed on Glee!"
  • Weak episode, originally 5.5, but due to Santana and Brittanys performance, I bumped the score to 7.

    Season 2 started fantastic and slowly over the episodes it has become worse and worse - mainly due to the plot. The songs and actors are still as great as always, but the plot is completely messed up. No storyline is ever consistent and most of them don't make sense. 15 episodes into this season and nothing has really happened in terms of story progression. The only thing that made this episode worthy of watching was Santana and Brittany's storyline and the song they did with Holly. Come on Glee! Stop trying to teach lessons and just let them happen, the show was at its best when a bunch of misfits found happiness through singing and not when they preached about religion, alcohol, sex and whatever else the show is going to do.

    p.s. Santana and Brittany made this episode. Fantastically beautiful, I could of cried during their talk.
  • Santana actually has emotions! Celibacy is all the rage now. Gywenth Paltrow is back and funny as ever!

    I was blown away by the acting skills of one Miss Naya Rivera! It wasn't completely off the charts for her character, Santana, to finally let it out and profess her love for a special someone, even if this someone is her best friend. Brittany actually rejects Santana concerned for her boyfriend Artie but does indeed love Santana as well. It's difficult to assume that Brittany really understands her feelings due to the fact that she believes "babies come from the stork" and to "use a curling iron in the tub to keep from burning yourself". However, the only time we actual see Brittany speaking coherently and in full sentences is with Santana and Artie so it is possible she understands her feelings for Santana. In the end however the entire Glee Club, excluding Finn, Mercedes, Tina, and Mike join the Celibacy Club. Emma has to deal with her troubling feelings for Will while Will pines for Holly Holiday who has zippy lines that only spur your need to root for Holly and Will.
  • brittany and santana

    i always have watched glee, but i never really got into it until recently. I loved the brittany-santana thing, somebody told me they were going to be a couple in season 2. I just wasn't sure it was going to happen until now. I really wished that instead of brittany sticking with Arty she would go for Santana. I mean, Arty and Brittany? Not my favorite couple. I loved the song with Santana and Brittney, and how Santana finally got a little emotional instead of always being mean. I also liked how Kurt had that sex talk with his dad. It definetly really helps for kids to get that with their parents, even though it can be a little awkward.

    Definetly can't wait until next episode, mostly because of Brittany and Santana
  • Love Gwyneth Paltrow, it's like she lit up Glee!

    I love this episode. Ok, big Paltrow fan here after her first appearance in Glee (back in May?) This episode is about Sex Education (despite the title called Sexy). I am actually getting a bit bored with Glee always teaching about life, it's like get on with the storyline already and stop jumping all over the place! Ok, to be honest most of this episode is focused on Holly Holiday, most of the songs have her in it and unfortunately they did choose a pretty controversy song to start the show but she did a great job, Brittany and Santana's addition to the song was incredible, great chemistry. This episode actually gave us plenty of surprises. Santana & Brittany's rendition of Landslide, Holly & Will's romantic development (their last kiss was fantabulous), Puck & Lauren, Finn & Quinn (anyone else annoyed by their rhymey names?)... not much of Rachel (although she did make a comment about Santana and Brittany that made her insufferable). A bit of a random story about Kurt and Blaine was added to the mix. I didn't really enjoy them but there was a talk between Kurt and his father (about sex education) that was probably the highlights of the show. The father delivered a deliberate, honest, no-nonsense father-to-son talk. Love that scene. As a whole, I hope Gwyneth Paltrow comes back, she really lighted up the show with her quirky way of education.
  • Not even Apple's mom or Uncle Jesse could salvage this underwhelming episode...

    Oh, Glee. Just when I was starting to sing you praises, you crank out another uneven installment. This episode benefitted from the return of Gwyneth Paltrow's Holly Holiday and John Stamos' Carl Howell, but not even Apple's mom or Uncle Jesse could salvage this middling entry in Glee's sophomore season.

    The episode's tone felt off right from the start. Though it was nice to see Emma in an environment other than the teacher's lounge or her office, watching her as the new head of the Celibacy Club wasn't as fun as I hoped it would be. It felt like the writers had run out of jokes about the club before the title card even showed up and that's never a good sign. Thankfully, the show picked up some steam with the arrival of a certain substitute teacher…

    That's right! Holly Holiday's back at McKinley High and this time she's filling in for the school's Sex Ed teacher ("Mad case of the Herp. Yikers!"). Gwyneth had no trouble resuming her role as the laid back instructor and Holly's exchanges with Will were a lot more comical than the Celibacy Club counting the minutes until their meeting was finished (even if Matthew Morrison was over dialing Schue's excitement to an annoying degree). Eventually, the discussion of how to explain sex to the students culminated in a fight between Emma, who supports abstinence, and Holly, who teaches safe sex. The two decide to behave like rational adults and have the kids in Glee Club decide which approach is better – through song of course.

    The show took no time in throwing Gwyneth into a performance and while her rendition of "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" wasn't as enjoyable as her covering Cee-Lo, it was one of the episode's better musical numbers. Santana, Brittany, and Holly's cover of "Landslide" resonated very well with me - maybe it was the simple acoustic accompaniment of Holly's guitar, but the sparse arrangement was a wonderful change of pace for a show that often relies on studio tricks and auto-tune to pack a punch.

    I'm a little disappointed we were cheated out of the Celibacy Club's oblivious take on "Afternoon Delight" so quickly – I realize it was done for laughs but it almost felt like an "Eff You!" to underutilized singers like Quinn and Emma. And while I'm glad The Warblers are finally starting to sound like a group and not a one man showcase for Darren Criss, their version of "Animal" sounded like glorified karaoke to me. (Also, did anyone else think the number was a thinly veiled excuse for the show to rent out a garage and go crazy with production, rather than actually have it pertain to the storyline?) I'm not gonna lie, I laughed out loud during the beginning of Will and Holly's duet of "Kiss". Hearing Matthew Morrison try to mimic Prince's falsetto made for some great unintentional comedy. The song got better as it progressed, but I know which part I'll be revisiting when I'm in need of a pick-me-up.

    In between all these music numbers we got to see Blaine being a putz (kind of), Puck and Lauren contemplate making a sex tape (probably one of the hour's best bits), a very honest discussion between Kurt and his dad (another highlight), an out-of-left-field jazzercise class (spandex galore!), character development and deterioration in the form of Santana and Quinn, respectively, and John Stamos in a sailor suit.

    The more I think about it, I actually appreciated the scene between Blaine and Burt. At first I was annoyed with Blaine for over-involving himself in Kurt and his father's relationship, but the show addressed this, and I think this moment of earnest concern helps make up for some of Blaine's smarminess in other scenes.

    What I did have a problem understanding was Kurt being so adamant against having the "talk" with Burt after just asking his father to educate himself on the matter two weeks ago. It made little sense to me, but once Burt was finally able to convince his belligerent son to sit down with him, the two had a very believable conversation together. Glee has always handled serious situations very spastically but the one dramatic aspect they seem to nail is the interactions between the Hummel men (and no, Finn doesn't count as one since he's never seen nor heard in the household).

    We got some serious character development in the form of Santana. I think it was a refreshing change of pace for Naya Rivera, who, for the most part, is usually limited to playing the b*tch card in her scenes. Her confrontation with Brittany about her feelings for her felt genuine (although I couldn't help but think if Santana was truly concerned about her reputation, she wouldn't be having such a personal conversation in a crowded hallway). Nevertheless, it was a sweet moment for the character (up until the end) and I think it'll continue to be an intriguing storyline.

    On the other side of the spectrum, we have Quinn's development being rapidly destroyed with each passing episode. I think since there's a revolving group of writers they want to take her character in different directions but right now it feels like they're negating the growth she displayed in the first season. She's been reduced to a vapid, dishonest girl concerned only with popularity and while these traits were never fully diminished they were certainly down-played over time not amplified. I almost expect Finn to knock her up so the return to her former self will come full circle.

    Carl and Emma's visit with Holly was a funny exchange, but when Holly asked Emma if she still loved Will, Stamos' delivery of the line, "You know, I was thinking the same thing, but I was too afraid to ask her" felt way too nondescript. I thought he was gonna follow with, "No hard feelings. It's all good." I will say Dr. Holly was on fire when it came to doling out frank advice. "Girlfriend, what is up with that? He's Hot! You're 30." "My lips are sealed. Just like your legs."

    Holly's exit from the school was a little bizarre, however. I figured she might get complaints for her method of teaching (either from Emma or a parent) but what high schooler still watches Veggie Tales?

    Ultimately, I think this episode is the equivalent to last season's "Home" – a great guest star didn't fare quite as well upon return, the music selections were so-so for the most part, and the after school special vibe was in full effect.

    Episode highlights:

    • Brittany's Locker – Seeing the decorations within Brittany's locker was a nice treat - an MLK "I have a dream" motivator, her cover for Cheerleader magazine, and a wind chime of all things.

    • Santana's Motormouth – Before you could say "word vomit", Santana managed to spread Brittany's false pregnancy to half of the Glee Club. For someone so afraid of gossip, Santana sure knows how to get news around quickly.

    • "I look forward to the opportunity to nail her to the wall." – Yeah, it was in the preview, but hearing Emma utter this and Beiste's reaction didn't make it any less funny. Probably one of the best quotes of the night.

    Let's hope the show can redeem itself with Regionals, although I can't help but feel the suspense factor will be lacking this time around. (If they're this early on, who do you think's going to win?)
  • Love you, Glee, but that was.... the worst episode yet. It could only be described as preachy and awkward.

    Last week's alcohol themed episode was great. This week's sex themed one was horrible.

    Brittany pregnancy: It was not good from the beginning because it was played out too comically, even if for 2 minutes (Poor Artie). Santana: Not herself, and I think she's better mean. (I don't mind the coming out, but has it now become customary to have a GLADD worthy character on every show? Well now we have two + one recurring) The Japan setting was pointless and weird. When Brittany and Santana "sang" their song, I thought they'd do it as a duet, & then as a trio when they asked Holly. I didn't think it meant having Holly sing the song while they swayed and teared up, and the occasional peep. Didn't like when Santana just pushed Brittany away when she said she wanted to be with Artie. Celibacy club- 2 members + Puck? Did the club disband after their leader got pregnant? Can you even have a high school club with 2 members? Anyway, their song was not great. They did it well, but the setting made me... well look like all the Glee club members in the audience, except for Brittany. Pies and mashed potatoes with matching dresses from some time last century?
    Emma & Dr. Carl- Awkward meeting. Holly didn't even do much to help... And they needed help.
    Quinn- Loved her hair and dress, but that was about it. Surprised she was still in the celibacy club. Being with Finn and telling him that she should have chose him was crap.
    Puck & Lauren- the most tolerable couple in this episode. It doesn't say much, but with them wanting to do a sex tape and Puck joining celibacy, they weren't bad.
    Kurt and Blaine/Burt- Oh do I feel bad for Kurt. Blaine going to Burt asking him to talk to Kurt was a little much and Burt & Kurt never had "the talk"? Anyway, the phamphlets comment was funny, but I was wincing during their father-son conversation.
    Holly- Returned and became the sex-ed sub. She ended up completely butting into the Glee club and taking over every number (the few that there were), except for the Warbler song. I liked her more as the Lohan-bashing do whatever sub she was in The Substitute. Now I generally hate her. Why did everything have to be a Dear Holly..., format? Everyone goes to her.
    Will & Holly- Dangerous pair. Starting when Holly overdid it in the first song (which managed to last a painstakingly long time). "A little too much"? Yes- a lot. I couldn't figure out if the Kiss tango was a fantasy or not, but why were the other people there? Neither has a good relationship track record, and two wrongs does not make a right.
    Finn- Where was he? In Quinn's bed. But that was it.
    Sam- Couldn't find him. Got a couple of beautiful shots of the back of his head & maybe half a profile in the background, but that was it.
    This episode ended like it timed out on the one hour mark. I felt like it just stopped. No full group numbers except w/ Holly. No great realization at the end, or a good resolution. Just "Download music from this episode of Glee at......"

    Next week is Nationals. Hopefully it'll be better, but Quinn was being really mean to Rachel in the promo. (They did seem to get along mutually this ep.) We'll see...
  • Disappointed

    I started off as an underground Glee fan during its first season. I was drawn in at first like most to the music but what sustained the show and turned me into a hardcore Glee pusher as my friends like to call me was the characters. I like that each brought their own unique flavor to the show and everyone could find someone that we could relate to but as season 2 comes to an end I find my passion for the show waning. The show just used to focus on The New Directions but with a bigger budget came the numerous guest stars. I am not one who frowns upon guest appearances but when they take over the show I have to say, enough. I am not a Gwyneth Paltrow hater and I understand that she is trying to showcase herself as a singer but I don't want to hear her on every song in the show!! I watch it for the Glee kids not her. Tonight's episode was about sex and some of its consequences but there seemed to be more push on the joys of sex rather than the alternatives. There was a brief mention of pregnancy and sexual disease but it was mainly about picking fun of those who chose to remain abstinent. I get that you could let a few joke in but to state that the only reason a person would chose not to have sex is because of lack of proper knowledge or being a prude is uncalled for. The only high point of the episode was the father son talk between Kurt and Burt. It was not denouncing sex but rather showing that there is more to it than the physical aspect. The only way that I can see Glee retaining its fans for another season is if the series finale brings the mitfitness and the uniqueness that we have all grown to love.
  • I was looking forward to this episode but, highly dissapointed

    To much Paltrow, not enough Glee kids.

    The setting for Animal was disappointing. Was hoping for more chemistry between Blaine and Kurt. Not Kurt making weird faces and Blaine laughing at him for it. Also, would loved to have heard the whole song, not just half of it.

    Cringed after Afternoon Delight with Emma Niativity. Come on, she can't really be that stupid.

    The Celibacy club scenes were to unrealistic. I did like "the talk" between Burt and Kurt. You could see that Burt was trying his hardest to say and do the right things and see that in the end Kurt did appriciate that his dad actually did go out of his comfort zone and really tried. I felt it was about the only good message on the show tonight.

    I am a Gleek and never thought I would actually say that an episode was boring but this one was. Hopefully next week will be better.