Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • The anti after school special ... again. But at least Paltrow is back.

    It seems like the Glee writers forgot about the show's storyline again this week. Remember that plot about an underdog Show Choir Team that is trying to win a competition while being sabatoged from within? Remember when the Glee club was about escaping the duldrums of your life through song. And that in spite how uplifting that could be, the chances of it lasting (becoming a success in the music biz) were slim. Meaning the Finns/Rachels of today were likely to become the Wills of the future. Well, Season 2 of Glee forgot about that too. It also forgot about every character an its own internal logic in the service of giving a a halfway decent episode threaded together by cartoonish discussions about sex.

    The fun was frequently mixed with the absurd. I liked scene where the rumor about Brittany getting Pregnant spread across the Glee club in about 30 seconds. But when the club forced the issue on her and she told them that storks brought babies it when beyond the normal "Brittany is kinda dumb" gag this show loves to mine and can became completely unbelivable. Brittany is so stupid I can't believe she exists nevermind Artie seriously dating her ... sex I can understand ... but I'm supposed to believe this kids have real, albeit teenage feelings for each other.

    It only gets worse when Santana later breaks down and admits she has real feeling for Brittany,(her performace wasted on a scene that fundementally fails) the arc of this relationship could have worked, but having Santana bare her soul like that is silly when you've got a cartoon character on the otherside.

    Most of the episode simply delt with cliches of the teenage characters knowing far less about sex than teenagers should know. And the adult characters being morons about it. (Except Kurt/Burt/Blaine ... but they are in a unique situation)

    Don't even get me started on the Puck / fat chick garbage. Or that 30 year old MARRIED virgin guidance counselor.

    For heavens sake Glee. I'm not asking for gritty realism here. But if you want to tackle serious issues. You can take them a bit more seriously.